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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Second Day Of Hair Cut

My hair doesn't look like I wanted it to.
So I need to take some measures.
I need to change the texture of my hair.

How will I do this?
I was watching TV and saw that Suave has a new product out.
It is an at home Keratin Treatment.
My hair today....
is still in shock and is too course for this cut right now.
Just what I need is another damn project!!!

This was supposed to make my life easier.

This is the kit.
I watched the video, then read the comments 
and started to get sweaty.

Was panic setting in?
I just could handle a fried head of hair 
when I would be doing it to make my hair super smooth.
{read previous post in regards to sweating}

I have settled on the shampoo. It sounds pretty great.
And you ask me why Suave?
I have a real problem spending tons of money on certain make-ups,
and hair products.

When My hair is OUT OF SHOCK
and I have learned out to 'DO' the look -
I will post a pic.

Thank you guys for being there.
Have a great Sunday.
I am off to find the shampoo.

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  1. I have the freeziest, coarse hair imaginable The brazilian method has been a "hair saver'. I have it 2 to 3 times a year. my hair is incredibly soft, manageable and i can even handle it myself.
    It is not an inexpensive proposition, but I could no longer do without it!

  2. Have you tried Morrocan oil for smoothing? REALLY can make a difference.

  3. You will love me for this one, Renee! Try Ker Keratin Complex conditioner. It is fabulous and will leave your hair silkie!
    Happy Sunday.

  4. R....I have "dreadlock curly" hair....but can keep mine straight whenever I want...without putting formaldehyde on it...Wash you hair and condition as you would normally do.....either night before or day of (just let it air dry til 3/4's dry...if you can)...then use a dime size dab of *MoroccanOil* ( with 4 to 5 inch round brush in sections....a little more M oil and spot flat iron....good to go for a couple of days....I swear.....I spend 30 to 45 minutes on my hair a WEEK now...and get compliments all the time. I like to be able to still wear it curly too....and p.s...I am soo gray that I have to get my color tweaked every 3 to 4 weeks....k

  5. Hi Renee, I love your blog, and read it with great amusement and onto the hair. Love the
    new haircut. I have probably some of the most course hair one could ever want. My husband swears you could use it for fishing. Now especially with the new silver highlights I have it is even more course. My hair stylist introduced me to something that I swear has been the best hair tamer I have ever used. Ever! It is better than moroccan oil as this tends to leave hair brassy. It is sold in salons here in Cleveland Ohio, so I am sure you will find it in Florida. It is by L'Oreal. It is called Mythic Oil. It is made from avocado oil. I promise that you will love it. Promise! This is how I use it. After I towel dry my hair I use a couple squirts in my hand and apply it to my hair. Blow dry, then flat iron. Once I am done with flat ironing, I use a tiny bit more to finish my hair. It smooths, and adds such a shine to my hair. I actually don't even need hair spray at all. I hope you try it you will not be disappointed. Good luck!

  6. i have done the Moroccan oil.
    hasn't really done it for me.

    but i will try teresa's Ker Keratin Complex conditioner.

    and the L'Oreal mythic oil.

    i am still freaking....
    the products i bought this morning
    did not work.

    i will try anything now!!!
    it might be the cut....DUH!!


  7. One thing I DO spend money on is GOOD shampoo. I like Purology ( the one in the purple bottle) shampoo and conditioner. Each are $27 but really do last a long time. Usually 2 bottles of shampoo to one bottle of conditioner. You can get it at Ulta. I PROMISE you, you'll love it. :)

  8. Sorry can't help with product as to solve the same problem I now have hair that is no longer than 1/4 of an inch all over my head!!!!!
    Don't do this it is nearly impossible to grow out and look good at the same time!
    It will settle it just needs about a week...and it will grow...I promise!!! xxx Jules

  9. jules

    i am freaking out for you!!
    thanks for the advice.
    i will take it!!!


  10. Anonymous10:25

    Oh dear...I just read the Amazon reviews for the Suave Keratin, since my daughter wanted to try it.
    In a word, "Don't."

    Renee, did they use a razor to cut your hair? If so, that could be causing the ends to be 'frayed', and thus reacting differently to styling methods. In the long run, olive oil works very well, using apple cider vinegar to dispel water minerals, and only washing your less. Your readers are savvy.

    And, been there, the "GI Jane" look, and actually received compliments ("Tres chic!). I'm sure you look lovely, Renee!



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