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Friday, April 1, 2011

Steven Hefner in Boca Raton

old school - i love

More old school,
and I adore it.
It is very possible i may do a post on Steven Hefner.
I just want to catch up on what he has been up to lately.

Your impressions on some of his spaces?

Steven M. Hefner ASID
Allied Member AIA
Member ASID, Florida South Chapter Board Of Directors 2002-2003

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  1. My impressions? I am impressed! I love old school, old world tradtional feeling interiors..the grander the better (witih restraint of course, hate garrish, tacky, loud, dripping interiors) but he has a great hand at creating lavish and luxurious interiors but maintaining the elegance.
    Beautiful Renee! (aka Jaws)

  2. Beautifully done, but too over the top for my simpler tastes. Just returning from Palm Beach, I can understand why this style is so in demand. Do you realise how lucky you are to be in Florida...i just did not want to return to New York.

  3. i like a little bit of old school! it is timeless, classic... His spaces seem "rich", yet liveable..cozy... It IS Boca after all!! :)

  4. NOW that's beautiful work. I am tired of these cold empty looks, give me Chintz loads of beautiful fabric and a few antiques. Yes This is DESIGN.
    I know some people call a paintbrush stroke on a blank canvas art, well it goes with their empty cold homes.

  5. Beautiful! Love these interiors! Awesome!

  6. R.....Boca beauties...."old School" never gets old. Those last two bedrooms are singing my song....timeless.....Have a wonderful weekend...k



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