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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Can We Do This Quickly ?

This is an Oasis on Key Largo ,in the Florida Keys.
This is the pool at the house in Key Largo.......let's keep moving.....

[ Now , I am running around getting ready for this guy, my brother. He is flying in from Nevis with his wife today]
So, if this post is not seasoned enough with my dark & sarcastic humor, then I do apologize.
Since I am rushing.......OH LOOK , it's a pool !
Nice. We love venetian mirrors, don't we ?
Well, my evil twin Brenda loves them !

See ......the ocean ! " CHOP CHOP " , let's keep moving please.

White silk sofas. These must be really clean people , with really clean friends, and really clean pets.
Oh yes.......they probably have no pets. C'mon, let's keep moving........

Isn't this nice ? Hurry , hurry !
I told you I have got to get going............
Okay. I 'm done.
until tomorrow , xxx's
If you would like to know more,I have the site below that will take you right to the article.
Read the article:


  1. It Is so Beautiful!! AND I love how quick you were!!

  2. wait - is your brother staying there? Im not sure what you meant!!!

  3. french blue,

    thank you ..i try......but i have got to go !!!

    xx thank you for commenting!

  4. joni,

    no, danny {bro} is staying for 1 night with his wife.


  5. Enjoy quick visit- with your brother!!

  6. Whew, that was fast. I've been to Key Largo once, but NOT there!
    Have fun with your bro!



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