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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Seven Things About Me....

 That You May Not Know

1.  I am 5' 2" and shrinking daily.

2. I wear black when I am feeling unsure of myself or a situation.
It is practically a uniform.

3. The most fulfilling relationship I have ever had in my life
 has been with my horse Georgian Gentleman
(his barn name is ; Hershey) It is the closest I have ever felt to G-d.
I could speak at great length on this subject.

4. If I were on death row and was allowed anything for my last meal it would be this;a black and white milkshake
(made with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup),
and hand cut French fries with a lot of salt, vinegar, and Heinz 57 ketchup.

5. I am afraid of heights, and I have vertigo.
I am talking about tall buildings, and being near the edge without a solid barrier.

6.Betrayal is something I will not tolerate, and will almost never forgive.
I do not see the reason to forgive betrayal unless it is .......ummmm...well,
I can't think of a good reason to forgive it.
Come to think of it. I would only be setting myself up for it happening again.

7. I am honest to a fault. you know from my brutally honest posts.
LOL :)

What I won't do for an award !!!! 

Do I discount this award......?
My Mommy gave it to me.
(yvonne @ La Petite Gallery)

I am tagging these blogs:
**if you have been the same thing I did.

Renee Finberg 'TELLS ALL' in her BLOG.....
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  1. Renee, great to know more about you! I am also 5"2" and am trying to stretch my body out to be this height for awhile! I too love milkshakes, thick and creamy and vanilla is still my fave!

  2. Hey Renee
    I have to hurry up and do mine.. cause I was going to tag and award you with this same thing!!!

    Well I was' 5'3'' last time i measured.. i wonder if i have shrunk too.??? I'm also looking more and more like that fab pic everyday ...

    I also cannot forgive betrayal... for the same reason as you... however i am slowly becoming a hermit with this line of defence .. hahaha ... ooops... xx Julie

  3. Hi Renee, I do like your blog and would love it if you would come and take a look at mine. Happy 2010! Ps. we are all shrinking (damnit) lol

  4. I started out a 5'5" and am shrinking, as well. Although I prefer to think of it as I am becoming like cheese: all nonessential being forced out!

    Would love to hear you talk more more more about you and Hershey. I think it is interesting you are afraid of height. Hershey looks like a tall building to me!

    And betrayal is unforgivable. To me, it's like premeditated murder.

  5. I had always thought I was 5'4" since high school. I never really thought to measure myself since. Then one day, during my yearly checkup, I asked the nurse to measure my height, just to see if I was entering my shrinking years, you know. Well, the upside... I am 5'6"!!! Two whole inches taller than I thought I was! All the nurses had such a hearty laugh over that one! But I walked out of that office like a supermodel! Sometimes it really does pay to check!

    Thanks for the tag. I be trying to see if I can come up with some interesting things to share!

  6. Add me to the list of those who can't tolerate betrayal. Like Julie, although I do truly love people, I'm something of a hermit, too.

    And as for vertigo ... well, I'm certainly with you on that score! I can barely even look at a photo or movie that shows that perspective, looking down or even up, without feeling anxious.

    Wow, I sound pretty weird, don't I? LOL At least I'm in good company.

  7. Oh thank you sweet friend! Oh my...what to do!

  8. Except for your horse (believe me I wanted one) and your height (I'm five inches taller) we are the same.

  9. I'll have to think long and hard about this one -thanks for the tag!

  10. Thank you Renee for the tag! It is an honor to be included among such desirable company.

    I could literally copy and paste several of your characteristics as my own...

    I never was a rider although I love horses (too busy dancing when I was young-er), but my daughter rides English. There is something almost spiritual about seeing a rider that is really connected with a horse.

  11. Hi there Renee,
    Oh, how I loved your 7 things. I always think that I'm 5'7" but, whenever I'm measured it always says 5'6".
    Oh well, what's an inch between friends !!!!!!
    Thanks for the tag.My last post was 10 things that make me happy. ... I will put the old grey matter into action and think about my 7 things. XXXX

  12. Congratulations, Not because you are my Daughter, but I think you have a very Creative Mine. Sometimes it's over the wall, but it's Good. Still can't get over the urinals.

  13. julie and pam,

    we could have a hermit party.
    we could just be as safe as can be with each other.....
    and now that we have the ground rule down.

    the rule: no betrayal.

    don't you wish everybody knew that?
    it would be a beautiful world.

  14. How much fun! This was a great post. My mental image of you wasn't 5'2. That was the biggest surprise. Now, I want to know all about this horse. Sounds fascinating!

  15. renee,

    it was so interesting learning more about you, did not want the list to end!
    i am 5'4 and shrinking vertically but spreading horizontally.....hate getting older....sigh

    ditto on betrayal

    the love and relationship with an animal is only understood by other animal lovers.....i get it. would love to hear more about hershey

  16. I'd love to hear more about your relationship with Georgian Gentleman!! I'm (still) 5'7", and I have to make these French Fries!

  17. Lol @ no 1! Thanks for sharing :)

  18. granny smith

    yes, i know....
    my mental image of me is legendary.
    LOL ha ha ha

  19. great post... nice the way you put each thing to a picture... I hate betrayal too, especially when you've given without asking for anything in return... :)

  20. Great post Renee!

  21. Hi Renee
    Just to let you know I left a little surprise for you at my blog... don't worry ... no 50 questions.. hehe .. just a thanks for your great posts.. xx Julie

  22. Yes to #1 - shrinking; Definitely to #2, and oh yah, to #4. Would love to know more about #3, such magnificent creatures. Yikes to #5 Amen to #6 and #7 - thank god!

    Hope you are doing well this week friend? xoxo

  23. sorry i'm a little late in getting the memo that you tagged me! how fun! loved reading your answers :)



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