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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Which Tree For Me?

I have narrowed it down to one of these trees.

The yellow,

the purple,

or the orangie-red????

This last tree is called an african tulip tree.
I have wanted one of these for years,
but they get huge.

Which tree do you like?

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  1. I love the purple one but can never find out the name,
    there are a couple of boulevards here with a short stretch of them and they are very pretty....that tulip tree is gorgeous never ever have seen one!

  2. The purple jacaranda is just beautiful and one of my favourite trees and if it is placed next to a red poinciana (which has the same growth patter and is not unlike the tulip tree) you could be living in Brisbane!!!!!xoxo

  3. The African tulip...but how does it do with the cold???!

  4. I'll have them all but the second, the Jacaranda, is one I've always loved. Unfortunately, the climate for it is too cool where I live! Lovely post, lovely colour!

  5. It's the purple for me Renee. I love lilac, wisteria. pale purple, blue and white in the garden..... and, a lot of green, although, I haven't ventured out into our garden's freezing here. XXXX

  6. it is looking like the jacaranda.
    they are gorgeous and bloom all summer here.
    and omg are our summers long!

    we know i want the tulip tree
    but it is tall and messy.

    it really is between the yellow and the purple.

    thank you guys.
    i have been going over and over with this for over a year.

    i am so glad i have YOU!!!
    MY BUDS!!!!

  7. Love them all... I will take one of each!

  8. Anonymous10:51

    what??!!! you can't have all 3?..
    gorgeous trees, what are their soil, sun, moisture requirements? are they susceptible to insects or disease? do they need pruning or are they messy and drop large leaves, branches, seed pods, etc? just some thoughts...I'd pick the one that requires the least amount of maintenance, personally...

  9. I don't know what it's called but we have the purple one in white and it is gorgeous!! Thank you so much for the prayers Renee. It means a lot. And you are right, what they are doing is horrible.

  10. Renee,

    Love all three why limit thee? You can grow them in big mobile planter/pots from seeds. Look into a drawf versions of these trees. My favorite is the Jacaranda they love the heat.


  11. I like the yellow and the orangish red! No plurple for me!

  12. Love all of them. I'd plant all of them. Ha! Nature never clashes.

    But if you have to choose, I'd go with the lavendar. So softly beautiful in the bright Florida sun.

  13. Hi Renee!
    I Love, love the purple, and I don't think it is purple it kind of has a lavender feel to it, is it wisteria?????? Maryanne xo

  14. omg...they are all gorgeous! I've never seen an african tuplip tree! wow.

  15. Love them all...thank you for the Florida sunshine on this cold Virginia day!...k

  16. thank you
    but i am still torn between the yellow and the purple.

    now i guess i need to find out which one blooms the longest.
    that should make my decision.

  17. They're all so beautiful. If I had to pick one, it would be the jacaranda.

    In this Florida Highwayman painting by Sam Newton, the red, the yellow and the purple trees are all together:

    Karen Orr

  18. Love the purple then the yellow. Gorgeous.

  19. Je ne connaissais pas le tulipier ... Il est vraiment un bel arbre...Tous les arbres sont beaux, j'aime leur parler et enlacer leur tronc... il me régénère...

  20. the above comment translated says this:

    " I do not know the tulip ... It really is a beautiful tree ... All the trees are beautiful, I love talking and hugging their trunks ... I regenerates ... Kisses"

    i have gotta' love the comments i get!!!



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