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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Outdoor Showers And Cabanas

I love this so much, I wonder if it would fit in my living room.
{ I could put mean people inside for ' TIME-OUT '. LOL }

1926 Colony Hotel & Canana Club - Delray Beach Florida. If you stay here , you will not need a car. You can WALK to everything. It is a chic seaside village.
For many years I had a cabana at a historical cabana club in Delray Beach Florida. It was called The Colony Cabana Club, c. 1926. My cabana was on the the other side facing the ocean.
If you should get down to the Palm Beach Area, this is the the hotel to stay at in
Delray Beach !
East Atlantic Avenue in Delray is a civilized, artsy, gentile version of South Beach.
It is ' HOT ' & Happening! Fantastic cafes and people watching - everyday of the week.
Let's get back to the topic. Outdoor showers & cabanas.
You could put these up in the spring, and take down in the fall. Or you could leave them up all year and store cushions inside.
Isn't this charming ? You know, that if you wanted any of these....they are very do-able.

This is a place I have wanted to go forever. Someday.......
This must be in a mountain home, or it should be. No ?
Think about your outdoor space. What could you do to make it more inviting and livable ?
Something that would engage you in the outdoors a bit more. Spending 15 minutes showering, then drying off, and laying on a lounge for 10 minutes would really make you feel good !! You are going to spend that same amount of time inside showering. So, this is not a time issue.
Is it ???
This reminds me of summer camp.
This is what I'm talking about.....
Wouldn't this yard be great with an outdoor shower, and or cabana ?
If you do not have privacy, build 2 walls.
There is nothing like coming home from work, and showering outside. Then you wrap up in a robe, and finally relax on your chaise, while having your wine & cheese. You can watch the sun go down and read, listen to music , or just pass out from exhaustion!! LOL

You Can buy one of these and leave it free standing or put it in one of the gorgeous canvas cabana - tents. I love them.

And here I am , in my beautiful body { hee hee}, and in my out door shower.
[It is looks like I have lost 30 lbs since yesterday}
Wouldn't you want something like this in your garden or backyard ?
If you are laying in the sun, you could use it just to cool off periodically, right ?


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  1. Great images! Love the camp one!

  2. oh i love coming over here Renee,it so refreshing..i want to move to florida sooo bad you have no idea lol....have a great day..

  3. silvia,

    canada ????
    i read your profile ....burrrr


  4. More serious beach envy!

    We used to have a shower out on the patio. It was nice to shower after sunbathing or river walking.

  5. willow,

    maybe you should hook it up again.
    the summer is coming !!!


  6. Cabanas are the BEST! I would love one somewhere! Love the stripes and the white flowing fabrics! So fresh!
    Thanks for sharing! Oh..Where's my cabana boy?

  7. Renee, What a fun post! So many great looks for an outdoor shower!

  8. How cool, Renee! I am crazy about cabanas and all of these cool outdoor living solutions. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Hi Renee
    I love these cabanas and outdoor showers you have shown. Ahhh to be able to shower outdoors is such a luxury to someone like me that lives is a cold Northern climate. Thanks for the pictures, they gave me real pleasure.

  10. Renee fab post and such good thought provoking ideas! Wouldn't it be fun to have just the right place for one of these? Some do remind me of summer camp....and YOU under that shower....looks just like ME! heehee.
    Have a great weekend.

  11. french blue,

    your cabana boy ????
    oh, he's over here for the afternoon.
    he said he'll be back to your cabana by 11 am tomorrow ..
    have nice weekend !

  12. renae....
    yes , we do look beeeUtiful, don't we ???

  13. Those colourful cabanas remind me of Monaco. You know, with Cary Grant hiding in one, a la To Catch A Thief.

  14. I love these outdoor cabanas Renee and I particularly love the old fashioned way of having your own at a beach club. xv

  15. vicky,

    the old fashioned way ??

    yes, my fave too !!

    business is slow,so the cabana must go. boo hoo : (


  16. An outdoor shower is always a treat when on vacation in the Outer Banks of N.C. . Now a cabana ... !

  17. I really need to move to Florida...



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