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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tailgate Polo Parties in Palm Beach

We are soooo lucky to have Polo in Palm Beach County.
{only for 3 months}
I went with a group of new friends.
I normally sleep all day on Sunday.

This is just what my soul needed.

These are the tailgate tents heading towards the clubhouse-
and go all the way to the other end of the clubhouse.

Florida people flip out when it is in the fifties.
He is.

This is the back of the tents. We just pull up right behind the tent and start setting up.
There was a contest going on.
You needed a theme.
Ours was USA and all armed forces.

This is the back of our tent.

This is the front.

Some came in costumes.
I think. 
They look awfully like Thurston Howell 
from Gilligan's Island.
They were fun.

This is the inside of the tent before everyone arrived

More quests from our tent.

Me and a friend.

At the half time
we took the flag out onto the Polo Field.
I was sure this is why we won.

It's Palm Beach,
everyone brings their doggies.

Palm Beach Polo Tail-gating

This image is of
  everyone walking the field to plug the holes in the field from the horses .

You stomp on the holes until they are smooth again.

They are announcing the winner of the match
and handing out the trophy and champagne. 
{yes that is me in the sweater with the handsome man}
And the winner of the 'TENT'S

{me in front in blue sweater}
My entire party from the tent!!!
What fun it was!!!

And all the newspapers were there. 
Taking pictures to put in Palm Beach Post's 'SHINY SHEET.'
{social page}

I hope you did something fun on Sunday.
This is a networking event of sorts
and HERE.....
I am in my element.

Does it look like fun to you?
I have a great time!!

want to see more POLO? CLICK HERE

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  1. Looks like a fabulous time was had by all! This is just what you needed, Renee. Happy you were able to go.
    Have a nice week.

  2. I love polo matches! We used to go in DC and I loved it.

  3. Renee how fun and exciting!When I lived in San Diego, I loved going up to the Polo Matches in Rancho Santa Fe!

    Art by Karena

  4. This looks like one amazing look beautiful!! I love the "costumes" especially the Thurston Howells which came out in force that Have been to maybe 8 matches in my entire life....Hamptons, Argentina and Dominican Republic and no matter where its viewed, its guaranteed to be one thing.....super glamorous and loads of fun!!

  5. What memories you have brought back. I strapped for three years in my teens and the meals that came out of our boots (your trunk I think!) were magic all home cooked country tucker but we didn't have tents then!!
    Alas Polo has become very big and very social in Sydney but here in the country it is dying a bit and in fact most of our catering was done at our local polo club so that it was being used!
    Can I come next time please?!!!!!!
    xxx Jules

  6. enchanted tina,

    i would love to have been to a match in argentina!!!
    most of the players are from there.!!!


  7. jules

    yes the 'boot' is the trunk over here.
    and i think the tents are a new thing here as well.
    wish you were there too!!

  8. Love polo and tailgate parties. My friend's son plays polo so i get to go behind the scene...the men are GORGIOUS!!! , the hats and costumes a riot. Greenwhich has a beautiful polo field!
    Happy valentine's day my friend!

  9. francine

    we have common interest no doubt!!!


    happy valentines day

  10. Ooooo I LOVE POLO! Wish we had fun tent parties on the fields here. Hey maybe I'll start a new tradition!
    You look fabulous and like you're having a ball.
    xo Lisa

  11. Woouuww! Looks wonderful!! And you have a handsome friend!!

  12. Important things first a foremost. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! A little birdie let slip it was your day today. My dear friend, I hope you have a wonderful day. A day for YOU! Sending warmest wishes across the Atlantic and a big hug XO

    Your polo day looks marvellous. We sometimes head off to the Cotswolds to see the summer polo. It's a lot more low key than yours. That English reserve I guess. Yours looks more fun!
    Much love

  13. P.S. You are beautiful!

  14. Yes!! It looks to be a wonderful time! You are adorable! and your "friend"...swoon! !!! Congratulations on having the winning theme!

  15. It looks like you had a great time. What an eclectic group of people! Great weather for it.

  16. Happy Birthday Dearest Renee!! Enjoy!

    Art by Karena

  17. Oh how could I?!!!! I missed it!!!
    HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY my pet even though it is a bit belated!
    Big hugs and all my love
    Jules xxxxx

  18. greet

    he is a HOTTIE for sure.


  19. Brings back wonderful memories of a post I did ages ago about a serve of Nachos - the uber hunky Argentinian polo player/Ralph Lauren model. Love the group of mates you run with Renee.
    Millie xx



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