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Sunday, October 30, 2011

It Was Only 'Time' That Prevented Big Shoulders

It was just a matter of time and the 
exact recipe for disaster.

Through-out our recent fashion history 
it has always been during the hard times....

Desperate times 
that have left us with the need to 
feel bigger than we really are.

Padded shoulders are the confirmation that some of us have been waiting for.
We are in hard financial times.

Padded shoulders or not......
you will find me wearing my breeches long after my horses are gone.

All the while my heart gently weeps 
when ever I think, or just talk about them.

I can hold onto my sweet memories.
The sweetest in my life.

Let's hope there will be a happy ending to our financial crisis.
And especially for those who have been caught up in it.


Have you?

If so,
you have start digging down to the bottom of your drawers for your


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  1. well honey, as far as this economy getting better I think that it is not going to happen at least not in the near future. We (govenment) are in the red for 64 Trillion dollars. Wtf does 64 trillion look like on paper???? Lets see if I can do it, I think not but hell I will try.
    64,000,000,000,000 am I getting close? :) I bet some of your followers thinking "how pessimistic can one gal get? Not true my fellow bloggers, I am always the optimistic one in the crowd.
    For the first time in my life I am scared, I don't see how we can come back, our money (the US dollar) is worth practically nothing on the world market. And we just keep printing it.
    Well now that I have succedded in cheering you up, I guess its time to put on our big girl panties and find a different way to survive.

  2. Ahhh, the demise of the shoulder pad, asad day for me being an 80s chic! Not sure how I feel about the comeback though, financially driven or otherwise. We will know when things start to get better when flared jeans are on the horizon. Europe is in a right state financially, not looking good :-(
    Great post.

  3. Don't know if there are shoulder pads big enough to accurately indicate the dire straits our country is REALLY in. But fashion and trends will live on no matter what is happenig with our country, we can only hope better days are ahead for us but you cannot deny the many trillions of debt that we are now up to our eyeballs in (and that many future generations will be footing the bill for). On a lighter note, used to LOVE my shoulder pads....remember the Norma Kamali tops that had huge over the top ones....loved them! Hey they do make everything below the shoulders look smaller so I am all for that:)

  4. enchanted tina,

    i LOVED the big 'norma' shoulder pads!!!
    and yes,
    they do make everything else look smaller.

  5. CJ

    i am scared everyday.
    i have put my life $ into this shop that i have opened.
    i pray hard everyday that things will work out. $$$


  6. YONK

    i loved my flared jeans.

    happily called BELL BOTTOMS.
    remember 'LAND-LUBBERS?'
    link above article on the jeans

    thanks for the groovy comment

  7. My big shoulder pads never made it into the bottom drawer alas but with the loss of 23 kilos (about 40odd pounds I think) I no longer need them to balance shoulders and hips!!!!!!
    I do hope the economy improves for you but I know that you will be a success anyway. sending big hugs xxx

  8. Renee, I can't imagine that anyone has been free of this crisis. The only people I know that have benefitted tremendously are those that were "cash fat" and could buy up the little mans savings!
    If shoulder pads will do it, I am digging mine out!!
    Here's to better days ahead!

  9. Iam thinking of a time a while back when some seller on ebay emailed me "now I only wear unstructured Jackets....". Good! I bought her black vintage Armani with the shoulder pads. Who's in style now?????Yippe!
    Maryanne xo

  10. maryanne

    it looks so joan crawford, betty grable, carol lombard, and lastly....betty davis.

    not bad company to keep.
    well....if we can ditch that witch joan!!!

  11. OK well then, "let's ditch the witch", love that comment. She really was a bitch wasn't she? great actress though. On a more important note, all of us or at least some of us, ok ok, I know I will pray for you and your shop. Every night I will lye in my bed and pray for all of us, for our nation of greedy hastards that got us into this mess. Greedy bastards being our govenment along with the types like Maddof. Bless you.

  12. oh by the way, I freaking love shoulder pads (those little poweful things).

  13. Oh please say no to shoulder pads...mine were constantly falling out..and at 5ft 1" tall...i look like an unbalanced dweeb...I will pray for you and your shop. I feel the same way. sister and I just keep investing more money into our business...we're not making more...just hoping to. I'm working pretty much round the networking has added an entire other time element that I often feel is eating me alive. XO, Mona

  14. CJ

    1st thing....
    we ditch the witch....
    then bring on the shoulder pads.
    i love them.
    they give you silhouette the illusion of perfection.
    here is a secret;
    i never stopped wearing them ,
    i just ordered online much more toned
    down ones.

    it is always that finished look i go for.

    in the old days
    you could put them in a less expensive dress....
    and it would polish the look in such a way, that it looked quite expensive.


  15. theresa

    lets hope.
    i will join the 'big shoulde' band wagon.


  16. mona

    use stage tape. it is the same way the keep boobs behind a low cut dress.
    the social networking is a killer. no doubt!!

  17. I loved my shoulder pads! I have small shoulders compared to the rest, so it offered a good balance...Remember the gals from Dynasty? There was some mean shoulder pad action going on there, lol! Good ole 80's.

  18. Hi Renee
    Well you know Australia fared well during the crisis and our dollar has recently been the strongest it ever has.. but... I'm suspecting a fall will come.. inflation is through the roof!! off the charts how much it costs here just to buy everyday items and it just get more expensive in the blink of an eye.. I was OS for 5 weeks and was shocked by the increases in just that short time.. Utilities such as electricity are becoming a luxury... it's all a bit nuts!!

    I remember the shoulder pads here in the eighties .. you know.. the power suit.. hehehe I had myself a few of those....

    Have a great week.. and Happy Halloween.. ciao xxx Julie

  19. julie

    say it is not so!!!
    i am not so thrilled you have a strong dollar
    .....that you have to spend TOO MANY OF to get what you need and want.




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