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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Need A Bit Of Drama ?

I hate drama in my life, but I love drama in design.
Do you have a small window in a guest room or Powder Room or Guest Bathroom ?
Make a little drama happen. And nothing will do it like a window that is screaming ;

"LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME", " You know I am beautiful, don't you wish you could have me ?"

I have found a roller shade kit [do it yourself-er] where you might be able to save some money.

But don't 'cheap out' on the valance/cornice. If it is a small window, it won't be too much.
Just order enough fabric for you to make the roller shade under it. Have it all shipped to the workroom/drapery maker and they will give you what you need to make your shade. [by shipping all the fabric to one place , you will save some money]
I love this valance , it is a soft valance. It has great xx detailing. And I love that look.
If you were to use it , and wanted to coordinate it with something in the room , go to
Mrs. Blanding's, because she has a chair done with this detail.

This is a hard have seen it everywhere, but it is a classic.
You can really jazz it up or dress it way down.

Now if you are someone who can sew, you might be able to make this. It is made to look as though it functions. It does not. You will just mount this valance as high on the wall over the window as you can [without it becoming top-heavy ]. It will give the illusion that the window is actually taller than it really is. And that is the best thing you can do in a room.

Please do not hold back when it comes to trim. There is no sense going through the many motions of making a window treatment, unless it is FULL BLOWN GORGEOUS ! You will not be saving the money if you want the trim but do not get it because of a little extra money. I promise you will forever wish you had spent the extra dollars that it cost to get EXACTLY what you want !!!

Yes, you can use this header above a roller shade. Just mount the pole , rings, and header above and over the window and roller shade.
But this treatment looks the best over panels, it's just fun.
Remember to measure , measure, measure.
This is a roller shade, I know....yucky example. But your fabric will look faboo @!
Do you see how boring it looks with out a valance or a topper ?

Just dream a will come up with something .
And remember, if you screw up the shade, it will roll up under the valance/cornice. Then you can only roll it down when you need the privacy[ but it will coordinate].
The window will always look great with just the gorgeous topper.
You Can Buy The KIT HERE:

Roller Shade Sizes : up to; 41 wide x 72 long.
[the pic's are from my library, and I do not know where they are from. If you see your picture here, let me know and I will post it]

Renee Finberg 'TELLS ALL' in her BLOG.....


  1. Windiw treatments make a HUGE difference for SURE!!!!
    Good collection of examples of window drama!!!

  2. Cool idea for the roller shade! And I love that tassel detail on those drapes.

  3. You sold them so well they are OUT OF STOCK! A great resource - thanks for the heads up. And the mention.

  4. Hey Miss R...I have seen those roller kits! I am working on my powder room NOW...found some super fab (am splurging) fabric. I just need to order the fabric and get it to my workroom.

    Blessings Girl....are you celebrating Passover or Resurrection Sunday?

  5. Oh, I am a curtain fan. With all the bells and whistles. Gorgeous linen, lined in a small print, interlined, pelmets, tassels, trim. Handsewn and divine!



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