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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happiness Is Freedom

word for the weekend; FREEDOM

" The secret of happiness is freedom.
The secret of freedom is courage."


and on a darker note.....

"The strong do what they have to do and the weak accept what they have to accept."
also Thucydides

I have such a problem with the 'weak' sitting by silently.....
why do they do that?
* if this question is too heavy for a weekend....
just leave a comment that says; "great image" or "too heavy"


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  1. I am not happy with those who complain much and change nothing. No not even lifting a finger to even attempt a try. I understand much but as far as sympathy ..little. It does take bravery & I guess we're not all cut from the same cloth; good or bad.
    You my friend, are an enduring, beautiful piece of fabric; French perhaps?

    Have a great weekend Renee Finberg from a piece of 'sail cloth' in Houston.
    xo xo

  2. No wonder I like you...I have such a problem with weak people who sit by and accept their fate instead of challening it! I also agree that one of the secrets to happiness is freedom but also feel it is satisfaction with oneself total confidence and content with your life. When you arent; searching for it some where else but are happy with what you have, that to me defines happiness...and back to the "weak links" they make me cringe!

  3. Along with freedom comes a great deal of responsibility.

    This is where the inherent problem lies, Renee. People are happy to accept freedom but seldom responsible enough to work for it, to nurture it, to know that it is
    "earned" not given.

    I know this is too heavy for Saturday, but so much more interesting than pretty pictures.


  4. LOVED it! You my dear are always challenging yourself!!!!! How refreshing are you?!Maryanne xo

  5. I am a very strong woman and often get impatient...yes, almost irritated with weak people. Over the past few years, I have come to realize that every one responds to situations in life as a result of their life experiences. In one or two chapters of the book, Outliers; the story of Malcolm Gladwell, the author explores a similar topic. When analyzing two individuals with the same skills and qualifications. Why does one (the stronger) excel over the other (the weaker)? Basically, his theory was that life experiences and the way individuals were parented significantly impacted how they responded to different situations in life. I have been working on being more understanding of others weaknesses and now feel that as a strong person, it's my responsibility to life up and strengthen the weak. Give them a new positive life experience and help them to see that somewhere in themselves is a strong person.
    Let the weak say "I am strong"

    On a lighter enjoy your blog!


  6. Renee,

    Now we cross the river of decisions and decide what we need to get to the other side. Answer is...Confidence...It's what a strong person has and a weak one attempts to learn "how to have".

    I am strong in many ways it is defined. The best way to empower the weaker is to "use your words" to create a vortex of power within them. When the moment arrives, inside of them, the willpower will be present.


  7. My thought: if you're happy, you're free! And everybody has the power to be happy, no matter what!

  8. this was a wonderful thing to come home to and read.
    i was worried that the topic might be a turn off......

    you can through for me.
    i am always surprised and never surprised at the same time by my bloggy friends.

    thank you from the bottopm of my heart

  9. Love the quotes. Enjoy the beautiful weekend, Kellie xx

  10. HI Renee
    The wonderful thing about you is you always speak your mind... it's funny what life events push us to have courage and others not. I think it depends on the level of passion involved and the consequences of doing nothing..

    Have a wonderful weekend... ciao ciao xxx Julie

  11. Food for though Renee....such wisdom, xv.

  12. Not too heavy for a sunday morning. You made me pause and think. I always challenge myself to do what deems to be beyond my reach...I guess that would place me in the strong category which makes me a little impatient with people who are week and never questions themselves. I know quite a few (especially on my french side) who are deeply unhappy for their lack of courage. I have terrible fear of heights and climb mountains (training for Kilimanjaro in september), I fear flying and used to fly airplanes, and now am constantly on a plane, I fear death but embraces life. Does that make sense?

  13. francine

    you make sense to me!!!!


  14. What a great thought! We have such an opportunity to choose how we live and react to life!



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