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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Go Over To "The Trade' & See What Is New

I would like your feed back.
You must understand first that my partner split on me.
If I have any hair left....this is what I have come up with.
A few posts ago 
I talked about making lemons into lemonade.

I know things will evolve.
I know that.

Go take a look.
It is NOT what I had planned....or wanted.
But sometimes you get what you need
not what you want.

love you guys
GO LOOK and tell me what you think....
I could cry,
but I can take harsh judgement.
I live in the toughest city;
Boca Raton

click on THIS 
it will take you
Renée Finberg 'TELLS ALL' in her BLOG..... Owner of 'The Trade' Interiors, ,Boca Raton,Palm Beach,Boca Raton Florida,All custom upholstery,case-goods,window treatments,Antiques, Accessories and Antique accessories, All built-ins,built in banquette sofa seating. Share


  1. I am thinking the split was the best thing that could have happened. Appears that you are doing great on your own!
    Love the shop. Looks great.

  2. Everything looks great René may have been the best thing that you are now in your own.I'm sure that you will do brilliantly. If only I lived in your area....I'd buy lots !! Thinking of you. XXXX

  3. OMG I love the idea of the tree you are having built over the dining table. That is insanely good.

    BUT, but, but Renee....why don't you put the tree in the window. And the table in the window in front of the tree. With chairs at the back and sides, but not at the front, so that it looks like the window shopper is actually a guest at the table, if that makes sense.??? Very inviting.

    And then you can keep changing the "settings" of the dining table each time you get a whim. I don't could use the fabric swatches (which I don't honestly think are working just placed on the ground by the window) as place mats, with gorgeous mismatched china on top. Fresh flowers, of course. And lots of your fab china dogs, of course.

    Loving the back of the shop but the front window at the moment doesn't have the wow factor that I KNOW you can do. Virginia xx

  4. Virginia - glamour drops

    i love you.
    these are all great ideas.
    i would do it by the front window but have no place to mount the trunk.
    but ....i will look.

    i will make it funkier by the day
    yet classic

    your comment means the world to me!!!!
    love xxx

  5. jax and teresa
    thanks for the support.
    you are always there for me!!

  6. Anonymous22:20

    okay, good stuff but it needs something, a focal point, something? you need to seduce people in.

    you have a gregarious, playful, big personality via the blog and I am not seeing it, feeling it in your store. I have a feeling you are bigger than life in person - show it! friend these people.

    can you create a play area?
    to touch, feel fabrics, textures. you need to create warmth.

    what about a play happy hour?
    invite neighbors in to feel fabrics, have scented candles, wine, squish a pillow, hold the cute ceramic dog - take their photo with the dog... create a fun, warm mood. post the photos of your play happy hour in a frame inside the window and list the date of the next one. once a week?

    I believe your service/product is an emotional buy. what feels right. invite people in to play.

    good luck Renee!

  7. Retail is such a tough gig Renee, but I know if I was passing by, the style & sophistication that oozes out of To The Trade would draw me in big time. Is there an opportunity to sell on 1st Dibs? Keep smiling mate, things will work themselves out.
    Millie xx

  8. ms smart

    you are. the biggest bummer i am dealing with is that my focal point-
    a yummy tight back sofa will not be done in time for the big
    BOCA RATON - 'meet me down down' party.
    where we serve wine and cheese.
    people get to know us for the first time.
    AND my sectional with all the pillows will not be there.

    i guess it is all meant to be this way for a reason.
    which reason ....i wonder
    xxx thanks for your input

  9. millie

    i only wish you would walk through the door!!!!


  10. You are fabulous and the tree idea is great, as is chair selection, wall color, pelmet. I would like to see a more defined window space even if very simple slighly separate from shop- like the foyer first impression you advise for a house. And I think your personality should UNIFY the shop like a living room. Clients will find their own personalities among the various collections - great dogs, loads of cushions. Let your glamour rip with some more intimate or directed lighting. You roll with the punches, don't you? I know you will 'em over Renée!

  11. Renée, this is going to be one fabulous place to shop! Sometimes, it is better to go it alone so that you can be fully truthful to your vision. No compromise!

  12. Renee, the shop looks amazing already and with all your ideas it's going to be incredible...You have taken a huge jump, enjoy the freedom....Your talent is overflowing and that will make it all happen...xv



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