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Friday, October 28, 2011

I Eat Violets

The print shown is from an engraving by Canu in 1815. Copies were circulated among the supporters of the exiled Emperor. 
They would toast, "Corporal Violet."

During the exile of Napoleon I at Elba, in the year 1814, preceding Napoleon's abdication, the French Bonapartists chose, as their emblem, the violet because of the Capitulation of Paris. They nicknamed Napoleon "Caporal Violet, the little flower that returns with spring". Postcards picturing a bunch of innocent looking violets soon flooded France, but when scrutinized closely, the violets in the bouquet revealed the outlines of portraits of Napoleon, Marie Louise and of their three year old son, Charles, King of Rome. The French government fought, by decree on and off, until the year 1874 any reproduction of a violet because it was the symbol of the Bonapartists.

Author Unknown

Did you know Chopin loved violets
and when he died of tuberculosis
his close friend and female novelist {George Sand}
found every violet she could in Paris and covered his grave with them.

     Zeus wasn't the only philanderer who sent violets to his wife. Napoleon Bonaparte's wife Josephine loved the flowers. She wore them on her wedding day, and Napoleon (who wasn't the most faithful husband on record) sent her a bouquet of purple violets every year on their anniversary. Napoleon adopted the plant as his political emblem, and when he was banished to Elba, he promised to "return with the violets." While he was in exile, his followers persisted in wearing the flower as an emblem of their own faithfulness, even after a law was passed against it. And after Waterloo, Napoleon reportedly visited Josephine's grave, picked a few violets he found growing there, and kept them in a locket he wore until his own death.

Then there is me.
I just love the way they smell 
and the way they TASTE!!!!

I grew up on these candies.
No one else liked them.
They said they tasted like perfume.

Edible perfume that knocks your socks off 
with your favorite scent.....
what could be better??????

Probably because as a tiny child
my grandmother {BIBI}
had them on the window sill over her sink always.
I spent much time standing on a step ladder next to her 
no matter what she was doing.
It could have been washing dishes, 
cooking, or preparing food....
I was her constant shadow.
I may have driven her crazy, but I never knew it!

And because I am so crazy for the scent.....
it has finally been revealed to me
that every fine perfume I have worn has had a violet base in it.
I am now wearing the purest violet scent that I can find.
It smells just like the candy.
I am in heaven when I first put it on...
after a minute or 2
you can no longer smell it's sweet,
one and only scent.
Needless to say....
I am the constant spritzer....
[like the constant gardner]
Thank You mom for the RE-FILL

What do you think of VIOLET?
I have been told it is an OLD LADY scent.
Okay. So What?
I have been an old lady since the age of 9!!!

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  1. Violet is something that is so specific to sensory memory. It may be that it is your Grandmother showing you with sight and scent that she is near.

    And, yes.. I love those violet mints.
    Cheers! -Teri

  2. Love Violets and I can't believe you love violet candies too!! Have them in my bag as we speak,looooove the taste and beautiful scent!

  3. T,

    we've got it going on girl!!!

    xxx and i am happy we do!

  4. I adore the perfume! When I was a little girl, there was a violet patch, rows of them, behind our house and, if I went missing, Mum would know where to find me, lying in the violet patch. Mother would wear a little sprig in her suit buttonhole going to Church.

    I didn't know that my favourite composer, Chopin, loved them and the story of Napoleon and his locket touched me.

    Thanks for the lovely post, Renée!

    ♥from Oz,
    Alaine xx

  5. I used to eat those sweets when I was little....they were called Parma Violets over here.
    I think that the flower, violet, is so pretty and, I love the fact that you wear the perfume. It's not 'old lady' at all and it's your signature Renée. XXXX

  6. You had me worried for a minute there! I love violet! OLD LADY? What are they talking about. Just send them here when they talk like that!
    So sweet of you mother.

  7. You could very well be starting a new trend here, Renée!

    I must look for those candies, I have never seen them before.

  8. De tout, de rien

    we will be if you start eating the candies and the gum.

  9. home- jackie

    i am thrilled we had the same love of violet


  10. I am happy that the perfume
    arrived, Wear it in good health, remember I love you.
    Those candies gave me a flash back of your Grandmother. She also had
    a silk bunch she would wear on her suit or hat. No one makes those
    pretty silk flowers with a pin on the back. It really gave a smart touch.
    Enjoy the perfume, Mamma xxxx

  11. Anonymous11:22

    Who knew? I love this. Violets are my mom and gram's favorite flower!

  12. violets have been far from my mind until this post and then wonderful memories of my grandmother came flooding back; violets also on the windowsill, a violet flowered apron and those candies! thanks renee

  13. debra

    thank g-d for those old and sweet memories.

    love to you

  14. Monin, the French company that makes the flavored syrups they use in coffee????? They make a violet... I bought some..... It even looks good in my kitchen.... Why not??? Everyghint is violet or Figue! right now...... Maryanne xo
    Interesting about Napoleon...

  15. maryanne - beadboard

    when i was writing this post....
    i was thinking of you and your Figue

    xx love

  16. Renee,

    Great post I love history. You're an old soul who loves violets...wonderful!


  17. My favourite chocolatier does a Violet Cream. A divine, delicate soft centre redolent of violets enrobed in quality dark, dark chocolate. Topped off with a sweet crystallized edible violet flower. OMG Renee, this post is going to get me into a lot of trouble!
    Millie xx
    P.S. Don't forgot that purple is considered the colour of healing.

  18. millie

    this sounds just dreamy and




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