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Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Thought For Today

I have this framed and on my office door at work.
I wonder what they think of it.
More importantly,
should I care?

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  1. Renee,

    Positive breeds positive in all situations no matter the mood, time, or place. Say this: It's not my fault, nor is it anyone else's...It just is.


  2. That is a most fantastic quote! I haven't seen it before but it immediately brought a smile and a flood of options for what may just not be so impossible any more....

    We would all jump a little higher if we knew we wouldn't fall, but then again, sometimes it is in the falling sideways {aka fail} that some of life's best things happen.

    Love food for thought!

  3. R...BAD day this is a timely post....I lived my life with indecision, what if's, and fear all day.....shame on me......oh well..will rectify tomorrow....thanks for the reminder. k

  4. oh what a perfect quote! and NO, you should not care.

    what i refer to as my 'life quote' is; LEAP AND THE NET WILL APPEAR
    and i am in the midst of both our quotes; far away writing a book i convinced my husband would be a sure thing( why did i do that!?)........but could fail, easily. i always say when on my death bed, i want to think about all i did and smile, not what i wish i did and did not try

  5. I know exactly what I'd do..without failing, sell my paintings to high rollers, buy my favorite Audi Coupe, have Renee decorate my home to perfection and take an extended vacation by the sea with a hunk that had an iron body and musles like Hercules!


  6. Great mantra...let'see...I would climb Everest, cross to the North Pole...cross the Sahara on Camel...and build the most fantastic hotel in the mountain.

  7. I would remove the word attempt because if I knew I could not fail I would not try or attempt...I would simply do!!
    I am about to do next week and I cannot nor will I is far, far too important.
    Tomato season will be over soon and I will catch up properly hugs xxx Jules

  8. I am away with the pixies I am so tired I meant to say NO YOU SHOULDN'T!!!

  9. Oh my goodness..dont' know where to begin....
    write an award winning screenplay
    win big on Jeopardy
    open up my own boutique design firm
    design my own dreamy dressy collection
    write a series of novels with international acclaim
    take painting classes and excel
    take voice lessons and wow everyone..

    LOL...this is a loaded question..its fun to speculate..the possibilites are truly endless. Now you have me thinking!

  10. enchanted,

    Oh my goodness..dont' know where to begin....
    write an award winning screenplay
    {i am have one in my head RF}

    open up my own boutique design firm
    {i am going to in june RF}

    take painting classes and excel
    {me too RF}
    take voice lessons and wow everyone..
    { me too , i love to sing RF}

    who knew we were so much alike?


  11. oh jules....
    i am right there with you .
    i know you will not fail!!!

    xxxx hugs to you

  12. Institute term limits for every elected office—and the Supreme Court. I'm thinking WAY BIG today. So it's not pretty, but IT is needed!

  13. I've always found this quote really inspirational. I think you, enchanted and I should get together for a song - I've always loved to sing too!

  14. I would also learn to play the acoustic guitar, and professional poker, cha-ching $$$$$ ! Would love to see my Artist Friends in Paris, have lunch with Ralph Lauren.... have the next rockin' shoe shop around, like Jimmy Choo!

  15. Oh, who gives a toss what they think! Haha! My list is endless but I'm afraid I've left my run a little late! But now perfectly content! :) xa

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. That is wonderful! So inspiring! Enjoy the gorgeous weekend, Kellie xx

  18. amadeus

    may i come along to paris?

  19. Tomorrow wouldn't be too soon for Paris.. would introduce you to my Artist friend, Jean Pierre Duvaleix, really cool guy.

  20. Dear Renée, great quote and I love your blog! I can't believe I haven't found you sooner. We have such similar taste. There's so much on here I absolutely love. I am mad about orange at the moment too in clothes and interiors. I couldn't find where to leave comments on previous posts. Good to have found you xx



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