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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

In Camden Maine After Mom's Hip Operation

My first bit of time to myself......

I stood here {and had an ever so naughty smoke}
after having coffee with a few lady acquaintances that I have in Camden.
It was bliss.
I am hoping that if I can pull off moving up here they will develop into deeper friendships

This is the adorable Boynton - McKay Food Co. 
in Camden  Maine.
EST. 1893
Originally it was a drugstore...
take a look at some of the original meds that the restaurant uses for display.
At the bottom of this post I have a link to this shop-
the link takes you to the HISTORY page of their web site.

Yummy Coffee and yummy everything else.
You really never know who you will see here.
This part of Maine is filled with artists & writers.

I haven't had time to post ,
much less leave comments since I have arrived.
I do miss all my blogging friends terribly...
I can not thank you enough for all the words of encouragement
and every other little sweet word left for me in my comments of my last post.
 I am sorry for being such  a blogging SLACKER.
I will try and catch up with my comments....
but everyday brings a new Doctor/Specialists schedule for my mom.
I will try.
I will try.
I will try.

When I got home this afternoon......

Mom made me this blueberry cobbler with vanilla ice-cream.
Mom had picked all the wild blueberries herself last summer to make this amazing cobbler.
I am gaining the weight back that I lost when running
then closing my shop.

No matter how hard and long I walk or hike...
I am gaining weight.

Gaining weight is a sure way for me not to feel very good about myself!!!
I have to watch it!

I will be walking every chance I get. never sweat here!!!
That's how I like working out!!!

Miss you all

Images @ Boynton - McKay Food Co. in Camden Maine
opened 1893 {I think}

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  1. i would have loved being naughty with you :-)

    this looks like heaven on earth, i am drooling over here renee. let mama take care of you too!
    big hugs

  2. Mum's blueberry desert looks divine
    Enjoy your well deserved break and sending prayer for your mother's good health


  3. I love, blueberry cobbler!! Renee I would be there having the best time and so much fun with you. It sounds like Yvonne is coming along well, give her a hug from me!

    Art by Karena

  4. How gorgeously cute are those little booths in the cafe? Just fabulous! And your mother is amazing to be making such a delicious-looking cobbler so soon. Obviously a fighter. (Like her daughter.)

    Care not a jot about being a "bad blogger". Truly there is no such thing. If you post from the heart, when you are ready, that's all that matters to me.


  5. Ahhh, Maine, there can't be too many places on the planet better than that part of the world. I dream of living in Maine or Vermont. That cobbler looks heavenly. If you are contemplating the mov, I say do it. I think the pace of life there would be better for you. Hugs to your mum and good to see you my friend!

  6. Darling take your is for you and Yvonne and looking after each other. I think this area sounds much more you and a move here would, I think, be very good and just quietly a little extra weight won't harm you either my pet!!!! Big hugs and love Jules xxx

  7. Heard from your Mum today. I am glad that she is over the op. and trust and pray that her recovery will be quick and 100%. Love the shop.

  8. I can't believe your mom picked all the wild blueberries... nature pure awesomeness to enjoy!! Camden is so gorgeous!

  9. Hmmm, Maine, quaint coffee shop and wild blueberry cobbler with Mom. Not too shabby. Certainly a welcomed change of scenery for you. I'm glad your mom is feeling good enough to bake!

    I'm sure that most of your readers, yours truly included, does not take offence at the fact that you don't always reply to our comments. We know, life gets in the way.



  10. Have a glorious time. Good luck to and quick recovery prayers for your Mom and don't worry about us, we'll be here when you get back! Enjoy every minute.
    Your pictures are lovely!

  11. Dear Renee, sounds like you are doing all the right things for now, being in Maine with your Mon and taking stock...good to get a different perspective away from everything. Sounds like she is on the mend, making scrumptious blueberry cobbler, or just her way of trying to make things better for her daughter, comforting...Maine looks so beautiful, I hear it is, hope to visit someday...N.xo

  12. Glad to learn that you are doing better, Renee! I think this is a dose of exactly what you needed. You seem to be better.
    I hope that your mother gets well soon. Take one day at a time.

  13. Hi Renee!
    Sounds like your priorities are in the right place..... If your mom is making cobbler that looks that good, hopefully she's on her way to recovery..... Give Yvonne my best. That town looks gorgeous......... I thing you would like it there!!!!!!Maryanne xo

    1. i do like it here,
      the people are authentic and a bit more cerebral than where i come from.
      i am getting excited.

  14. I am so happy you are there with Yvonne... I am sure she is loving having you there Renee... such a comfort...
    Enjoy the cobbler... there is plenty of time for walking! Happy weekend... and sending love to you both... xv

  15. I have a feeling that Maine will have the pleasure of your company permanently mate, anyhoo that's what Mystic Millie's crystal ball has just revealed. Once Yvonne is over her recuperation, there's always a position here for you doing exactly the same when I have my dodgy knee repaced soon. Warm hugs to Yvonne for a speedy recovery.
    Millie xx



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