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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Great Races

This is the oldest day-sailing Windjammer Schooner.
At 91 years old she is harbored in Camden Maine.
She is also on the Historic Registry!!!

For me.....
I have been drawn to sailing and riding all my life.
Horses & Great Sailing Ships
have always taken my breath away.

Here in Maine there is much of both!
I look forward to attending horse shows here.
Maybe I will give 'UP & DOWN' horse back riding lessons 
for the timid
and the emotionally challenged.
I could do that!!

I plan on sailing as well,
and getting a small sailing dinghy like the one below.
That is what I learned on when I was 8 years old.

It's not fancy but it will take me to where I want to go.
and alone with nothing but the sound of wind and the sea lapping against the boat.
I could even sail to one of the thousands of tiny islands around the coast of Maine.

Every week there is another sailing race for the 2 & 3 masted schooners.

I am still 'DOWN EAST' { in Maine }
it is paradise with it's mountains, meadows, rivers, lakes and of course the magnificent ocean.

Below there is a video to watch if you are interested.
It will show you how crazy crowded it gets when there is a sailing event here.
it is not that maddening here.

You can watch this video taken in Boothbay Harbor

I send all my blogging buddies my love.
It has been a journey up here with my MOM.
But she is starting to recover.


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  1. Renee-
    Sailing is my favorite pastime in this world. Put me on a 42 footer, and I am there for life if possible. Nothing is more relaxing, and you truly are away from it all.
    I am happy that you love it in Maine, Renee. I think I would too. If I am ever there, I will ring you and we will get t lobster, or two.
    Happy Tuesday, friend.

  2. It looks idyllic Renee! I live on a 40 footer and have done for the past 6 years. There is nowhere else I woul rather be, other than perhaps in Maine. It would definitely be my kind of place. I hope you find your Valhalla!

    1. maine is definitely the bomb!!!
      it is incredible and so are the peeps that live there!!

  3. The sailing looks divine and I would love to actually see a race in person! I'm not a fan of riding horses but sure do love to watch them! I'm glad you will get to enjoy two things you love and mean a lot to you!

  4. Good news about your mother - no doubt having you there is making all the difference: the power of love!

    Just something about sailing which is mesmerising. I don't have the discipline to take it up as a proper hobby, but I do adore the occasional sail out and about. And am almost just as happy watching the beautiful shapes gliding about on the bay from a shore perch. x

  5. Hi soo good to hear from you! It appears you are having a wonderful time in Maine. Dare I say you might be calling it home sooner than later? Whatever you do as long as you are happy and following your heart, listen to it...I believe it has a quiet voice that if we stop enough to listen to it, it will lead us on the right path:) The pictures are beautiful and so serene, Maine is such a special place!

    1. sorry it has taken so long respond....
      i stayed a month.
      AND YES
      i am moving to maine.
      i can't wait!!!
      i haven't lived with seasons for 27 years.
      i can get back to commenting now.

  6. Hugs and healing to Mamacita. How lucky is she to have you there...dreaming of staying!

    Love the Schooners, have a brother that lives in a two masted boat....and also grew up sailing...and riding,not to mention spending summers in Maine. But we have talked of this!

    You are in a tremendously special corner of the world. Inhale it. Looks like you are, beautifully!

    1. i am
      i am
      i am

      thank you dear friend

  7. My 'big' dream was a small Whaler & out on the water with the sun, coffee & my chocolate lab Suzy.

    She's gone. Many years now.

    Dreams don't die. Never got the Whaler.

    My imagination is quite a happy place.

    XO T

  8. Glad to see you surface! a little sailboat sounds like heaven. Hope your mom is doing better everyday. I see you are loving home and putting down some 'footers'- you stain?
    xo Nancy

  9. Dear Renée,
    I just want to tell you that I'm so sorry to have been absent for a while ..... my computer finally gave up on me and I'm getting to grips with my shiny new MacBook Pro !! Please tell your mum that I'm thinking of her and I hope that she is recovering well. I shall email her soon.
    Gorgeous images of beautiful sailing brother-in-law sails on the Tall ships quite often and my husband has sailed around Turkey and other beautiful places !! Hope you are well Renée and, I hope to be back on track with my blogging soon. Much love. XXXX

    1. oh.....JAX,
      i will tell mom that you sent your loving regards.
      she just loves you!!!!!

      as do I.

  10. Oh your Mama is blessed to have you take good care of her! I cannot wait for you to move and get settled...I definitely need to visit. I have never been to Maine...perhaps a bicycle trip? :)
    Love you!

  11. Would love to see these amazing ships in person - they are works of art, aren't they? Sounds like you are truly enjoying Maine. Happy 4th of July!

  12. Particularly love the photo with the sunset on the water.



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