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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall In New England - How I Love It So...

Fall In New England - How I Love It So...

I know my Mom is feeding and watching her birds.

When I am outside and surrounded by the richness of autumn...

I can hardly think of a place and time that I would rather be.

I am trying with all my might to get up to Maine 
to be with my Mother before the trees are bare.

We would be walking,
 and driving 
with the windows open while the leaves blow through the air...
and finally hit the ground-

-sending a message of what is to come....

How I want to be there NOW!!!

just know that I am doing all I can to get up to you.

Do you like Fall ?
If not,
what is your favorite season ?

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  1. Oh Renee,
    I love every one of those photos. My favourite time of year, autumn and winter. I hope your, and your mum's wish comes true really sat. You both deserve to Ben together soon :-)
    Much love

    1. oh....i hope mom reads it soon.

  2. That's the way it looks. Greato photo's. I am thinking of you 24/7.
    Worried at what is going on. If you need a laugh -
    remember Kenny Rogers, when you were a kid. Well he has a book out.
    You won't know him from the photo.

    1. i went and saw the article....
      his eyes are strange.

      he was always sweet to me.
      remember when he would sing 'moon river' to me when i was 6 or 7?

  3. This is absolutely my favourite time of year! My dream vacation would be to travel by car or train through all the New England states from about the last week in September until January 1st. I'd stop and stay in every town that caught my fancy. Maybe someday!

    1. squeak,
      i hope to do the same when i get up there!!!!

      xox thanks

  4. oh Renee it is absolutely beautifl here too:)...hurry up girl!!lol.much love, Silvia.xo

  5. Dear renee
    Bless you and your mum
    Love you guys
    Xxx Julie

  6. These are spectacular photos of fall. The leaves are just starting to change here. I wish autumn would last til spring and skip winter altogether. As I get older I am not liking winter so much. It makes it difficult to manage horses in dealing with frozen temps, ice and snow just trapsing to the barn from my house. I hope you get to ME soon. I know it is calling you. Good luck with preparations my dear.
    xo Nancy

  7. Like fall? I LOVE FALL!!!!!!!! It is the most spectacular season of all....and these pictures prove it!! Sooooooo gorgeous, I am also hoping to head up north to do some fall foliage looking myself....there is nothing like it!! Hope you get to Maine Renee.



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