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Friday, October 5, 2012

Swimming Pools - DROOL WORTHY

This pool is fabulous!!!
Why don't more people do the continuous tile?

this is my DREAM POOL.
Especially if it is spring fed.

This pool's concept is a 'RIVER'.

I hope you liked this dream of summer 
and swimming pools.
Why is it I am obsessed with swimming pools ?
Maybe because I moving to Maine ????

My Pinterest Swimming Pools
Tons more swimming pools HERE

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  1. I love swimming and these pools are beautiful. Here in the UK, swimming pools aren't really a priority Renée, because of our weather. An indoor one would be OK though especially if there was a retractable roof ! We are such a small country though that most people wouldn't have room for one as their gardens wouldn't be able to accomodate it.
    How's the house selling going ? XXXX

    1. jax...
      it's going!
      and so am i!!!!!


  2. Hi Renee I am also obsessed by swimming pools, we have the land, we have the climate but we aint got the cash! I swim three times a week but have to make do with the local municipal day. My favourites images 2 and 4 although image 7 would look great in the space I have in mind. X

  3. One day we plan to resurface and re-tile our pool…I love the infinity pools but I also loved the one that you showed that is "spring fed'! For now….we simply just turned up the heat about an hour ago and plan on enjoying it most of tomorrow…just the two of us!

  4. Wow, that second one does it for me too Renee. I have been swimming a lot lately. Immersion in water is my idea of heaven. I should never have left the womb!

    1. a womb right now sound really good to me.


  5. Ahhh,but friend, think of that cool and crisp Atlantic you can wiggle your tootsies in! AND fresh Lobstah! No pool is worth fresh lobster on a picnic bench overlooking the ocean!!

  6. Great post. I love the second pool,
    Wish I had some idea when Soon is.
    I'll ne waiting at the airport.
    Should I bring a coat for the Joey dog?

  7. I have an affinity for infinity pools myself. These are all amazing. I've just discovered your site and adore your work.

  8. wow, these are some of the most gorgeous pools I have seen.

  9. If pools are these extravagant, then there is definitely no wonder why you are that fascinated to them. Epic! They look like their owners are members of a royal family. Their elegance and sophistication are outstanding, and in just one look, you’ll know immediately how amazing your time will be to swim in all these pools.

    Cathy Newman

  10. What a good blog you have here. Please update it more often. This topics is my interest. Thank you.

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