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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Your Thoughts?

The wedding was magnificent.
.....but the Bea.....?
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  1. Lol..Oh Miss Bea. Can't you just imagine what went through the Queen's head as she laid eyes on that gem?

    What a day indeed, one we'll never forget.

    Have a royal weekend my lovely friend
    xo xo

  2. Those sisters have always had the worst dress sense!

  3. Hideous....and so were their dresses. Yes, I would imagine the Queen had a thought or two.

  4. I think the look on that man's face says it all!

  5. What they lack in fashionsense and good taste the hat makes up for in drama, outrageousness and hate to say it but downright ugliness. The only thing shiny and pretty on Bea is her shiny white teeth. With all those resources...thats the best the two of them they can do???? S C A R Y!!!!!!!!

  6. Vile and hideous.... no taste just like her mother.

  7. I agree, just hideous, oh well, the (kids) wedding made up for it by having a gorgeous day. God bless them.

  8. she looked to me as if she were in a costume from one of her mothers children's books.
    {not that i have read one}

    a character like a mean rabbit or something......

  9. heheheh My thoughts exactly... poor girl.. she mustn't know better.. Even the commentator was grasping for something nice to say... Although in her defence the rest of her looked good.. whereas.. her sister's dress was pretty awful.. especially the hemline.. [says I haha]

    Ok.. have a great weekend. ciao xxx Julie

  10. Maybe this was Fergie's payback at not being invited to the Wedding. I watched Prince Andrew's face during the Service & never have I seen a more miserable, unhappy chappy. THAT WOMAN is no role model to those poor girls & this hideous disaster of bad taste just reinforces that.
    Millie x

  11. I think she looks like Andrew in drag with a crazy antenna thing going on.

  12. i took one look and thought "GAGA".... just sayin....

  13. *** O... M... G!!!!!

    (What's that saying..."the sins of the mother..."?). Those p*o*or, clueless girls!!!(I think I was actually in SHOCK... and NOT the "good" kind!)

    Buuuuut, Kate & Wills were SOOOOOO downright STUNNINGLY "BEAUTIFUL", each in their OWN right, as were Kate's Sis and Harry & everyone else (including the darling children!), that nobody even CARED about those atrocities once they saw those REAL "STARS with STYLE"!!!

    Not normally a big fan of all that "falderal" (sp?), but I must say I just ADORED seeing Kate's beauty ANNNND love for handsome Wills, who obviously feels the same about her~~~ THAT was so ENCHANTING & made my heart feel sooooo good and warm...

    Thanks, and best to you,
    Linda in AZ *

  14. Oh dear, who let them leave the Palace like this? Terrible, when I first spotted Princess Beatrice I thought she had a giant pretzel on her head.

  15. well, I must say,She is very brave wearing that !..

  16. ivy

    that's it!!!
    she is trying to be lady gaga


  17. To me it is like giving the royal the royals.

    Just sayin...

  18. Every time I see those two, I keep thinking "ugly stepsisters" and even more so yesterday at the Cinderella wedding!

    Kate's dress was beautifully cut and designed, but IMHO, it lacked sparkle and detail for the camera. It should have had some crystals just for a little more oomph. The bouquet was too wimpy and not to scale to her tallish figure. There was apparently gorgeous lace on the dress, but it was invisible to the camera eye. Girlfriend, you're marrying a prince, bring on the BLING!

  19. Loved the wedding, and the aston martin was the icing on the cake!

  20. All I can see is the hat!

  21. o.k.....don't everyone jump on me....BUT....I kind of get it. I think that they are both beautiful girls having a bit of fun.....quirky, English, "Westwood", eccentric fun....It made me smile..they looked sort of carefree and joyful......although they might regret it in hindsight......ahhh youth!....................k

  22. you guys are the best!!!

  23. She made a fool of herself!

  24. That hat is a desperate -- and terribly ugly! -- cry for attention. Either that or her mother paid her to add a little inappropriate humor to an otherwise staid occasion.

    Maybe a little of both.

  25. Interesting comments from everyone Renee. My first thought was Cruella Deville...a storybook character. Saying that...if you look back on her hat choices over the years, it is one of many of the same. It is her signature style. She likes quirky. Perhaps she could have toned it down for the Royal Wedding. If she was looking to seek attention, which she obviously was, she got it! I understand they both looked great the night before.....they definitely went out with a roar!

    Jeanne xx

  26. Well, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Remember Fergie
    had her taste in her mouth also.
    I saw the queen ignoring Camella on the Balcony, Camella was talking to the queen and she looked so bored and looked away. Then I saw her snub her in the line. I sure wouldn't want them for inlaws. I don't care for Camella either.
    The Queen has a lot to contend with.

  27. .....but the Eugenie.....?

    Her figure requires more slimming apparel, methinks.



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