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Sunday, January 24, 2010

The ' Real ' AWARD ... And It's Criteria

I have decided to bestow on ME an award.
But this is an award is for those who are brave enough
to expose just enough to
reach, touch, and possibly help someone else
to see something differently.
And besides....emotions,
and our feelings and reactions, now that is interesting.
It is what we crave, a sense of intimacy
with our friends out in the 'blogosphere'  far and near.
My blog is primarily about design.
I am an interior designer for over 30 years.
I have spent my life doing what I love.
It is the ONLY thing that I do almost perfectly.
( I wouldn't dare say that I am a perfect, 
a mistake proof designer, 
but I am as close as you will get )
I have worked long and hard on not trying to be perfect.
*At least not in my personal life....and 
I think I have mastered 
not being perfect perfectly.
Ha Ha Ha 
But in design, mistakes are costly.
And I design with integrity,
I do not stuff stuff in a home to build my bill.

And if it is the wrong piece or just doesn't work....
you won't be penalized for my mistake.
- besides, now you know my name - 
and WHO WE ARE is really all we have in this world.
So, I toss and turn,
and go ever and over everything like a maniac
before an order on anything that is a 'special order' is placed.
Now that you know this about me 
you will see 
why I need my blog
and the SPECIAL PEOPLE who read and comment on it.
This blog has been a place for me to be REAL.
My mom tells me I should promote myself.....
I have, my work is linked to this blog at the top the page.
But this blog is so much more than self promotion to me.
I have made friends,
(or maybe very close acquaintances, but it ' works ' for me)
and they know who they are.
I care.
And I know they care.
It has been my experience that bloggers are quality individuals.
This blogging thing takes ' true grit.'
grit: If someone has grit
they have the determination and courage 
to continue doing something even though it is very difficult.
'Some' really put themselves out there.
Taking risks.
And for the risks we take,
the reactions ( no matter what they are )
we receive through our 'comments'
are the reward for our efforts.
These 'comments' are part of the entire post.
if we have been true...
the comments help us to see things differently as well.
I the title of my blog is and always has been;
Renee Finberg ' TELLS ALL' in her Adventures in Design
My daily life is designing, I am design-
and everything that happens to me 
during the course of my days 
are my Adventures.
So, I blow off steam, and
' change the names to protect the innocent.'
And when I am feeling rejected 
or I am feeling lost...
I find my way back onto a steady course
by ' telling on myself ' and processing the situation
that is disturbing me here with you.
I have heard it said....
" you are only as sick as your secrets. ''
I really don't have any.
I raised my daughter with this one liner;
" If you are wondering if you should or should not do something.....
would you mind if this action were printed on the front page of the newspaper ?"
But now, there are blogs right? hahahahah
Anyway enough chatter.

I am giving this award to only 3 blogs.
There were so many more blogs I wanted to include, 
but I've got this '3' thing stuck in my head
Why 3 ?
It is the designer in me, I guess.
And these 3 blogs can only give this award to 3 blogs.
And so on, and so on.
The only requirement is authenticity.
Use these awards wisely.
 And do a post on the award telling why you wish to pass it on.
Please link the award on your sidebar to this post.
*Then the meaning of this award will not get watered down or changed 

These 3 woman, through their postings and comments,
 have touch me in ways that I am quite sure they do not know.
And they are authentic

Millie @ The Laurel Hedge 
Debbie @ Dumwit Telher

And believe me, when I see this award on a blog, 
I will STOP, READ, and LISTEN to the message, 
and the messenger.

Maybe others will too.

*here is an award with a white ground
The award at the top of this post is on a black ground.
Use which ever looks best on your blog.

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  1. Hi, very interesting ..

  2. Renee,
    I think the Porcelain
    Factory was a great post.

  3. You are the best. I love this award and am ever so honored to be a humble recipient. You know I don't do the award thing, but I love this one so much, I might just have to put it on my sidebar, anyway, for just a bit! Thank you, dear friend!! xx

  4. Love the way you keep it real...odd sometimes. But real ;)

    Love ya, girlie!

    Looks like the three are VERY deserving!

  5. Renee, I think what attracted me most to your blog was in fact your openness... you expose yourself and all your vulnerabilities, strengths, fears, dreams... in such a way that makes it easy to feel one knows you.

    On my blog award that you gave me a couple of weeks ago, my comment of you was that you are "delightfully unpredictable and refreshingly honest"...

    I always look forward to reading your latest "Tell All"... which not only is revealing of your struggles as a designer in these difficult times but how it affects your personal life. I think that there are a lot more people than not who have much in common with your feelings and either choose to not express it openly or are not as good at expressing them... and particularly in this case other designers.

    I think the award you have bestowed upon yourself in well deserved!

  6. Such a great post. I ALWAYS love your honesty. You make me think. Sounds silly but you do. Like a good book or a great movie you make me think. I'm going to have to remember the "If you are wondering if you should or should not do something..." I think that's a great way to help them be responsible for their decisions rather than telling them what to do. Thank you for your honesty- it helps! ;)

  7. Anonymous15:59

    very cool! it is good to be one's self, going boldly forward and all. bravo!

  8. Just found you via Willow, whose award is thoroughly deserved. I love your pictures, especially the love of your life. I've got one of those too, and he could almost be the twin of yours.

  9. The-Countrypolitan

    amazingly kind things you have said to me in your comment.

    thank you thank you thank you thank you!!! XXXX

  10. Oh Renee Sweetie Darhling, what a ab fab way to start the week & what esteemed company I'm in with Willow & Deb! I'm deeply touched by your beautiful, kind & as always, honest words.

    Your posts have made me gasp with shock, gulp back a tear or 5, cheer out loud, punch the air, shake my head, mutter in total agreement, rage in anger, roar with laughter - & that's just the start. You are a master at drawing us into your world & then including us in your adventures. I love that feeling, thank you.
    Millie ^_^

  11. great post Renee I always enjoy your posts thanks for them. keep it real. Leslie

  12. Miss R,

    YOU have a fabulous way with words, definitely a gift from God. You are able to express your feelings in a way that is intriguing and hits one in the heart.

    Love ya Girl...

    the 'other' Miss R!

  13. oh and i meant to tell you... write a book... we would all buy it! xxxxxx

  14. renee

    yes, your vulnerability, your gift of truly sharing yourself is part of why i love your blog. am honor well deserved

  15. Ms. Finberg what can I say to this - here I've been M.I.A. all week, & then you present ME with this hardly deserved award. This week, I have been sucked dry of any creative thoughts and couldn't help but wonder if I should keep on blogging. Now I know why I blog & I regret even considering giving it up; YOU are one of the reasons I continue. It's for that handful of truly wonderful, inspiring, and yes, 'REAL', people that I've got the great privileged to know, & those I hope to get to know better. I have to say it's difficult to read blogs that don't show the persons true self and as you can tell, we all appreciate that about you incredibly. Through the great, the vile, hurtful and the happy; you make us all laugh & shed a tear.
    Renee - I'll say it again; I'm looking forward to the day when I can finally meet you and thank you in person for being there for me. You are THE best xxx deb
    (& thank you again)

  16. oh debbie,
    i know that we would be fast and furious friends.
    i am always here. xxxx

    btw - why don't you try doing tiny posts.
    a picture and a blurb while you are feeling tired and creatively dry.
    post a pic, and and put in a one liner.....
    saying how you have 'blog block' as in writers block. a whole series on 'BLOG BLOCK'.

    that's a good idea. i like that. ' blog block.'
    i think i will save that idea in my over stuffed brain for when i get it,.
    and i do.

    love x

  17. this worked out well for me. hahahah : )
    maybe i should give myself an award every week.


    thank you guys....
    for such kind words

    willow, millie, and debbie
    you deserve it.

  18. I have been away from blogging for the past week, on a buying trip, and could not help myself and check out my favorite bloggers...i love reading your rantings, your funny and serious posts....When are you coming up with "a common place book" ? or a book of jotting...

  19. millie
    i am 'AB FAB' all the way.
    i have the complete series.
    those two crack me up to pieces.

  20. We're all travelers in the blogosphere. Your way is so funny and so soul-searching too! Love the ab fab duo as your stamp of approval.

  21. I love to come here and get a piece of the real you. You surprise me!

  22. grit...huh...!!!

    what a fantastic post renee...your wit, your humour, your depth, your warmth and your passions....all in one post



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