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Friday, March 25, 2011

I Make No Apologies

But for those of you that are suffering from Arachnophobia
I am sorry.
However, read on 
 I have linked a site to help you at the bottom of this post.

I think this is a great room with a cool lighting fixture.
Perfect for someone who might move the table out of the way 
and paint, or draft.
Put on a show for the family.

I do hope it is on a dimmer though.

Does it creep you out ?

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  1. I would be one of those arachnophobics, but I have NO intention on clicking on that help link, lol!!! (I keep telling my hubby that I only married him to kill bugs and spiders!)

    However, I don't mind the light fixture, it is quite quirky and whimsical and it does look right in that room!

  2. De tout, de rien

    i am glad you got the humor in this post!
    ....and that is a mans job anyway.....
    to kill bugs!!!

  3. I love how your mind works. I had never thought of this fixture as a spider but now that you pointed it out..eeek! I'll take a snake over a spider any day. I'm crazy for this though. Could come in handy should I want break out in dinner theater mode. Happy Friday beautiful. Let the games begin! xo xo

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Creep me out? I wouldn't be able to live in that room for one day....EEEWWWHHH! Not for me.....and like you said lets only pray its on a dimmer! I really don't like it and as I stare at the room, which is a fairly attractive calm space and envision it with another fixture I wonder why oh why did they select THAT?

  6. As this unfurled on my screen I found myself rolling up a magazine to swat the damn thing. So much beauty in the world. This light fixture is not included (for me)!

  7. Your mind is indeed amazing. Sometimes I think I have no imagination! I like that fixture for just the right spot like featured here! I'll take spiders over snakes!

  8. I am really crawling with inspiration on this one!
    Love it.
    Great. I am finally back from Spring Break and it's festivities...back to the business side.

  9. Kind of creepy and kind of cool too....Happy weekend Renee....xv

  10. renae

    i am right there with you.
    spiders over snakes any day of the week.
    snakes are a NO NO !!!!!

  11. deb

    that's what i am talkin' 'bout!!!!!
    let's start a dinner theater!!!


  12. creep show... i couldn't do it...
    i am missing you friend... going thru an audit... argh
    almost over and then hope to be back to normal...
    hope you are doing great... happy weekend sweet friend... xx

  13. pam,

    i keep hearing on the news that the IRS has been cut down to nothing.
    it seems they don't attack or audit companies like GM because they have a 24,000.00 page tax return.
    i think that's the secret.

    good luck xxxx
    miss you too

  14. Spiders and I have an agreement...if they stay out of my house, my clothes and my car they will live. Trespass in any of those areas and they are so, so seems to be working!!!
    I quite liked the damn thing until I read the word spider and sorry Renee that was it for me!! xoxo Jules

  15. my twisted mind goes to "i think that thing is looking at me again"


  16. R....I really like the fixture.You can't scare me.... I would not have the arms bent like that but would have them hanging down and at different angles. I'm thinking a dimmer is in order too!!! k

  17. This would freak me out, I have to say. First off, its downright ugly..its not an attracive fixture at all and takes away from any "pretty" going on in the room and second, it so resembles a giant spider, the only way I would consider it is if it wards off real spiders from creeping around!

  18. mwaxter,
    i am sorry.
    oh, i said i wouldn't say that-
    but maybe it would keep real spiders away!!!

  19. Fun! Just needs a dimmer switch and late night horror shows to watch underneath it.



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