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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's The Little Things....

A Black Hand Tie Back the next image you can see the entire window...
The treatments are not perfect but they don't have to be .....

click on image to enlarge

Because this is the NYC home of 
Herve Pierre
Creative Director for Carolina Herrera

A Paris map and fabulously displayed hats.
Love. Love. Love.


I might have to knock someone out
 to get to this little item if I had a chance to buy it for myself.
I'd only knock them out if there were only one.
But then again....
if there were a few I might still knock them out,
because this would make a great 'give away' on my blog.

Look at the blue arrow.
There it is!!!!
Could you die???


What do you think of my little house tour?

Herve Pierre
Creative Director for Carolina Herrera

See The Entire Place HERE
All images from 'the selby'

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  1. My goodness gracious!
    This man has more style in his toilet paper holder than I do in my whole house!
    What a great post Renee! You are always entertaining the most amazingly stylish people here.
    So fitting.
    xo Lisa

  2. lisa

    me stylish?????
    no you dahling!!!!
    YOU are the STYLISH ONE!!!


  3. A gorgeous house. So much style and sophistication and yet it appears to have so much warmth. I could easily feel at home here. Well, who wouldn't???

    Thanks for the tour, Renee.

  4. That ist image you had me wondering, are you really giving away that chair...then I saw the absolutely adorable and chic little thing!

    Renee, A great home, fabulous style!

    Art by Karena

  5. Enjoyed the tour and we might have to fight over that little tissue holder. Way too cute!

  6. Anonymous23:53

    LOVE it! precious, arrange, thought out, lovely, happy, what one desires. very nice visit, see you again soon. night.

  7. well !! what can i say !! i am blushing to read about all the amazing comments on my flat !!! i am so happy you liked it and you decided to post it !! i am very flattered ( hope i didnt do a mistake in English !!i am French .. but nice !! and not rude !!! )
    thank you so Much ,
    Herve P.

  8. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! I found myself peering carefully into each image to spy the mysterious super detail object.

    Love, love, love the black gloved hand at the window. So fun!

    I hope you entered the ring competition, as instructed? She's clever, isn't she?

  9. that curtain tie back is genius!!

    have a lovely week.. ciao xxx Julie

  10. Lots of little details to take gotta take it slow and take it all in. Its all in the details afterall..the tieback is fun and gotta love someone who doesn't take himself too seriously..makes the apt. that much more beautiful!

  11. herve

    you may be blushing,
    but i may FAINT!!
    i am thrilled you liked your post!!

    xxx come back and say 'hello' once in a while

  12. hey guys!!!!

    'HERVE' left a comment.
    how sweet is that???

  13. That is a wonderful and clever tie back. Like that big Shalimar purfume bottle also. I see he collects lots of purfume bottles..
    Very interesting and well done post.
    cute chair.. Have a serene day at work and stay calm.
    Love Mamma xxx

  14. Quite the clevah little artist!
    Love the chair,the hand in and amongst the books and the use of opulent & refined casualness!
    Those large bottles of perfume,oohh la la!

  15. Oh MY GAWD! I am in HIGH LOVE!!!

  16. I love all his artsy quirky touches, as well as the oil portraits. He's so ME!

  17. Renee,

    That was a nice tour of some great imaginative spaces. Details, details and more details that's where God is and I'll be a mosquito on his neck to stay in the details of things. Great creative post!


  18. Interesting the little chair....I love creative tp holders. If I ever build a house there will not ever be a 'built-in' tp rack, I hate them. This is more my style!
    How sweet for Herve to leave you a message!

  19. tess

    i could definitely see you being in this place.
    it is actually INTERESTING enough for YOU!!!


  20. R..I just love whimsy...the Stuart Little chair, and the cascading blue fragrance bottles are devine......BEST post!!!! k

  21. Love the whimsical touch too! That chair is too adorable! Enjoy the wonderful day, Kellie xx

  22. You always bring us the very best Renee...I think it is fab and I am with you on that little chair! Great shots...wonderful ideas, I think I will go off an polish my silver now. Love the tray!!

    Jeanne xx

  23. jeanne

    love it?
    thank you!!


  24. Dear Herve, please send me your address pronto so I can send my Man Of The House over to your place. Under your guidance he would finally GET IT!! You are style, individuality & elegance wrapped up in one gorgeous package. Love Millie x



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