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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stone Crabs For Andi

The pink dot on the right
 is where I come from. Boca Raton, Florida.
The pink dot on the left is where we went to.
Everglades City.
For Andi's birthday her boyfriend flew in from Sweden.
And her father, myself and some other family friends headed over to Everglades City for some stone crabs,conch fritters, soft shell crabs, and key lime pie.
This is where the stone crabs come from for the famous 
'Joe's Stone Crab' on Miami Beach!
We have to drive across the state through this.
Doesn't it look pretty from the air?
On the ground .....
But this is what it really looks like.
If you like weeds , snakes and gators.....
this is your kind of place.
Pythons and gators galore and fighting for turf.
Have you heard about all the 'loonie birds' 
that have let their pythons go free in the Everglades?
Talk about irresponsible....
Well, it is a real mess.
But this is no mess.
This is the gold of Florida.
Our state prize.
Maine has Lobster, and we have stone crabs.

Don't freak out.
But, can you tell me what this is?
I will give you a tastes like chicken.
That's my girl!
She loves her stone crabs!!
Not the stuff that 'tastes like chicken.'
I surprised her with a birthday cake.
Okay peeps,
what do you think?
Is he cute?
They met while being counselors at summer camp last year.
They are going back again this summer.
  He is in college in Sweden, and studying law.
I like that.

*But let me get back to where we were......

FLORIDA'S LAST FRONTIER "EVERGLADES CITY and CHOKOLOSKEE, at the entrance to the Western Everglades, were two frontier outposts until 1923 when Barron Collier made Everglades City the seat of Collier County and supply depot for the construction of the Tamiami Trail. Prior to the boom, this isolated region was Florida's last outpost for fur trappers, plumage hunters, Cuban fishermen, and people with a disdain for modern civilization."

There is all kinds of history about this area. 
Great stories.
The towns people actually killed the town bully.

The people that were 'wanted by the law' could safely live here. 
It took law enforcement about 2 days to get out here.
A real city of outlaws in a lawless environment.

The man in the black and white picture....
this is a wax model of him
Note the fly swatter.
This place is uninhabitable from the spring months to fall.
There are mosquito's, nats , 'no-see-ums' (these are really bad), 
I just don't know how they did it for an entire lifetime.
I had enough of the glades in this short visit.
I love nature, but not 'Everglades' nature.
To me is it scary.
Imagine being lost out there.
*Snakes, gators, panthers, and yes, we have panthers.
We took a few last pictures and packed up and headed home.
Hope you enjoyed our day trip.

Would you 
drive through the everglades for stone crabs ?

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  1. I LOVE this Renee! And YES HE is ADORABLE! It looks like you all had a fab time...and the 'stuff' that tastes 'like chicken' looks like frog legs to me. Sooooo what are they? heehee
    Fun times.

  2. oh noooo, I take that 'tastes like chicken' back. After further investigation, it looks more like octopus or squid! heehee

  3. I'm sure I'd love the stone crabs..., and I drove through the Everglades once..., in one of those oh so very loud (what are they called again) boats. Me and my friend ran for the front row seats, and were in for a nasty surprise! Bugs flying at us!! Never ever again! It looks so pretty on pictures though.

  4. Anonymous15:02

    Good adventure.
    I know the answer to the mystery bucket, frog legs or human!?!?!?!
    Sounds fun and a different day out. Good birthday action. And yes, he is cute.

  5. I think I would love the stone crabs... but to be honest I have more looked to the pictures of your beautiful daughter and her friend! What a wonderful young people!!!

  6. Frog legs, right? Mmm. You're ALL cute!!!

  7. you are all adorable... this post made my day so much brighter... you look soooo happy... xx pam

    love lobster, crab, not sure on the frog legs...but i would give them a try...

    my great aunt had a gator in her back yard...when i little i thought that was so cool... now that i am old i think it was creepy... he he

  8. yep!!!

    you are all winners


    xx love you guys

  9. That's a long ride of stone crabs
    Why didn't ya go to JOES?
    How many snakes do they have in there??/

  10. panthers, snakes, bugs and frog legs, oh my!

    loved the tour renee and the history bit but oh that cute, cute couple!

  11. In a skinny minute...for the stone crabs NOT the frog legs (yuck!)

    I love the everglades...once we found a quiet backwoods area and fed the gators a few marshmallows...all of the sudden there were dozens of them.

    Yeppers he is is she!

  12. What a fun trip Renee!
    I flew to Florida my Junior year in college for Spring Break me & my fiancee ( now husband).
    We stayed in Englewood and did see a gator preserve but no crabs did we eat.
    It was though a wonderful experience and a slower way of life which I did enjoy!
    Your girl & her guy make such a cute pair!

    Happy Monday,

  13. Renee this must have been so fun!! Great pics and yes I would for stone crabs, travel far! through the glades!

  14. You were not that far from me, Renee! My boyfriend lives not too far from the Everglades on Marco Island. My sister has been there before for the stone crabs. The Everglades are a bit scary. Your daughter is beautiful and looks just like you. Hope she had a Happy Birthday!

  15. Yes I would go that far for stone crabs! We went golfing one time on Kiawah Island close to Charleston S.C.....and a gator tried to eat my ball! I didn't go after that one! You can have them all! I have heard about people turning the critters loose! Crazy I say and yes, irresponsible! I cannot believe how cute both of them are....perfect couple I would say! She looks like you! Have a great week!

  16. Dear Renee,
    So sorry that I've been AWOL for a while. I seem to have been out so much lately and then, if you miss some days of commenting, it's so hard to catch up !!
    Anyway, looks like you had a wonderful family day for your gorgeous daughter's birthday.
    When we were in the Everglades, we loved every minute. What a wonderful area and I think that crab is one of my absolute favourite foods. I'll eat it in whatever way you would like to give it to me !
    I've also eaten frogs legs, many times.I remember being in France when our childen were very small and they loved them.
    A very belated happy birthday to Andi...the best people are born in February !! She has also found herself the most gorgeous boyfriend. XXXX

  17. Hey Renee
    First I want to know why Jacqueline has been to every place on earth???!!!! haha Secondly.. Your daughter has good taste on two counts!!! No frog's legs and cute boyfriend!!!

    Well I haven't heard of stone crabs but sounds like something I would like!!! maybe one day!! hope you are well!!!! Glad you liked the moon!!! xxx Julie

  18. Ok now I know they're frogs legs. Yucky! Yes they are both adorable. Now maybe you'll get to go to Sweden for their wedding! can I come?



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