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Monday, June 4, 2012

The Road To Maine & Mom

I am heading to Maine on Wednesday - June 6th 2012.
My mom has had hip surgery,
 and for those of you who know her....
she is doing great.
Her spirits are up for the first time in a long time.
And I really need to be with her now.
Too many people that I know have lost their mothers 
and do not have the gifted opportunity that I have today.
There will be gratitude in every day that I spend with her.

My heart belongs to Maine in more than just one way.
I love Maine as much as Paris, and as much as NYC.
There is something incredibly mystical about it.
I have tried to put a few images in this post to explain my 
reasons for being 'A MAINIAC.'

The red dot is where I will be.
Mom's place is right on the water.

Camden Maine's harbor and shops.

My favorite fruit.
Blueberry my favorite.
They grow wild all over mom's property.

The first sandwich I will devour!!

I have sailed since I was small 
and have always thought that horses and sailboats were incredibly majestic.

In Maine....
they have 'THE SEA' and it's dramatic,
and takes me to another world.
A Better World.

Maine is 'MOODY'.....

and melancholy.
I fit in perfectly.

While canoeing in back of my mom's house....
I met this guy!

The beauty ranges from this to.....


..and this.

When I am in Maine I am going to decide on whether to move there.
I have always wanted to but was tied to my house and this town.
Now my daughter is all grown.
She is 24.....and on her own journey.

This will begin a new chapter in my life.

Wish me luck!!

Have you been to Maine?
What did you think?

love and kisses - moi

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  1. Oh wow - that looks stunningly beautiful. I've never been, but always wanted to :) Good luck to you! You'll know the right decision when you get there (hopefully). And good luck to your mom!

  2. Please give your mother a hug from me ~~ Helen in Bend Oregon, recipient of two new hips a few years ago! Your Main looks incredibly lovely, my location in Oregon is too! Safe journey.

    1. helen
      i have always wanted to check out oregon.
      thanks for the comment

  3. Hi Renee,
    I was just thinking before I read your post that maybe its time to leave the Fla that you know and find who you are again in Maine. Give your mom a smooch for me.

    1. cj

      yes.....i think it is time to get out of here .
      and for sure i will smooch the mummy for you!!


  4. Oh Girrrrlllll...

    Have a wonderful time. You driving?
    I think it would be wonderful for you to get out of the rat race of soflo!
    Hugs to your mama.
    Love to you Sistah!


    1. no......
      i am flying up on wednesday very early am.


  5. This is exciting Renee! First have a great trip to Maine and give your mom my best, glad to hear shes doing well. My sisters husbands family is all from Maine and they go up every summer for most of the summer, they love it there and will no doubt eventually move there full time. Its a special place and these pictures are making me want to move there! The one of the pier with the fog is amazing!! Keep us posted, if you believe in fate and throwing caution to the wind and allowing "signs" to appear that might help make your decision...then just let it happen and see the direction fate and destiny are pointing you in. I look forward to hearing of luck my friend and safe travels:)

    1. tina

      thank you for your words.
      they brought tears to my eyes.
      i just need to be fearless and follow the current.


    2. Well said, Tina! My sentiments exactly. Time to get out of the heat that you seem to despise and enjoy the seasons of Maine. It looks beautiful. I've never been, but from your pics, I think I would love it.

      Being fearless is not easy, but it brings so many rewards.

      Enjoy your stay with your mom.

  6. Renee-
    Go relax and give yourself time to decide. Maine is beautiful.
    Enjoy this time with your mother and sort everything

  7. Dear Renee, from the pictures above It would be a " no brainier " decision for me! I get a bit of something from the wording in this post..." your inner voice " is showing of the best coming your way, dear Renee. Hope your Mom is well, I have read her blog on occasion, always entertaining ! N.xo

  8. Oops! A few spelling errors above! Had a few glasses of wine with some friends for lunch! N.xoxo

  9. You know, everytime you speak of Maine, the love shines through. It just might be the place to wash away your sorrows.

    All the best, Renee

    1. susan.......

      that is my goal.
      i want to get my life organized again.
      i want to be settled in a place that i love.

      thank you so much xx

  10. I've never been to Maine, but after seeing your incredible pictures, I am ready to pack my bags. Have a blessed journey to your mom and to your Maine--two ties that can never be broken.

    1. sallie

      if you haven't been,
      and you decide to go....
      call or write me-
      i will give you lotza great info to insure you have a great experience.
      OH.....and consider going in october if you miss the summertime.


  11. I TOO LOVE maine (and Horses and sailboats) We would alwys go up there each summer. Then I worked a whole summer at a funky cool old resort (the Oakland House in sargentville...check it out...Stephen King stayed there and wrote)

    I say MOVE and do not look back...AND there is nothing like being with your Mama. This I know!

    1. oh linda......
      wise words from you as usual.

      i hope all is well with your daughter.
      i had such nightmares after i had a bad car crash...
      they woke me up for weaks.
      i hope she doesn't have any of those.

      huge hug

  12. Dear Renee,

    So happy you are going to be with Yvonne and spend some time in that heavenly place!!

    It will be so great for your spirit, wish I were with you!

    Art by Karena

    1. karena

      someday you will be there with me!!!


  13. Anonymous08:41

    lets see, Mom , cool ocean breezes, lobster sandwiches, clean air, and time to reflect....I think that will do just fine.....enjoy!!!!

  14. Renee, a dose of Mom is just what you need :). My mom is gone and boy do I miss her, so soak it up. I do not know Maine at all and from your pictures I am surely missing the boat ( haha)-- It seems to have it all! I would love to go there after seeing your pictures. I hope and pray the right decision comes to you and that you have a relaxing and fulfilling time with your mom and being in such a beautiful place. Can't wait to hear about your adventure. Best wishes.
    XO Nancy

    1. nancy.....
      i will be soaking alright!!!!


  15. Tomorrow you will be air borne---------------Owlshead Light in view.
    Kimmy will get ya so call me wnen you get into the house... see you about 6pm I guess..

    Can't wait to get in my very own bed, Thursday afternoon. I will sleep forever........
    Beautiful post...Love and hugs Mammaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxy

  16. This sounds divine. All the best to you and your mother and let Maine do the talking!

  17. oh this sounds divine renee!

    we went once, it was summer and we drove into the state, at the bottom, on a weekend. we are wanderers, thinking we would find a charming town and get a room........not to be. everyone laughed "no reservation, good luck, keep driving north" by 2am we were exhausted and in the acadians. we finally found a room, thinking "let's sleep here tonight and move on". by daylight we realized what a charmed out of the way place we had landed in. we were in love with maine, just not coastal maine as we had imagined.

    lucky lucky you renee. enjoy your visit with mom and listen to your heart
    ps; i too love the moody atmosphere

  18. I hope your mom is feeling better. Wow, a move to Maine! It sounds like you have a great love for that place - I'm sure your heart and your head will lead you in the right direction. I've never been to Maine, but I've always wanted to go. Especially now after seeing these gorgeous photos!

  19. Renee,

    What a wonderful place and it's best to think good thoughts: Come what may simply say...I'm ready and right on schedule. Prayers for you, Mum, and Andy. These days are full of changes, hopes and dreams that are cast right off the page. Many of my firends and clients are in a huge shift. No rhyme or reason...don't struggle with it just seek relief...don't question it...just seek calm resolve. You will be just fine...but then you always are my dear. Journal your days, journal your questions, journal your thoughts, this really helps to release any blocks and allows you to go with the flow of who and where you are which is the "Maine Thing".

    Big hugs to Mum, and you enjoy this time together it means a lot to both of you.


  20. Best of luck!! Maine is beautiful. I have been to Camden. So charming. I could live there if it wasn't for the winters. That's what's keeping me away and wanting to go to FL. But you don't find towns like that in FL or the south. I love the northern landscapes and ambiance, but don't want the cold... it's been a conflict.

  21. Yes Renee move to Maine, that way you'll be closer to Canada,so you can visit me here!!:)..all the best to mom and you my dear friend,xoxo.


  22. Enjoy your time in Maine with your truly does look like a mystical place. Love to Yvonne with my best wishes for a speedy recovery...her blog always cheers me. xo to you both.

  23. Have a wonderful time with your Mom...Maine looks amazing to me! OK...its been too about your shop...would you leave it , to move or has something happened that I don't know about? XO, Mona

  24. It's all so beautiful. Wonder why your Mum does not post all these lovely pictures instead of the prints of others.Maybe she will get out and about more after her op. and delight us with these beautiful sights. Have spent time in new England but not the coast of Maine.

  25. One day I am coming to Maine... it looks so stunning... xv

  26. my best wishes for a speedy recovery to your mum.
    Renee enjoy your time with mum in a wonderful Maine.



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