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Friday, April 3, 2009

Guess Who's Wearing A Mask ?

You can buy this.....
and buy a can of spray paint, and do this.
OR you can read what I really wanted to post about..........
Impostor Syndrome sufferers are high achievers who secretly believe they have been overestimated. They fear that at any time the "truth" about them will become known. Impostor Syndrome: They’re Productive Overachievers in Everyone’s Eyes but Their Own -
The Impostor Syndrome
Yes or No
  • Do you secretly worry that others will find out that you're not as bright and capable as they think you are?
  • Do you sometimes shy away from challenges because of nagging self-doubt?
  • Do you tend to chalk your accomplishments up to being a "fluke," “no big deal” or the fact that people just "like" you?
  • Do you hate making a mistake, being less than fully prepared or not doing things perfectly?
  • Do you tend to feel crushed by even constructive criticism, seeing it as evidence of your "ineptness?"
  • When you do succeed, do you think, "Phew, I fooled 'em this time but I may not be so lucky next time."
  • Do you believe that other people (students, colleagues, competitors) are smarter and more capable than you are?
  • Do you live in fear of being found out, discovered, unmasked?
Do you wear a mask ?

I answered 'yes' to 8 out of the 8 questions, I guess that means I win !!!! about you ???
[ shall I save room for you on 'the COUCH ?']

I know I wear masks at parties.
For those of us who scored HIGH, here are Words To Live By;
  • Perfectionism has nothing to do with getting it right. It has nothing to do with high standards. Perfectionism is a refusal to let yourself move ahead. ~ Jennifer White
  • The secret of creativity is knowing how to hide your sources. ~ Albert Einstein
  • Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects. ~ Woodrow Wilson
  • I was gratified to be able to answer promptly. I said, I don't know. ~ Mark Twain
  • Don't agonize. It slows you down. ~ "Non-perfectionist" Isaac Asimov
Did you score high ????
Kisses to you xxxxxx
Have a lovely weekend.
About 'wearing one' this:
Masks and Disguises:

Venice Sources:

Renee Finberg 'TELLS ALL' in her BLOG.....


  1. Yes to all the "hidden" questions! And loved your series of gorgeous masks, so brillant. I'm reading a book about Venice and this is helping me to visualize in full colour. Will pop back in this weekend for a longer visit.

  2. Thanks for playing along and linking on my site... these masks are FAB and FASHIONABLE... will you add a link to my site for today in this post... thanks!
    ENJOY your day!

  3. Okay, safe room for me on the couch, but do I have to take off my mask?

    Love the African masks! I have several here at WM.

  4. ...that should read "save", but you knew that!

  5. dearest willow,

    i knew what you mean't ...

    and don't worry, there will always be room for you :)

    ...we BETTER NOT have to take off the masks !!!


  6. Ohhh Miss R,
    the best ever post...thought provoking and beautiful..
    I am right there with you Girl on ALL accounts. I was having a discussion not too long ago with someone about perfectionism..
    I think these traits have much to do with creative people.

    ps...I left a note for you on my blog...basically that I am in Little Rock, AR.

  7. "Hello. My name is GSG and I have a problem with perfectionism." O.K., I said it. It's out there! Yes, do make room for me on the couch. I could use it!

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Love your blog. I've linked to it. And those are beautiful masks! Yes I think I'm guilty of several of those traits, unfortunately. You may need a bigger couch.

  9. Oh yes I scored high. Nice to be here among friends. Beautiful post. Something to contemplate about while listening to the birds and doing qigong. Thanks

  10. Oh boy...I am So NOT a perfectionist...and finally embracing it.

    Lovely post...look at the beauty in those masks!

  11. linda,
    i know............i needed a way to tie the masks into a post, and came up with this .

    i flipped out when i first found them. then i started to collect the pictures of them, and
    i wanted to put them on the blog...they were sooooo gorgeous.


  12. Hell no to all those questions ha ha, but I sure do love wearing me some mask.
    Great post!
    xo xo

  13. I loved this post - the content and the photos. Did you have a talk with my shrink??? Really it was wonderful.

  14. Living with masks but taking them off one at a time!
    We all live in fear. That is the big secret!!


  15. A great post, it is easy to hide...something to contemplate and hopefully have the courage to remove. Amanda x

  16. WOW! I absolutely LOVE the beautiful Venetian Masks! They are so creative and colorful, like jewelry! I actually collect photos like this too! I would love to go to a Venetian Carnival Ball one day!
    The questions are really interesting to ponder...
    I would say I am a perfectionist but often get criticized for it cuz it takes a bit longer to accomplish things. I admire someone who wants to create something to the very best of their ability, and make it as perfect as possible because then you end up with a high quality product, and that's so worth it!! I really appreciate the high quality of your work, as seen in the beautiful drapes and the upholstery on the chairs and sofas with patterns that are lined up just right. Your workroom must be a dream to work in!!! The end result of the rooms you create are fabulous!

  17. Just discovered your blog. I love it. Boy does his describe me to a T. I can't believe you have found me out! Every time I see a finished project I ask myself "How did this happen? I can't believe this worked."

  18. Phew! So relieved I'm not Robinson Crusoe and what a party we'd have! Such great company!



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