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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tiles And Their Applications

Are YOU into beautiful TILES ?

I am drooling over this green tile combined with the brass.

Gold Tile.

Checker Board Tiling.

Chevron tiled floors.

Tiled walls and ceilings.

French handmade subway tiles.

*Semi Precious stone TILES

I have been in love with specialty tiles forever!!!!
AND YOU....?

My tiles on Pinterest
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  1. Hi Rene...amazing whats going on with tiles...its like a new artform! There is nothing they cannot do with them these days. That first picture, that green....OMG, so stunning!!
    How are your Maine plans coming along?

    1. T
      i am holding on by a thread.
      Saturday i fly to Maine leaving my life here of 29 years behind.
      i feel like a pioneer woman - or better said...
      leaving the dust bowl like in the 'grapes of wrath'
      tomorrow i am having an EVERYTHING MUST GO SALE (craigs listing)

      thanks for asking.
      i will be over to visit today xoxoxo thank you

  2. Renee the green with brass are almost like malachite! Love the chevron blue & white as well!

    Art by Karena

    1. loved talking with you today.
      you are the best!!!


  3. Rene,

    Good luck with you sale! As for the move, I am sure that after 29 years it will be incredibly painful but almost like a rebirth! You will be making trails and paths in a new live without the baggage of this life! I am sending my prayers your way and I hope that you find in Maine a beautiful and wonderful life.

    Looking forward to following along with you, a big hug Elizabeth

    1. i hope you do stick with me after the move...........
      it's going to be a challange.


  4. Good luck with your sale and move. I have lived in my area for almost 25 years. That would be hard, but we do seem to adapt. I will be think about you. Good luck!

    1. thank you julie,

      the moving sale is today!
      then i am on my way!


  5. I love the last one the most...
    I love tiles but I'm into the colorful ones
    especially for my kitchen.

  6. Love those gorgeous mother of pearl tiles, yum yum!

  7. Fabulous choices Renee...I had to laugh, yesterday I was in a little wash room in Ho Chi Minh City and I thought it was curious so I snapped a photo on my way out. I looked at it today and realised it was just a water spicket, with green tiles around it, a gold mirror above and a sink. It was charming...and very clever for a small washroom. Your photos here are wonderful!
    Jeanne xx

    PS...I will send you the never know, it might just do the trick in Maine!

  8. Oh Renee...on your way! Wish I could have made it to your everything must go sale! I know you will flourish in Maine. Silk long underwear is very warm! Best in your journeys...keep us updated!!!

    Lotsa Love, Your Atlantic neighbor!

  9. I agree with you Renee...that green tile with the brass is stunning. I am so glad that hand made tiles are enjoying a resurgence...wonderful post



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