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Sunday, March 6, 2011

tonights' 60 minutes....

I have watched Christopher Hitchens
on every news channel there is. 
.....And in complete awe.
He is a writer and a serious politico.
I definitely do not agree with his politics.
I have found myself cursing him out on the tele.

But, having had a crush on him 
since the first time I found him in an interview on a cable news show...

He is so brilliant, and sexy. 
His brilliance is what makes him so sexy

I have been wondering where the heck he had been lately...
He is more than a bit of a bad boy....
And tonight on 60 minutes I found out.

it is cancer.
He is 61 years young.

If you want to know more about who he is click on the links below.

more on 

And it that wasn't sad enough.....

....More on the homeless families in Florida.

Kids coming home from school 
and finding that their homes had been locked and boarded up.

(homeless kids take the bus)

The stories are heartbreaking.
And there 
"but for the grace of g-d go I"

Make your gratitude list tonight and read it tomorrow too.

Kiss your loved ones both large and small.
The situation is so hard out there.

I know that no one wants to look at this or hear about it.
Tonight this piece on families that had lost their homes 
to foreclosure just broke me up.
....the shame on the kids faces....
  the pain and shame these poor parents are feeling...

When will things really turn around 
for all Americans ?

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  1. R...I've been boo-hooing all night. First...the homeless children and their families...then MY ALL TIME FAVORITE LIVING WRITER..Christopher Hitchens....I knew he was ill....and have been keeping my fingers crossed...I am fortunate enough to have seen him lecture and debate....and then MEET HIM!!!...Most women I know don't get it..but I can confirm that he is sex on a stick and I was sweating the entire time we spoke....he made ME feel sexy....and even though I'm far to the left of his political views, I enjoy every word that comes out of his mouth. Lastly...PBS showed the 25 year reunion of Les Miserable was several hours of beautiful music including a reunion of the original cast from 1985...I saw this production with my recently deceased mother.....I'm exhausted from it all.......GREAT fav of the week...k

  2. I have been reading of his battle for months now. He's facing it with tremendous, and wry, courage. Pretty sad episode of 60 Minutes all the way around.

  3. I know how much sadness and horor there is in the world, I just wish the news media would offset it with more of the goodness

    I am grateful so much for my life.

    Art by Karena

  4. Hi Renee
    Well we aussies have had our share of bad news this year.. with each disaster that has hit we have had 24hr news coverage which becomes a bit much..

    the homeless situation everywhere is so sad and a tough pill to swallow.. makes me feel almost guilty for contemplating travel.. though.. i will be sacrificing a home deposit to do so.. and you never know what life will have in store for you .. so at the end of the day. i'd like to think i lived big...

    Have a lovely week.. and maybe we should both go.. yes?? xxxx Julie

  5. I agree Christopher Hitchens is great to listen to. I believe he is to debate Tony Blair shortly on religion, and I read in a recent interview he was asked whether his cancer had made him re-think his aetheism, which I thought was a pretty dumb question.

  6. great that you wrote about this exceptionally compelling 60 min but a very sad one. Hearing those childrens' voices was gut wrenching...I had my son watch some but he said it was too sad to watch for him....I can't disagree. It shed some light on how many people are still suffering in a very big way and while pockets of where we live might defy that, there are so many people suffering and to see it affect the kids like we did is just hard to shake...I wanted to reach in and grab every one of them and take care of them and take their worries away, not worries that an 11 year old should have.
    Moving onto Christopher, I have always loved brilliant and eccentric people, I first found out about him through my father, who is an avid reader....he is provacative for sure but my husband who also watched agreed wtih almost all he said...particularly his views on the war (and the sizing up of Clinton) I hope he is able to beat this cancer, he is a brilliant mind whether or not you like him and to think he has made his home on American how about that!
    PS I wonder if he might change his musings on God and religion if he ends up being cured..what do you think?

  7. enchanted,

    i don't know about changing his views on g-d.
    i was thinking the same.....but
    if you don't believe in g-d
    then i you don't believe in the devil?
    or hell
    or limbo
    or heaven
    i don't know.
    but 'to each his own'
    i don't judge the choice.

    it's strange i know a devout catholic (73yrs)
    told me they think that when you die
    it's the end. nothing. i thought that was so sad.
    this person had asked a priest at a funeral ...
    where do the dead go?
    and the priest just cried and said i don't know.

    i know that i must believe in g-d or i am screwed.
    i just can't do this life all by myself.
    if i didn't believe in something other than myself
    i wouldn't make it through.

  8. columnist,
    i need to watch this !!!
    and that was a stupid question.

  9. julie

    i still think you should go.
    if i could i would pack up and meet you at the nearest cafe.
    i am trying to start up a business right now and need to be still.

    love you

  10. I knew that Hitchens has cancer and I was shocked to see his appearance during a recent interview on CSPAN Books. I don't know what it is, but I, too, have always found him attactive. Maybe it's the hard-drinking, bad-boy Brit persona. Don't know. It's interesting to hear Hitchens, an atheist, talk about his cancer and his belief that there is no after-life. I certainly couldn't live that way, but to each his own. The stories aobut children coming home to boarded up homes is heartbreaking. I count my blessings every day.

  11. Thanks for reminding me to count my blessings, instead of sheep.

  12. This is so sad Renée!
    Recently I saw a TV-program about these homeless children! This hurted me so much! I couldn't sleep of it! We all have to do something for those people!

  13. This is so sad Renée!
    Recently I saw a TV-program about these homeless children! This hurted me so much! I couldn't sleep of it! We all have to do something for those people!



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