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Monday, October 8, 2012

I Don't Need Therapist ....I NEED A HUG

yesterday I was sitting outside in the BOILING heat and humidity { &humility } 
doing a garage sale!
The bummer of it all!
I am trying my best to be cheery......but the heat drains me of all civility.
have no fear I am charming ....

(and desperate to get out of here)

when THEY come.......

I show them my goods, and let me just say that I am selling everything including
huge paintings that are in frames
(the frames - that on average cost 1300.00 USD} for $100.
SICK CRAZY ...I know.
But , I must get out of here.
I must.


The hard winter is heading to Maine and my mom is tripping out.
I am tripping out.
We can't both be tripping out!!!!!!!

I don't need a therapist .... I need a HUG.
                                                           {and perhaps a violin}

And let it be known at the end of the sweltering humid day....
I made $8.00.
NOT $800.00 dollars.....Eight one dollar bills.

Enough about ME ...... how are you today?


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  1. WHAT???? 8.00? Seriously? With the kind of bargains it sounds like you are offering....I wish I could hop on a plane and head down me a bargain:) I so know that feeling of when you are mentally gone from a place though physically you might still be there. Sounds like you are almost on your way, almost time to pop the bubbly!

    1. T,
      i wish you could hop on a plane too!
      you would love my art.

      i know!!


  2. Oh no, dear Renee what an awful day!! Send me a lost of what you have and photos and I will see what I can do!

    I do hope you will come enter the last Sunday of my Giveaway of Velvet Pumpkins from Love Feast!

    Art by Karena

    1. K,
      i love you....
      you are always there for me.

      xox i will call in a while.
      i will go over and enter the contest.

  3. You are strong and this is a step closer to your new life. Hugs from New Jersey. If you want to complain about the winter and snow...I'm your girl. One day at a time, buy a crock pot.

    1. i am all about CROCK POTS.
      i never had one but believe me!.....
      i will be using one very soon.
      my mum just bought one.

      very exciting. hahahah
      no really!!!


  4. I gave up garage sales along time ago…even though I am tempted quite often to try it again! I guess my last one ended poorly…I think I've blocked it out of my mind! I"m so ready for you to get to Maine…for your sake and your mother's sake! I know you must be going crazy wanting this part to be over with but I know you are strong and can finish strong! Now yes, you definitely need a hug to keep you going! Or two hugs! I for one am sending a huge hug your way! I appreciate you taking the time to read my silly blog when you have so much going on! I'm thinking about you and will be praying that all will go well and you can get this part of your journey over with!

  5. Every time, EVERY TIME, I've been in total loss/not happy/failure, Providence appeared later to say, "This is why. I was protecting you for THIS."

    Some really big life things. Amazing.

    Very glad I'm not in charge or in 'control'. Now that's a good word to go have a laugh with, 'control'.

    HUG. Tight.

    Garden & Be Well, XO T

    1. T,
      such sage advice.
      i will take it to heart.

  6. ((((( HUG )))))))

  7. Renee, you have so many friends around the world, you know? We're all pulling for you "virtually." I HATE GARAGE SALES. I have never made too much money with them, and I can certainly relate to those shoppers you featured. Yikes! Leave Florida ASAP, your time there is finished, my love.

  8. I'm fine today ~~ especially after having read your hilarious post! I was thinking about your mother a few days ago, wondering how she is doing post surgery. Tell her hi from the lady in Bend with replaced left and right hips!

  9. Don't you have any consignment shops, Renee? I hate garage sales so much, too. People are brutal. It's like they want things for free. When we moved to a smaller place in Mammoth, my friend sold things for me while we were actually packing and moving. Mammoth (ski town) doesn't have a lot of stores so my Pottery Barn and Target stuff was like gold (people left with smiles). We made a little more than $8 :) The better things I hauled down to Newport to consignment stores (not much $ more there). But I can tell you that it feels GREAT to be free of "stuff" and living more simply. Here is a big HUG and another squeeze.

    1. consignment shops!!!
      in florida???
      all of them.
      i just got off the phone with a business assoc.
      of mine and i will
      ship all to her showroom.
      she knows me and my work and is dying to have my merch.

      thanks for the was a good one if not in FLA.

      xox thank you so much for the comment

  10. I see you have alot of my Dear bloggers coming to see you.
    Love Tara. Feel so bad about your garage sale.. Maybe next weekend if you advertize, and you cannot be alone. I will never live in Fla again, bugs, snakes alligators. 37 years in the Hot heat was enough. I bought something for your new car . Can't wait to see you. Rest and do it again. I laughed so hard at your Clients. If it weren't for your humor and being tenacious you could never make it. I love you and am proud of you. One foot in front of the other..come home.
    Mamma XXXXXXXXXXXXX a hug is waiting!!!

  11. Agree with Mary Ann - maybe you can bring what is left to a consignment shop. For some reason I thought you had already left FL and were in Maine. Hope the trip goes well.

  12. Oh, sweetheart, I'm sending a hug your way! It's coming from Canada, so it might take some time to get there.

    If it makes you feel any better, I'm dealing with some stuff, too. My mother has Alzheimer's. I've just started working again after being unemployed for 9 months. I'm so far in debt it'll take me at least 2 years to recover. And the bus drivers in my city are going on strike on Wednesday, so I'll have to walk to and from work, a round trip of 14 miles.

    Won't it be nice when life stops throwing so much crap at us?

    1. squeakie poo,

      it is a true TEST!

      xox thank you for the hugs!!!!

  13. Oh, ouch. Whenever I lament about the difference in price between what I paid for something, and what I then sold it for at a garage sale/ ebay my eldest son, who is studying economics, always pipes up with "sunk costs, Mum". The minute you buy an item, it's a sunk cost. The money is gone. Somehow, it makes me feel better!! Not sure if that helps, so I'm sending you lots of hugs and warm wishes as well. Soon, this will all be behind you and the new chapter will start. And less stuff to move is a really good thing. xx

  14. Another big hug from Canada. Better days are coming!

  15. OMG Renee, you are too funny!! Yes, they haggle over a dollar at garage sales! And worst they know not what they are looking at!!! I am sending you a hug, a violin, and an angel...much love to you, it's going to be better soon, N.xo

  16. Oh Renée,
    I can feel that you are not a happy bunny ..... come over here and have a hug !! It must be SO hard to get rid of one life to start another somewhere else but, an exciting time for you and an adventure ( just like Deb ( Dumwit)).
    .....and, I cannot believe that you only sold $8 worth of stuff. I am sure that you have some wonderful things. It just goes to show that the people that have come to your garage sale have no taste . Keep your chin up Renée ...... once you are settled things will be so much better. Lots of love and thinking of you. XXXX

  17. I guess you appreciate the value of a hard earned dollars! The good side of the story is the affirmation that you took the wise decision to move to Maine. I am sending a huge warm hug your way, but ready for my visit ...I will make a point to come and give you the biggest hug when i come up to Maine, and to your darling mother. Am thinking about you, as i am going up to Cambridge and New hampshire to visit potential manufacturers...warm sweater will be much needed.

    1. F,

      YOU BETTER!!!!
      i am waiting with bated breath!
      i can't wait.


  18. Oh that is awful! I would have bought something. Maybe you should post the choicest stuff here and let us take a look. If you will pack it up in a box and take it to UPS I would bet you will find buyers.

  19. OK OK Here's another HUG

  20. There is going to be a day with little work and tons of money! I just know it, Renee! All of this will pass, and great things will happen.
    SO... ((((((((((hugs))))))))) to you:).
    Happy Tuesday.



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