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Monday, February 20, 2012

So Much To Do.....

and so little time.

I have recently developed this horrific back-ache in my lower back.
I have never had a back ache before-
It started 3 weeks ago and has not given up.
It wears on me...
and can distract me like so many other things.

Yesterday was Sunday {I take Sunday and Mondays off}
and I unplugged....
my phone, computer, and stayed in bed after I took a walk.
{thinking exercise might work it out}
It did not help.

Today is my 'day 2' of my time off from my work week.
I have to get with the party planners for the up-coming 
American Cancer Society of Boca Raton's Big Gala in April.
I have taken on the job of planning and the set design of it all.
I am very happy to do so.
You can certainly say that I am honored and excited about the theme; 
'A Nite in Paris'.
It is right up my alley!!!!

This is where the image comes in....
I just have to tell myself to slow down and
take it easy.
I don't want to get frazzled and drive off with my wallet or laptop
on the hood of my car.

Can you relate to a time 
when you were thinking of where you were going...
rather than where you were
I need to look down at mt feet occasionally
to focus on where I am!!! 

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  1. I actually did that once, years ago, planning my wedding, I left the box with the wedding favours on top of my car and drove off. These guys in a truck were waving at me and I gave them a smirk because I thought they were flirting with me (Ha! How presumptuous of me!), when they were really trying to warn me. I nearly caused an accident, but miraculously, I recovered the favours unscathed. I was very frazzled to say the least during that time!

    Get your back looked after, it could be a herniated disk. I have dealt with back pain, it does take its toll, doesn't it?

  2. de tout,

    you are so funny.
    i can relate exactly....i would have thought they were flirting too.
    depending on my mood....
    i might have given them more than a smirk,
    if you follow my meaning....hahahahahhah

    i may have to see a doctor about this back!!!


  3. I won't admit how many times I have driven off with a cup on my hood!
    I hope that your back gets well soon. It can distract you.
    Enjoy your day off.

  4. Oh Renee you must take care of your back. I am still rehabbing after the fusion and laminectomy/ a 4 1/2 hr surgery.

    Try ice, then heat patches. Injections if necessary and go to a neurosurgeon, not an orthopedic./ (just if necessary, not trying to scare you)

    Art by Karena

  5. All too often I find myself in that mode. Slowing down, taking a deep breath and unplugging like you did helps. Have you considered a chiropractor? I started going last month after having severe neck and back pain and numbness in my arm. It's amazing how much better I feel. If something like that can help, and it's not invasive, I highly recommend it. Hope you are feeling better!

  6. jmw

    yes....a chiropractor was going to be my first step.
    this is becoming a nightmare.
    thank you for the nudge.

    xx love

  7. karena

    that is so scary to me.
    i broke my pelvis in 3 places about 15 years ago....
    and i am wondering if the pain may be what i must endure from
    all my riding in events.


    thank you love for the advice xxx

  8. Oh, yes. You are not alone. xx's

  9. Good for you for recognizing that you need to take a break and you did. Smart girl!
    And yes often my mind is in one place, my body in another......happens all the time!
    The Amecian Cancer group is in great hands with you at the helm. Take your time "decompressing" so you can come back good as new!

  10. Anonymous16:08

    We all have our moments.
    Solutions - More help? Delegate? Focus?

    Yours sounds like a fun life.

    Relax the back.
    Be well.

  11. R....I make tea before I dash out the door in the morning, and leave it on the counter. I rush into another room to get....something...already forgotten. I am driving to an appointment, and realize where I'm going after I've already missed the turn / exit. I franticly look for my phone while I am TALKING on it, and of course, I look for my glasses in every corner of my home as they are balanced on my head.....and that's just on Mondays! Stay balanced...and TAKE CARE of your back.....k

  12. Renee,

    Fear can reside in our bodies and take hold at the most inconvient times and scare the heck out of us. Lower back pain can be lack of financial support and fear of money...reverse it by affirming; I trust the process of life. All I need is always taken care of. I am safe.

    As soon as you recognize what the source could be send it on it's way far away from you. Your back is behind you...your past...or wanting someone to get off your back.

    This project is a labor of love and caring and just what you need mentally. Take care of your physical needs as well. Back yourself up...warm baths and epsom salt for relaxing the muscles and letting the stress all go down the drain.

    xoxo Bette

  13. kathy

    ugh....that's me.
    it is not easy being us!!!


  14. bette

    everything you suggested COULD be the source of the problem....
    and IS!!!!

    i will take your advice immediately.

    all my love xxx

  15. Oh Renée,
    I'm so sorry to hear that you are suffering. I hope that you are seeking medical advice. In the meantime, please put your feet up and have a glass of wine !!
    Wishing you better ASAP. XXXX

  16. jax

    i would with you!!!

  17. Hey Girl,
    Remember Who our healer is! Rest both physically and mentally!



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