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Monday, October 24, 2011

Meet Me @ 'THE TRADE'

They met me at 'THE TRADE' alright!!

We had tons of traffic and the 
'Meet Me Downtown' event went off without a hitch.
The weather was fabulous.

The table and chairs outside
'THETRADE' has become an amazing draw 
to the shop from the neighborhood.
I am usually out there having coffee and on my laptop.
I now know almost ever dog 
and it's owner in the neighborhood.

We had antique and muscle car show parked right in 
front of the shop.
And the 5K marathon for the cure 
passed our shop too.

Doesn't the shop look nice?
What do you think?

The goat tables are new at 
'The Trade' in Boca Raton.
And they are divine.

You can see 'The Trade' if you look across the street.
This is a less crowded shot of the marathon before the cars came.
I was passing out water.
But what I really wanted to do 
was pass out myself.
I was so tired yesterday.

Some other sights on my street.

And at last.....
The witch of the car show.
Renée Finberg 'TELLS ALL' in her BLOG..... Owner of 'The Trade' Interiors, ,Boca Raton,Palm Beach,Boca Raton Florida,All custom upholstery,case-goods,window treatments,Antiques, Accessories and Antique accessories, All built-ins,built in banquette sofa seating.Saturday in Boca Raton, The 5k marathon for the cure, all new things in 'THE TRADE' in Boca Raton



  1. I wish i could have been there! So much fun!
    Have a nice afternoon.

  2. Fabulous shop Renee; you have a hit on your hands!! I am loving all of the soft goods, and that small round table.

    A lot of work and it WILL pay off.

    PS Keep me in your thoughts during my hip replacement this week...


    Art By Karena

  3. What a lovely shop and such a nice little spot to enjoy the foot traffic and say hello to the neighborhood. Looks like a fun event. XO

  4. looks amazing... i am so proud of you... and loving the witch... xo

  5. That's one happening street you have there. Love how the shop looks - I have similar ram tables!
    Happy Sunday
    xo isa

  6. Renee,

    Thanks for the B-day wishes. Looks like you are having a lot of fun this month too! Everything looks fabulous and you did it! You visionary you...catching a shooting star is a big deal...really BIG. Hugs!


  7. Renee, shop is looking amazing.
    Great location and lots of happenings.
    Hope you had a nice weekend

  8. The shop looks fantabulous! So wish I could have come...was passing out water at our half marathon, too!

  9. I am so happy for you. The Trade looks great, you are wearing yourself out.
    All this made you lose weight.
    Stay well,
    I am so proud of you Darling.
    Mama XXxxx

  10. Hi Renee
    I wish I could have been there also.. looks like it was a great day.. and the shop looks wonderful.. I can just imagine you sitting out their with your laptop.. that would be me also!!! and coffee!!

    Hope you've gotten a good rest now.. Have fun!! ciao xxx Julie

  11. Looking good Renee....xv

  12. Renee,
    The shop looks FANTASTIC, I love the wall of linens, the floors, the furniture....all spectacular!

  13. Anonymous12:59

    Renee you are doing a great job! Everything you do is fabulous!

  14. Looks Fabulous!Congratulations! I wish I could have been there too! Great location, and I love what you did with it! Maryanne xo



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