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Monday, January 4, 2010

Pretty Potties, Pretty Potties, Pretty Potties, Pretty Potties

Not that I was looking....but,
I just happened upon this unique urinal while surfing.
And then I discovered this one.
And this artist.
Clark Sorensen.

Now this is fabulous.

Just think, a potty to tickle 'your fancy'.....

And 'it' might really be fancy too!!!!
You can give 'it' a shower right?
Could you just die???

Do you think this borders on pornographic?
I do.

Only a man from San Francisco
with a great deal of very focused talent

could create these porcelain urinals.

His urinals are so beautiful that they are displayed as art.

It really isn't fair. 
Is it ?
Where are the gorgeous toilets for us girls ? 
If there were a toilet done as beautifully as these urinals,
would you want one???

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  1. hahhaha
    Renee this beats them all.. I don't know whether to laugh or shade my eyes.. ha ha.. good thing you pointed out they are urinals and not the seated type of potty, hahaha sorry... just cracked up reading this post.. love your whacky sense of humour.... have fun searching out girly pretty potties next!! x Julie

  2. Wow!
    I luv these; I can see the art that is there ....... makes you want to flush; I mean, blush!
    Thanks for sharing Renee,

  3. Renee,
    This is a great post!
    And yes we have to go searching for potties for us ladies!

  4. julie & leslie,

    i thought you guys might get a chuckle out of this post.
    and if you didn't, i sure cracked myself up over these things.

    xx thanks for the comments

  5. CHRIPES!!
    What next!
    I heard San Francisco was wild, but this is hard to believe.
    The Lady slipper is the best. I think they would make beautiful water fountains.
    Especially in a beautiful florist shop.How do you find these things?
    Very Mamma

  6. i actually like all of these, tired of the regular standard things. ugly, ugly, as far as pornographic? i don't think so... sensual. God yes!

  7. HA! I think i'd have stage fright and wouldn't be able to go... ;)

  8. Girl...where OR how on earth do you find these things. You are sumptin' else! Love it...I don't think all the goods should be wasted on the men!

  9. Now I have seen everything> lol.
    Thanks so much for the very sweet and supportive comment, Renee! Happy New Year! xo

  10. Too much! Of course people thought Georgia O'Keefe's large floral images were pornographic and sexual in nature.

  11. what silly potties... and nothing for us??? you are too funny..i miss you... sounds funny being on the other side of the world from you... but i do! x pam

  12. What do you think MR. CRAPPER
    of England would think of
    his pot now?

  13. Happy New Year dear friend!!
    i'm back to the north pole,lol.I hate it!!!..
    i heard its really cold there too, so i hope you stay warm.
    wish you the best this new 2010!!!

  14. Call me a traditionalist, but nope...

    Happy New Year!

  15. These were very entertaining Renee and to answer your question, yes, the red one seems most pornographic to me. What must be in his mind's eye when creating the works of "art"! LOL! New Year is much better now...started out with a huge migraine that started New Years Eve morning (not from celebrating early either) and lasted two days. So I rang in the New Year in bed, blinds drawn, and lights off with a cold cloth on my head! Been shopping so I must be feeling better! Hope you had a fun celebration!

  16. Good fun but not sure about these, I pass.

    Renee, have a wonderful new year.

  17. THOSE ARE INTENSE! Never seen those kinds of things before. It seems a bit too pretty for boys though.hehe

  18. I think a garden installation would be fantastic. I kinda' see these in a Magritte-like surreal landscape. On a practical note living in a household that had more men than women, anything that helps reduce the dribbles on the floor is a good thing!

  19. And he's got some seashells too! But when it comes to toilets, let's just say..., I prefer it simple, "clean" lines, white, and manual flushing too! They are great sculptures though, maybe I could have one as a garden fountain.

  20. Ok...I read your title as pretty ponies...and was excited to come see some pretty ponies. I was CONFRUSED.

    The urinals were, um, interesting...but NO pretty ponies...that's fo sho!

  21. home before dark
    i know.............
    the dribbles are UNACCEPTABLE.


  22. i would so want one. i came across a garden center in the Uk that had a urinal like that but I can't remember the name of the place. People would go there just to see it. maybe we should do that!
    ps...sorry I've been mia...having computer issues!

  23. renee - i've actually been to an establishment wher ethe urinal of choice was indeed...

    a bucket...

    just like your first picture...

  24. Ugh Renee, I have so much catching up to do & wouldn't you know I'm popping in at the perfect pottie post.
    We so think a like, I was just think "porn pot" when you wrote it too. Thought only I had a warped mind.

    I wonder if scrubbing one of those would be tough?

    I've missed you and can't thank you enough for all your wise words and wisdom and for the laughs. You guys all got me through. I hope your doing well my friend? xx deb

  25. custard,
    ha ha ha
    that had to be hilarious !




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