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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Potting Time

Planting time and Potting time is here.

And where do we put these gorgeous new flowers?

:: Look Chic while digging and handling and dirt.

All these great planters are on SALE right now at HORCHOW

I love a Greek key or the 'meander pattern'

I don't know about you....
but these are not that easy to find.
I love.

Outside of my shop I will put 2 of these on the side walk
right outside the window-
framing it.

If you have an old fountain, or want a fabulous planter....
buy an old {the bigger the better} fountain
and fill it with the flowers of the season.

You Like ??

What do you think about the idea of planting in a fountain?
It is certainly less hassle that keeping a fountain working.

get your planters at Horchow
for flowers and inspiration go to see Carol at Maynard GreenHouse
also you can go visit Lisa Porter for a bit of step by step tips here
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  1. Happy Sunday Renee ~ great planters are like the jewelry to your homes outdoors. I, not being as clever as you, had never contemplated using an old fountain as a planter. Truly a great idea! Lisa's use of natures landscaping to create her planters was very brilliant. You two need to rub some of that talent off on old Deb. I hope your day is a great one Renee? I think I need to go outside & re-think my pots? xo xo

  2. Whats not to love? All those images are just amazing and would make anyone want to run out and start gardening! I love the idea of planting in a fountain..think its a great look, and love old statuary and planters..the older and the ore aged they are the better. Horchow has amazing things, better than ever! Love that black square fabulous looking.
    If the gardening bug has biten..wishing you luck and a lot of fun doing it!

  3. Gorgeous inspiration Renee Darling! I JUST did a post on a fountain full of plants (water plants) by my front door. Great!

  4. love love love ... flowers can change any mood... or taxpayer! (he he) thanks for your sweet emails...

  5. Hi YOU!
    Really pretty ideas, love the flowers in the fountain.......All of this is great...... I also like those classic 50's greek key ones....Maryanne xo

  6. Gorgeous!! I love the box planters.

  7. perfect timing! i've been looking for ideas for planters for my patio. thank you!

  8. Love, love Renee! Where did you get your planting boots, gloves etc!! Oh for Spring!

    Art by Karena

  9. Amazing pictures With à LOT of inspiration..I wonder how many beautiful images there is in our world :) I love the idea of plant in à fountaion :)

  10. linda....

    it is certain....

    great minds.

  11. Love the idea of an old fountain as a planter! In the house we're renovating, there was a strange indoor gas barbecue we had removed and there was a huge vent made of copper. I pondered and pondered what to do with it, thinking of perhaps selling to a copper recycler, etc. And then it hit me. Turn it upside down and use it as a huge planter!!! I will blog about it later, when planting season comes, which is not till late May around here! :^(

  12. I love the idea of planting in an old fountain. The rest of the planters are pretty stunning, too! Okay, I admit, it's Spring...and I love any kind of blooming plant.
    Happy Spring planting, Renee.

    xo Lidy

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. These are gorgeous, Renee! I like the idea of planting around a fountain. I have Spring plant fever, too. Have a good Monday, Sista! xo

  15. I'll take the boots, hat and gloves, please.

  16. Who would thought than an old fountain can turns out into a lovely pot filled with lovely flower. Your very talented Renne. I'm searching for a Website design Los Angeles when I found your blog. After seeing how great your photos are, here I am writing my own comment. Please continue on making great stuff and enlighten your followers. Count me in for that.

  17. I will have to start looking at Horchow more often. I don't think I knew that they have such fabulous planters!
    You are a doll Renee, thanks so much for the mention. Now I'm on the hunt for a fountain!
    xo Lisa



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