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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Better Than ' Old World Style' - Part ll

Lavish, and Mystical
Is this better than any attempt at 'Old Word Style' , that you have seen ?

The Designer; Zeynep Fadillioglu
She is based in Istanbul, most of the pictures are of homes she has done in Turkey.

As you go through these pictures, look at the walls and how Ms. Fadillioglu has finished the interior walls.
How is this for a master bedroom ?

A few details..........let me say, this woman knows details !

The view from the master bedroom.

I think her display style is brilliant.

I love these panels, and the hardware .
  • An elegant design solution.
One of the things that has me hooked into her style, is her gift for ' lighting application' through-out all of her work.
Villa at Buyukdere is my favorite, and these are some pictures of it. (you can find it on her site)

Her bathrooms are the stuff fairy-tales are made of.
An 'Arabian Nights' dinner party anyone ?
To me, this is incredible !! I wish I were dining there tonight.
Check out the walls. ( in addition to everything else)

This room is so sophisticated, and my idea fabulous.
Great ?

For the most part, this room is contemporary. And I still spot glorious tassels on the side panels.

I would have done the same...........but, then again, I am a recovering trim addict, so I understand completely.

This is crisper than some of her other spaces. I adore all of her design selections.
I want this bathroom !! What are your thoughts on this post ?

Better Than ' Old World Style' - Part ll

Renee Finberg 'TELLS ALL' in her BLOG.....


  1. Renee, you are so right, the details are magnificent. I love the green wall in the 3rd or 4th photo... and the headboard with the lighting on it and the cool lights hanging on each side of the bed, all of the lighting is perfection. And the bathrooms are to die for! Excellent post, so enjoyable! Thanks.

  2. The fourth picture down is my favorite! I'll take it.

  3. Oh Renee....this is just fabulous. I wish I had the talent to create such scrumptiousness. Beautiful, can we go play there?

  4. Susan,

    i knew you would appreciate it.


  5. R,
    we can't go play there ??????

    no fair !!!


  6. Very interesting to see such exotic style, Renee. Love the display lighting especially. Thanks for your sweet comment!

  7. These rooms are incredible and so luxurious - old world style, dead on. xv

  8. I adore the drawing room and dining room at the Villa Buyukdere. Completely enchanting.

  9. I really love the last two photos, appreciate all of her talent, those two really spoke to me though.

  10. pamela & ed....
    the dining room is FabOO !!

  11. FAB place! oooh la la!
    ENJOY your weekend!

  12. Her bathrooms are a design them! Your blog is beautiful...I'm glad I finally came and visited.



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