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Saturday, January 22, 2011

You Can Swim In and Swim Out

When I was a kid in Houston Texas my parents had a friend
who had a house with one of these 'swim in swim out' swimming pools.
All these years later I still think of them.
I thought it was the coolest thing ever.
I have searched the blogasphere far and wide 
and could never find any of these fabulous swimming pools.
I think it was because I didn't know what search word to use.
I tried everything.
I have wanted to post about this forever.
And finally I was searching for something else and found this particular pool in Elle Decor
And finally.........
here we go.
The clearest and easiest example for you to see is the one above.

See the gate that will drop down to below the water line?

The one I swam in was like the pool above.
Do you see the glass floor that you must swim under and through to get to the outside? 
There are very clever ways in which the can connect the exterior pool to the inside.
I can see a Criminal Minds episode based on one of these pools.
The killer swims in to the house in the middle of the night.....
you know the rest.
I think I would want one.
As long as the water was filter with that pool filter that uses no chlorine
and makes the water like spring water.

I do remember the smell of chlorine in the house from the indoor portion of the pool.
That is just not acceptable to me.

What is your take on these Swim In Swim Out Pool????
Would you consider having one?

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  1. I always like the idea but wonder why the inside portion doesn't very often become a 'water feature' with a bit more excitement and life to it have you ever found a design with say a fountain on the interior portion?

  2. concrete'
    i agree,
    but i never see these pools here in fla fla.
    some of the designers of these pools get very creative with the swim through portion of the pool to try to keep the home secure.
    some just have a drop down wall that goes right to the botom of the pool.
    if my memory serves me right....
    i think there is one at vizcaya in miami.

    AND i think that one has a fountain.


  3. You think "criminal minds"...I'm thinking "James Bond villians with harpoon guns"...I think it might creep me, what if you got stuck in the tunnel portion?!!!....Nope, not for me....very pretty though...k

  4. I have only seen these in hotels....could be kind of fun, especially if beyond the pool was the oecan!

  5. I'd love to have a pool like this! It's great if you live in a cooler climate. You can enter the water inside where it's warm, then swim out into the fresh (and cooler) air. I remember some public swimming places in Switzerland having inside/out pools.

  6. maya
    i remember the pool when was little...
    it was winter and there was steam coming up from the pool on the outside part.
    i think it would be very special indeed in the right home.

  7. I always dreamed of an in-out pool. My girlfriend had one in her chateau near Paris. When i would go and visit in the winter, my favorite treat was to jump in the pool. Her husband kept the pool at 80 all year around! My closest friend in Greenwich owns a house with an indoor pool but I seldom swam in it he is too tight to keep the pool well heated in the winter, also the smell of chlorine is quite a deterrent. When on a ski trip I always pick a hotel with an outdoor pool. There is something just so soothing to swim after a long day of skiing, under the cool starry night or under snowfall.
    As for my own little pool, it is salt water, which I really enjoy, but my husband is far too "Bostonian and rather tight with the purse" to keep it heated in the winter!

  8. Wow.. how fabulous and decadent!!! I want one too.. oh hang on.. i want a house first and then I want one of these.. hehe

    You know you can use a special salt formula to condition the water instead of chlorine.. and salt is cleansing both energetically and physically.. would truly be fantastic for the home!!!

    I must remember to show you my favourite 'indoor' pool one day...

    Ok... Have a fabulous weekend.. ciao xxx Julie

  9. Well my twin..I too have long dreamed of an in & out pool. But my fascination started with the pools built in the 50's, 60's in Palm Springs. Many of the famously designed homes had just that. To me, that would be the closest thing to heaven. It would be a salt water pool so no chlorine. A girl can dream can't she? That's sometimes all we've got!

    Hope you have a decent day. No crappy customers! Love ya

  10. A friens has a fabulous indoor pool and I have loved it, though the chlorine, well I did not kknow you could do anything about that.

    Like Renae says I have been in some gorgeous hotel pools with waterfalls etc.

    to brighten your day....

    Art by Karena

  11. I want one! They look so fabulous to me! Enjoy the week ahead, Kellie xx

  12. My husband's great uncle built one these on his estate in Topeka, KANSAS! (I know, estate and Topeka are not two words that are usually joined together). His georgian house has been moved, the horse farm sold and no one remembers whose it was in the beginning and all that remains is part of the poolside pergola. The rest is a shopping center. We fear the more we learn this relative may have been a bit of Bernie Madoff and certainly a great deal of Jay Gatsby, but did he style, big dreams and for a while deep pockets!

  13. I've never been a fan of indoor pools, but the "swim in-swim out" idea is intriguing. These are beautiful! I love my own pool with its infinity edge.

  14. A family friend of mine had an indoor/outdoor pool when I was growing up. I too thought it was the coolest thing and have since forgotten about it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  15. Oh Yes! I remember swimming in one in acapulco as a kid!

    A few years ago we were in Santa Fe around Christmas and our hotel had one...the kids had a ball...I sat by the poolside drinking cosmos out of a styrofoam cup. I'm classy that way.

  16. linda

    it would be a a difficult choice,
    cosmo or swimming with the kids.
    hmmmmm.......i would have a cosmo.
    even if i had to drink it out of your styrofoam cup.



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