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Thursday, January 27, 2011

13 Months

Have you
 had good, fair, to a not so good experience with a builder or contractor?
Or even a furniture manufacturer?

I was doing a clients home here in Florida 
across the street from the ocean in Delray Beach.
It was taking forever to finish this home.
We had to get the herring bone walnut floors done right,
the insets in the marble done.
And done right.

Expecting work 'done right' in South Florida is somewhat of an oxymoron.
Sorry Florida.
Only if you are using 'HIGH END' manufacturers, contractors, workrooms, and builders
can you expect good to perfect work.
And I need  'perfect' work'
Just remember there is no such thing as 'a deal,' 
or an unbelievably great price on something that requires any sort of skill.

Back to the builder....
beside the fact that he was a smug spoiled brat who was in his family's business...
the building of this house went on for 2 years.
It may have been 10,000 sq. ft.
but C'mon!!!!

{he had the same size crew working on the Delray house}
He kept telling me fibs daily about this and that. 
He said; " It takes a long time to do a home like this and of this size."
I said;
 " Okay...You are a builder, and your family has been in the business
 here in Florida over 25 years. Right?"
 "That's right!!!" 
said the smug little 40 something brat.

I said;
 "I am sure that you know it only took 13 months to build the Empire State building. Right?"

You might ask me; "SO, what did he say then?"

He said nothing. Like most men when they are in the wrong.

that the Empire State build was built in about 13 months?

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  1. I did not know that fact but it's quite remarkable. Those were the days of true craftsman and skilled workers & people took pride in their work, no matter what it was. Whether it was the butcher, the bager at the grocers, or the milk man. Guys like that are riding on the family coat tails and arrogant sons of guns.
    Renee, that was the remark of a lifetime. No wonder your one of my female idols. Damn your good!

    xo xo

  2. Good one girl! A morning smile for me on the other side of the world!

  3. No I didn't! That's remarkable! Love those old construction images.

  4. Meant to mention that we went to the top of the Empire in November 09 and they wanted us to take off our coats (security thing). I refused, as I only had a sleeveless cami on underneath. So we left and went to the Top of the Rock instead!

  5. Renee,

    Great bit of history fact.

    If more women were builders, owned construction companies, trained artisans, owned workrooms, and stopped suppressing their power.

    Projects would be on time, on budget and sealed with a kiss. Not to mention fresh flowers, coffee and pastries during final installation and walk throughs. But we all know that our downfall would be the cat fights.


  6. Ahhhh...but that was then this is now!!!!!!! Greed, laziness and a 'this'll do' attitude are taking over the world!!!!!
    Renee, how exciting when you find a true artisan who loves their work and takes the time and care to finish things properly it's just such a pity they are now so few and far between!

  7. bette

    what a great comment.
    so tru
    so tru

  8. Renee, no I had no idea about the Empire State Building!

    Great comeback though!! jerk!! These are the people who do try me!

    Art by Karena

  9. PS I am wearing heather gray yoga pants w paint on them a lighter heather tshirt and a darker gray velour workout jacket.

    I am not working out although I may do some painting later!

    Art by Karena

  10. Touche! You shut him up with that question. I am sure he was fuming. Gotta love your spunk, Renee! xo

  11. karena

    how cool.
    you noticed my sidebar thingie.

    i bet you look fab in your grey sweats

  12. deb aka dumwit

    surely you jest.
    how could that be
    when you are mine??

  13. I didn't know that about the Empire State ....seems incredible to think of that in these days of excuses and delays. Some very good comments them...cute post...xv

  14. Anonymous22:29

    love it! what a way to put someone in their place than with intelligence..

  15. i love your stories... and it took almost 13 months to do a remodel i have been working on...hhmmmm...
    dont know if it was the cabinet maker or... indecisions on another side???? hmmmmm

  16. Sock it to 'em, Renée!

  17. Sock it to 'em, Renée!

  18. I'm working on the invention of a portable fib-detector machine specifically for building contractors. Purchasers will be able to carry it in their handbag & whip it out at the very first whiff of a porky pie. I'm qualified to do this 'cos I live with one. He doesn't tell fibs, although sometimes doesn't 'communicate' with his clients as he should. There are some good stories though - a friend has just finished a big build & had the best experience with an honest & very fastidious GC. She wanted to give him her second born son in appreciation. He graciously declined.
    Millie x



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