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Thursday, January 13, 2011


Below are a few of the most famous spiral staircases in the world.
Barcelona. Designed by Antoni Gaudì (1852-1926

An asylum.

Fibonacci Curve:
a universal pattern of nature found 
in everything from conch shells 
to galaxy spirals,
including your spiral staircase
You don't even have to renew your passport,
catch a cold on a plane,
get lost, 
then find the destination,
wait in lines,
....just enjoy.

Try not to get dizzy!!!

I don't know what it is 
about this simple staircase,
it is just that I have imagined
 it to be in a private artist's studio.
....I am always dreaming something up in my head....

I hope you are not dizzy.

I am.

some credits: The Octagon New York City Lunatic Asylum

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  1. Anonymous20:22

    Hi Renee,
    a most stunning collection of stairs..
    just gorgeous...

  2. I have always loved spiral staicases Renee.....they are an installation in themselves and are works of art. My friend has one in her Georgian house.....not the easiest to go up and down though .....especially as we get older !!!! haha. XXXX

  3. Renee,

    Love all the spirals. They remind us that when we move forward we can't move fast enough and when we look back we become dizzy. Why? Because we never really realize how fast we're moving until we slow down and look around.


    A vision board is a picture board book of what you're attracting every minute of everyday. Make it happen!

  4. Fabulous Renee!
    I not only love the staircases.. but the photography... so beautiful!!! and a little mesmerizing.

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend... filled with whatever you prefer to bring on a bit of dizzy!! xxx Julie

  5. Awesome spiral staircases..., so many architectural elements are of course inspired by nature..., and the spiral pattern is quite stunning, found in shells and galaxies!!

  6. Hi Sweet, started work today, 7 to 7 so haven't had time to blog or catch up.
    This weeks pay is for Brisbane so I have to make it a good one.
    Will catch up later but I do love the staircases dizzy and all!!!! xoxo Jules

  7. MY MY! I did get vertigo.. the iron one reminds me of your Grandmothers house. I could never climb them now..Great subject, I likie.a lote.
    The Snow Queen

  8. GORGEOUS post sweetie... wow....
    happy weekend to you... xx

  9. Worth the vertigo Renee.....xv

  10. Wow, love them all and yes, I am dizzy!

    Love the new look here as well!

  11. No I'm not dizzy, I'm happy so much beauty.

  12. fun and creative post--the images are spectacular! Going to Barcelona this summer--can't wait to in person!

  13. hampton hostess

    that is enviable.
    i have never made it to spain.
    -and i am dying to go.

    thank you

  14. I absolutely love the form. I posted about a year ago on them, they are forever fascinating!
    I got my motivation after seeing the Reichstag - the newly rebuild German Parliament in Berlin! It has an enormous spiral walk way into the cupola!
    Your post is a great collection of spiral forms!
    Nature is a great guide!

  15. One word.


    Stunning though. stunning.

  16. I love that first picture with the mask embroidery. Sydni Renee or forgiveness I hope you do not have trouble getting into my blog will leave the link:

  17. This is a magnificent post! Would you believe that I had a panic attack on top of the stairs of the Segrada Familia.
    I went dow on my butt with my friend holding my hand, step by step...

  18. Yes, the Fibonacci Curve! We also use this in the world of graphic design, it makes for an interesting composition. xo Tiffany

  19. Fabulous post Renee!!



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