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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Somebody....Take Me Home Where It Is Safe

For the last 2 days I have had to go to 'the office' about 
a few sales people trying to steal my sales.
I have finally had it,
after working for almost 2 years with
a staff that is disgusting.

I just don't like how I have to become to survive there.
Both of these sales in question...
were definitely these people testing me.
{Have I mentioned that I hate that shit?}
I have tried to stay far from any trouble or rule breaking.
And succeeded.
But at this company....
plenty of rules are getting broken, bent....whatever....
If you are a top producer, 
you could poop in the middle of the showroom 
and someone would quietly come by 
and clean up the mess.

The whole place is filled with thieving liars....
Actually I think they are 'Carney' people.
And carnivals terrify me.
So this Sunday was the first time that I decided
  that I wasn't going to allow any more sales people
 to get away with stealing from me.

I guess they all got to meet the new Renee.

Below is a snap I took of the sales staff to share with you.
Just Darling....
Aren't they?

But honest to g-d......
This stuff is all drama,
and all exhausting.
Too exhausting for this girl. 

I have been too tired to do any real design blogging.
This is the best I could do for tonight.

How do you deal {when you are forced to} with these types?
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  1. Oh Renee, life is just too short to deal with all that...can you go to another design firm? I know you are great at what you do!

    I have a new giveaway I think you will love…from The Zhush!

    Art by Karena

  2. Don't hold back girl - run straight down to the Costume Store & buy yourself a rubber shark's head. Put in on just before you enter that boiling cauldron of a work place & march right up to those thieves all the while humming the theme from Jaws. That should get your message across. I dare you.
    Millie x

  3. Utterly reprehensible behavior; I don't know how you've put up with it for so long. Cheer up, there's light ahead and FRUITION!!!! ♥a

  4. Whip out the shark fangs of course! People like that sadly, don't you need to decide if this is something you can find a way to deal with (daggers and all) or if there are other doors you should open, if you can't. I have dealt wtih people like that myself when I was working and you feel like you always have to have one eye open, its dispicable behavior for sure but these people don't have a conscience deep enough to "get that". They are miserable human least you know when you leave that shark pool, you are a good stable,conscientious person. You have your integrity and self respect in tact.
    Get that fin up, bare those razor teeth and show them that they do not mess with Renee and remind them you aren't pegged with the nickname "Jaws" for nothing!

  5. I am not sure. Over the years i have develop something people at work call the "look". It seems to be effective in quelling riots.

    Just keep your boundaries up at work and let people know in no uncertain terms they are not to cross them.

    Even confront them directly. You know how shocked people are by people telling the truth to their faces.

    xo jane

  6. please just send a message up the G-d of your understanding that i can find the money to open my showroom with my partner.
    it is not a huge sum at all.
    please just send a message to the
    'big man' to SEE me.
    xxx i love you guys

    btw MILLIE; i am buying a shark head!!

  7. Renee, that beautiful place is waiting just for you
    Goooo for it. Take a risk.

  8. millie,

    i have to find one first.
    but i WILL WEAR IT!!!


  9. Looove Millie's solution! I dealt with a b----tch like that I hired to cover my mat leave years ago and she made herself quite comfortable, told everyone she would eventually be my boss if she had her way, etc. When I came back, she stayed even though we didn't need two of us and she made my life a living hell. I fought back and eventually she went after somebody else's job. Then I quit and started working from home, being my own boss. Aaaaah, heaven. As they say, the best revenge is living well, so go home at night, drink expensive wine and eat expensive chocolate and think to yourself: I'm rich in my soul!

  10. Make the most sales....That will really annoy them! Love your shark images....xv

  11. I cracked up over the
    Sarah Bernhardt comment. This is too ridiculous, where did you get the photo's . That's retail for ya.
    Some places are worst than others.
    Just bite the bullet, Kiddo.

  12. I read Mille's comment and Enchanted home. It's great we all have such a great sense of humor.
    I am still laughing,

  13. oh yes

    i am wearing my shark head as i type this.


  14. I feel the wrath of Renee and a storm brewing at the same time. Millie suggestions works for me and Vicki
    has got the ticket too. I have been there, the drama and the drive to get even. It can be dangerous territory but when you claim victory it is sweet :)

    Go for it Renee...I'll be rooting for you! The trick is to not let them see it coming ::))

    Jeanne xx

  15. One of these days I know I'll tune in here to find you've swum off to calmer waters, Ms Fine-Fin-berg. I actually thought it was today. It's coming, I know!

  16. Ugh, I've worked with people like that - not in the sales world, but in other professions. Evil, evil people. And there's always someone cleaning up after them - you are so right. I just have to believe that eventually, Karma will get them. One cannot put so much bad out into the world and not have it come back to get them at some point. It's just the waiting for it to happen that's so hard! Chin up - good things will come your way. Easy for me to say, but I've come to find it to be true. :)

  17. I treat them as life's trials. They make me stronger! Enjoy the lovely day, Kellie xx

  18. I tell them where they can go, and hand them their hand I'm standing in the shower later that day. ;) I hate confrontations as much as I despise people like that. I feel for you and your situation...stay strong...k

  19. Nothing worse than a pack of thieves.. I'd leave first chance that I could, why bother with all of the stress and BS? I hope you can turn the page Renee, creatures of habit never change. You're above thier mentality.



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