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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Don't Worry About What To Wear On Sunday

I have something cute, an it is 'One size fit's all. '

Easter is colorful and fun

but it can be quite a job !!

That's why I have hired these little guys to paint, and hide the eggs.

Easter is about bunnies.

And these little bunnies.

Not these Bunnies !

Yes, Sweet bunnies.
And baby chicks.

And Easter Parades.....................
# 1 ( contestant)
Who would you choose to win this Easter Costume Contest ???
Who wins the Easter Parade Contest ??
I can't decide if it is 2 or 3 .
Hmm.....I guess I will go with 3.


Renee Finberg 'TELLS ALL' in her BLOG.....


  1. My vote... hands down- #2!
    Those colored chicks reminded me that when I was very young I got a mint green chick-live, but not for long! My Dad accidently shut the door on the darling little peep. He felt awful! Imagine!

  2. So cute Renee...very clever...I like (funny enough) #1...they all are adorable.
    Blessings Girl...

  3. debra & renae,

    ya' know ....., i am waiting and watching to see who plays along.

    thank you my sweeties !!


  4. Anonymous16:12

    I vote for Miss Chiquita Bunny Pug. But runner up is a #7 sympathy vote for that poor dog having to wear that costume. She/(he) looks embarrassed.
    Pictures of dressed up animals always make me happy. Thanks Renee!



  5. #2!
    And Happy Easter, Happy Passover, Happy Spring my darling Renee.
    I love you more than ever.
    xo xo

  6. I love this! I go for #4 I think. they are all too cute. And Happy Passover girl!!! I have to support your Jewish side. hehe

  7. I have to go with #5...those eyes and those booties! All are adorable! Thanks for such a fun post on such a glorious holiday weekend.

  8. well Renee,my daughter says #6 she loved it!..cute,fun post ..have a great weekend down in the sunshine state...ohhhh i wanna be there soooooo bad seriously!..

  9. I think I like number 5 best, because of the footwear!!

    I'd love to have a bunny all my own, but I think Edward would disapprove, don't you?

    We both hope you have been enjoying a lovely Easter weekend. With lots of joy and lots of chocolate!!

  10. Pamela ,
    thank you. it was a nice holiday for me a my loved ones.
    i didn't hit the chocolate hard - i served carrot cake ( for the invisible bunny at the table ).
    i would have preferred loads of dark chocolate.
    anyway, back to the bunny, i was thinking the same thing,
    about getting one. i had one as a little girl.
    and as for edward ?...........hmmmm....
    i don't know,
    edward might think
    it is a 'ragdoll' to play with.
    then it would be a big 'uh oh'.

    it would be ' bye bye bunny'. [Re: your post on the possum in the kitchen- a bunny is no possum!! ]

    edward would of course be so upset, actually broken hearted.
    edward, being british and all, and knowing that 'he must CARRY ON' , would hide his feelings well from you.

    and then you would have to do a whole post on the ‘ bunny funeral,’ .
    let’s not forget ‘the procession,’ with all the little animals from the woods , and surrounding neighborhoods in mourning attire, hanging their little heads, and talking trash about Edward. lol
    and of course the bit about the little critter cemetery that you would have to create....
    blah , blah ,blah.
    you know the rest of it !!
    great bug hug ! xxx

    to read the super funny possum story at 'the house of edward' go here :



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