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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Chinoiserie Pumpkin Fest & Pirates

The Famous CHINOISERIE PUMPKIN of Darmariscotta Maine.

Spider Pumpkin on main street in Darmaiscotta Maine.
This reminds me of my mother's kitchen. It was much nicer than this, infact gorgeous. The walls were this color, the cabinets much darker. and the counters black. Accessorized with copper. Very Cool !
Antique Pumpkin Pine floors. Often found in old farm houses.
A few years ago Bill Clark and Buzz Pinkham had a joint effort in growing their giant pumpkins which resulted in two of the top three largest pumpkins in the state of Maine. Clearly, the team effort paid off so they decided to enjoy a day on the ocean…in their pumpkins!Additional photo’s and a couple of video clips are on the next page. Take a peek and see these guys motor around Damariscotta….it was very cool! ( to watch video )
I want to move to Damaiscotta but they sure do some nutty things. ( I like it )

I am thinking that they might have entirely too much time on their hands .

But, then again, that's a good thing.

I took this pic 18 years ago of my little ' Punkin' in a pumpkin patch . And she is a cute little pirate too ! : )
This was me , heading off to work last Halloween. I am always a Pirate for Halloween.
Halloween is my favorite holiday.

Black & Coral Bedroom

My goal this year is to get out of Boca Raton and get up to Maine -

My mom is waiting anxiously....and I will be devastated if I miss the autumn leaves.

Wish me luck....the sale looks like it is going through.



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  1. I just love Halloween for these reasons!!

  2. You look cute as a pirate!

  3. Impressing pumpkins!

  4. Anonymous13:12

    What a cute pirate you are! Your mother's kitchen sounded amazing.

  5. Hi Renée,
    First of all, so sorry that I haven't been around .....have been a little busy but the main reason is that I'm still getting used to my new Macbook Pro !!!!
    What brilliant pumpkins .....people really make the effort don't they ?
    Fingers are crossed for you here in the UK for the sale to go through without a hitch ..... I bet your mum can't wait.
    Much love. XXXX

    1. jax,
      i told you the mac was a small nightmare.


  6. You are a beautiful Pirate! And your daughter is a precious punkin! These puppies are too funny….the Cavalier in the pirate hat could be my Rosie! I so hope the Sale of your house goest thru! You need to be in Maine! Keep us posted! Thanks for all of your sweet comments!

  7. Renee, That's a beautiful post. The farm in Maine was built in 1863 and had Pumpkin pine
    floors with handmade nails. Sorry abouty selling it. Just tooo much upkeep 113 acres
    fot two old people. We will go visit it. The Leaves are at their peak.
    the Fall is really beautiful this year..Monday it will be pretty cold. Hoping I can drive to Darmarscotta and get some photo's of the pumpkin fest. Hope you close the sale soon.

  8. oh yesssss
    go take pumpkin pictures and post them.
    i would love that.

    i love you

  9. Fun post....and you do make one heck of a glamourous pirate!! Love the chinoiserie pumpkin..its amazing and never in one post have I seen so many uses for pumpkins- asoutnding! Fun post Renee!

  10. Renee-
    You look adorable! Love the pirate look.
    Leave to you to come up with something this creative. I want that pumpkin house and the pumpkin patch, and the doggies are just too adorable.
    Happy Thursday,

  11. Love that first picture!!!!!!!!I cannot believe those huge pumpkins!!!!!!!And then they ride aroound in them,,,,,, I don't know they seem like a fun bunch to me.........Very cute post. oh and you make a cute pirate. xo Maryanne

  12. Renee too fun plus you are the best looking piratess I have ever seen!

    I bet you wish you could be out on the water with your motorized pumpkin! Ha!

    Art by Karena



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