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Friday, February 24, 2012

Hairstyles For Me - Help Me Decide

A few of you know that I am doing the design of 
the American Cancer Society of Boca Raton's Gala on 4.28.2012 
I need a NEW LOOK!!!
My hair is this length #1.
And it has been around this length most of my adult life.
My hair is also the same texture as C.T.'s but not as wavy-
unless I scrunch my head off.

Here are my fears.....
when I get sweaty {nice eh?} I need my hair off my neck asap or I freak.
And then the anxiety & sweating will intensify.
*again...nice, right?
but if you are over get me.

This doesn't seem drastic to me.
And I like myself with no bangs or very long ones.

I love this look 
but I will put my hair behind my ears .

This is pretty close to my hair....
being born in Houston Texas
I tend to scrunch to make it look BIGGER.
Shout Out To Joni Webb in Houston
I can however squeeze it into a ponytail when need be.
sweat sweat sweat

This is what I want to try.
it's behind the ears, 
and maybe because there will be no hair on my neck
{I am assuming}
I won't feel the need to put my hair in a pony when I am in panic mode

Sue me!
I forgot #5

I know....I skipped #5.....but I am a busy girl 
with a mind like a pinball machine.
I am trying my best here.
This hair cut I have already excluded 
because keeping bangs this perfect is a full time job.

This is just okay.
But, certainly age appropriate.

This I had a year and a 1/2 ago.
It was adorable.
I would flip it a bit more, it looked chic and tidy.
But, my hairstylists pals down the block
 {that are extremely young gorgeous and hip}
say the 'flip' is OVER. 

25 years ago I had this hair cut.
Everyone loved it .....
but again
I always put my hair behind my ears 
and I think the cut was a wasted on me.

I have done this too.
I don't know.......
again with THE BANGS!!!
This is my love Patti Hansen .
**Who by the way just recovered from bladder cancer.

I could put this one into a messy pony if I really needed to.
Who am I kidding, I will get sweaty, freak out and need to 'PONY UP!!'

My question to you is this;
Should I go for it and do # 4????

I am scared.
But, I have always wanted to cut my hair that way.....

What do I do???
remember when making your decision 
I get panic attacks and get sweaty hahahahaha

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  1. SI,Si,Si!!!!!!! You will look amazing..xo

  2. silvi,

    how the heck have you been?
    i am coming over to see you now!!


  3. Renee, I love #4 and #9. You will look great with either one!
    Have a nice weekend.

  4. I LOVE #4....what happens to you hair in the humidity? How will you make it BIG? Good layers are wonders. I like mine with a little height and usually 'finger' it and spray!
    Can't wait to see what you decide!

  5. #1 Dior did this style in most of the collection this spring and it got rave reviews.Sooo Grace Kelly. Not trendy just classy.Maryanne xo

  6. I really like that cut - why not give it a try? I have worn my hair very similar, as well as the style of Katie Holmes that you featured and Keira Knightly. Another one you may consider is Gwyneth Paltrow when she had shorter hair (I've taken those images to the hairdresser a time or two)or Renee Zelwegger - her shorter do is similar to your #4. Good luck - be sure to show photos!

  7. jmw

    i am going to go look at renee zellwegers.,

    thank you xxx

  8. Love them all but love Patti Hansens, its long bangs which I like and likely looks great tucked behind the ears or worn straight down. I love 4 also, very chic but do you have that kind of hair that will 'stay" behind your ear? Just want to make sure it will still look great when not tucked behind, otherwise its a love and thumbs up for me!

  9. #2 for sure. I might want that for myself.

  10. Like your #4 choice. Just went through growing out a very bad old lady bob cut and found my inpiration in the French model Ines de la Fressange. Side swept bangs and behind the ears. Also added some layering - am feeling fabulous now.

    You're gorgeous, no matter what do you select.

  11. carole

    i know......i love that one.
    do you think it would be weird if i put it behind my ears?


  12. Renee, have you ever thought of going s bit shorter. I like the shorter styles of Annette Bening and Sharon Stone. I have a similar cut and it's so wash and go. Just a thought. Nos. 3 & 10 are good.

  13. I don't watch TV, seldom see new movies and don't read the fashion rags, so I have no clue who any of those women are--actors? models? "celebrities"?--but the only one of the lot with hair that does anything at all for me is the one with the hair you happen to already have: Number 1.

    And while this new gig of yours--congratulations on snagging it--will certainly be a big challenge, it's not like you haven't had any challenges before now, and somehow, you must have pulled those off with the same hair. And if it worked then, and you liked it, and it flatters you, why, all of a sudden do you need a NEW LOOK?

    Nancy Lancaster, Helena Rubinstein & Andree Putman all found a look that worked for them and stuck with it, through hell & high water, in fashion & out. People like that transcend cycles of fashion, and although it takes work to reach that aesthetic altitude, as with a jet, once achieved it's less work to maintain it than it was to reach it in the first place. And being green and all, I'm all about conserving energy, especially if it happens to be mine. After all, if something isn't in style, it can't go out of style.

    On the other side, there was the strikingly beautiful Mrs. Harrison Williams, who, when she got bored with her prematurely white hair, tried what she hoped would a fresh, new look & insantly fell from the ranks of the beautiful to that of the beautifully dressed. Or as somebody remarked, the ordinary. You've got it all going on & you're already beautiful, so why mess with success?

    I'm sure the Edsel, New Coke & switching Tupperware from translucent pastels to opaque avocado & burnt orange seemed like good ideas at the time. Not all change is for the better.

  14. simply grand,

    i am in love with your comment!!
    you are so wise....your remarks are much of what i have lived by.....
    i have CUT MY HAIR!

    #4 as i wanted.
    i am pleased and think i could even go a tiny bit shorter!!

    i thank you & hope this will become my trademark cut!!!

    kisses to you
    even though we are new friends.

  15. okay guys!!!!

    i cut my hair like # 4

    lovin' it
    and lovin' YOU

  16. Hey there Renee,

    I enjoyed cutting your hair like #4. I love that style on you and hope you enjoy it. See you soon :)


  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Now we have to talk I need to see it!!!!! xxx

  19. Im Julienne, we need to see it!!!lol..Im sure it looks wonderful:)xo

  20. Hello!
    My choice: #4 very elegant- girly-chic!
    NOTE: you MUST stay the hair behind your ear! It´s the special "touch"!
    Ana Maria

  21. R....My hair was super long, but I decided to cut it to your current length so I wouldn't look like a "Real Housewife" wanna be. I have since cut it in a style similar to Ms. Knightley. I love it...and yes..I tuck, sometimes one side sometimes both. It looks modern and look younger and more carefree when you are not a slave to your hair. I am going to grow it an inch or so for the summer so that I can have my "Jack Nicholson"...suoer tiny hipster ponytail..........I hate hair touching me when I'm hot too! k

  22. kathy

    when this cut grows out...
    i will do that one.

    i love it.
    i bet you look great.
    hey! update your profile pic so i can see it!!!


  23. yonks - Di

    i have.
    i am chicken.
    i would love to though.

    xxxx maybe someday soon.



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