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Saturday, April 16, 2011

This is living baby....the NYC way!

Don't I wish I could!!!
Would you come and visit me 
if I lived here??

It just about impossible for me to tell you how much

This is the  triplex penthouse of Julian Schnabel,
 renowned painter and film maker, 
located in Palazzo Chupi.
This building is of his own design in NYC's Greenwich Village.

Could you live here?
Would you ?

I will check my post box everyday....
waiting for an invitation.

How could you not want to know the man that created these superb rooms? 
I know I would love to talk to him.

The views are to die for!

How about a cocktail on this terrace?

 The building :Palazzo Chupi
and in the villiage.

Could you describe anything better?

Do you likie???

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of Julian Schnabel, renowned painter and film maker, located in Palazzo Chupi , colorful interior , tradtional home of a painter



  1. Anonymous21:22

    Wow, that's incomprehensible really!! What a feat on every level!

  2. love...

    are you inviting me...???

    i'm not clear...

    i'd definitely come at least for a day or two...a glass of wine in that space with that view...

  3. What brightness and colours! I envy his boldness, I wish I could live my life like that!

  4. It's amazing, and the views are fantastic, can almost taste that glass of wine on the terrace. And yes, I'd definitely visit!!

  5. I no likie! I love it! I may just stay in that bathroom the whole time though!

    Thanks for visiting! I am off to drool more over your blog now!

  6. hi renee I am so happy I found your blog and this stunning post about the home of my dreams!! Love every bit about it and I would so live there if I could...

    Hugs & kisses from Rio!

  7. Anonymous00:31

    If you are inviting me, I accept to come for a long, long visit and just stay in the bathroom!!!

  8. I could so live's absolutely perfect! Have a lovely weekend! Tracey xx

  9. Pure gorgeousness, if I was invited you would never be able to get me to leave!

  10. Schazzy for the Schabel. I don't know too much about him but do know a teeny bit and from what I do know..this is just the kind of outragouesly gorgeous dramatic high in the sky slice of heaven I might have expected him to own. It is so dramatic, full of interesting items, the views..oh those! Realy look at it and just know someone interesting has to live there.....and they do!

  11. remember when it was built how people hated this building? I never understood that -it's gorgeous and quirky. So much of NY is boring and/or ugly -this place is great. The interiors are just fantastic -those FLOORS!

  12. One word FABULOUS!!! I would definitely visit you there. Love, love those chairs. Love it all!

  13. S,
    the floors do me in!!

  14. enchanted,
    funny you should suggest that 'an interesting person' must live there.
    homes that intrigue me about the home owner are the only homes for me.

    for me....and this is only for me....
    when i am working on a project, i feel it is my duty to make their home both beautiful and interesting.
    i want a guest in one of my homes to be filled with questions....
    about the decor and the home owner.
    it is quite a little trick.
    it just takes time, caring, and a genuine interest in the client.
    the end result is the reward for all involved.

  15. It very dramatic and I thinking à bit " hysterical to" its lika à fantasy. I could live here, though its in NY..even iIf the furniture was included ..The view is FAB / Marie

  16. Yep, I'll be on the first plane from Australia to come and visit you in your new fab home, WHEN you live there Renee!

    Love, love, adore actually, the floors and the ceiling. This place has everything going on in droves, and it just WORKS because of the confident hand used in pulling it all together.

    Definitely a great dinner party house ~ can you imagine the great conversations that would take place in a space this dramatically interesting?

    Have a great weekend Renee!

  17. I "likie" A LOT!!!

    Happy Weekend!

  18. Renee just superb so much excitement! Fabulous art and furnighings!! The building, the view!!

    Art by Karena

  19. Ahhhh, yes, I could definitely live there, and if you lived there I would visit as often as you would allow. Imagine the cocktail parties in this place!!

  20. Anonymous16:14

    For a man who loves to wear his pajamas 24/7, I am wondering where he keeps the comfy, loungy couch!

  21. Anonymous17:22

    Have newly discovered your blog and LOVE IT. This particular NYC apartment find it gorgeous. Thank you for the inspiration!


  22. Anonymous17:22

    Have newly discovered your blog and LOVE IT. This particular NYC apartment find it gorgeous. Thank you for the inspiration!




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