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Saturday, January 15, 2011

And The Winners Are......

I was just given an award;
'The Super Comments Award'
-below is the award.
Cute Isn't it?
I was given the award by Renae Moore from Moore Designs.

Here is the deal...
I must answer 10 questions (not so easy),
then pass the award along to 10 super bloggers that leave wonderful comments.
Or just show up some times to let us know they are listening.

Here goes...

1.  Why do you blog?
Blogging for me is best when I have the courage to use my 'voice' 
and give my honest opinions and feelings about whatever my topic du jour may be.
I blog for the very semi-anonymous connection to the world.
I know that sounds strange since my name is on my blog 
and anyone can get in touch with me via the telephone or by sending an email.
This blogging is a wondrous thing.
Isn't it??? 

2.  Name your three best memories.
Besides the birth of my daughter 
and every second spent with my horse....
1}Having my work published.
2}Having my work published.
3}Having my work published.

3.  Name four of the best fiction books you have read.
Sorry...I don't read fiction.
When I did read fiction the only one I finished was Cather in The Rye.
Which I LOVED.
The rest of the fiction required by school to read... 
it was' Cliff Note's all the way.

4.  What are the five best movies ever made?
A River Runs Through It
Ordinary People
Terms Of Endearment 
Annie Hall
Breakfast At Tiffany's
Dr. Zhivago
The Fountainhead
As Good As It Gets
{I could go on}
....and not necessarily in that order

5)  Name five things I cannot live without.
Dark chocolate 

6)  If you could change your name what would it be?
Sydni or Billie
I love boys names for women.
I named my daughter Andi.
I wanted to name her Max but my dad said;
" What if she is unattractive?"
he had a point.

7.  Tell us a unique and interesting fact about yourself.
*I am most comfortable with horses and dogs.
*I spent my very early years {4-7yrs} in night clubs 
and having 3 AM breakfasts with celebrities.
Oh...And my mom had little beaded evening gowns made for me.
My parents looked like movie stars.
I thought they were.
*I am uncomfortable at parties.

8)  What do you love best about yourself?
My eyes.  SURPRISED?????
My design talent, 
and my life in the business.
You are always creating and learning something new.

9)  If you had a freaky Friday experience, who would you change places with?
Joni Mitchell

10)  What is the best thing about being a woman?
Being a mom to my beautiful daughter

I pass the torch onto these bloggers

Fifi @ Fifi Flower
Jackie @ Home
Julie @ Being Ruby
Angie @ Treasures
Bette @ Ideezine

You know the drill.....
Just do what I did.

After all, that's why we blog....
to get comments.

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  1. Hey Renee!!
    We are online at the same time... .. Congrats on your well deserved award.. and thanks so much for passing one on to me. It's always a pleasure to visit and comment here.. You have the innate ability to make us laugh, think and discover beauty all at the same time... and of course you share so much of yourself with us.. we all feel like we know you as our friend next door... If only ... we could sit and drink copious amounts of coffee and nag all day. hehe.. and eat dark chocolate of course!!

    #7 was an eye opener.. Yvonne must have been a party girl!!! although that's no surprise she is so affable...

    thanks again for the award.. and thanks for sharing a little more about yourself..

    Have a fabulous weekend.. ciao xxx Julie

  2. Hey Girl! Well done! : )
    You are such a talent, such a jewel and a wonderful friend!
    loves and hugs!

  3. julie

    why oh why
    do we live so far apart??


  4. renae

    you are definitely my FRIEND!!

    love you xxx

  5. LOVED reading this!!! Your childhood sounds alot more interesting than mine. ;) Thank you so much for passing on the award!

  6. I will work this into a post for next week... Thx for thinking of moi! Come by next week for my answers!

  7. girlfriend........i knew i loved you but how did i miss that we have so much in common?
    dark choc., animals, dr. zhivago, animals, humor, non-fiction, animals, and on and on plus animals!

    thanks luv and congrats to you!

    i want to know more about the nightclub childhood, or did i somehow miss that, hilarious!


  8. you are hilarious... renae passed it to me as well... so does this now mean i have to spill ALL my beans 2x???
    i told her i am on a HUGE deadline so i will get to it but will be abit... my head is down ... after next week much better.

    i always love your posts and comments... you know that... love ya..xxxx

    seattle news????

  9. Oh Renee this is a nice surprise. I usually think my comments are rather lame but your post must bring out the best in me. You are so refreshing with your honesty and love your humor.
    Now why do I not believe you are uncomfortable at parties???
    Thank you so much for the award!!! I'm honored!

  10. Oh Renee aren't you just the sweetest thing!
    Alas I will not be able to get to this for awhile as I am now back at work and it takes about a week or so before I stop falling asleep on my feet!
    Hate to think what my answers would be at the moment that is, if they even made sense!
    Thank you for thinking of me I will be back on air soon! xoxo Jules

  11. Hi there Renee,
    Oh,thank you so much for thinking of me and passing the award on.I love your answers and don't think that mine will live up to yours, although some of mine could be very similar.
    Yours was one of the first blogs that I found and we have been commenting back and forth for over a year and a half now and it has been lovely to have you as such a loyal and supportive blogging friend. That is the part of blogging that is the best ..... making connections with people. We are all from different countries,backgrounds and sometimes have differences of opinions, which is great.
    Thanks for a wonderful year and a half of blogging friendship and here's to many years of the same.
    Much love to you Renee. XXXX

  12. little teensy bar hopper you!

    Loved getting some more insight into the ever so intriguing Renee!

  13. linda

    you are too funny.
    yes...i was was a clubber
    and i was teensy


  14. jacqueline
    you deserve it.
    you are some kinda' comment-or.
    always there, always have a kind word xxx

  15. carole
    you do deserve it.
    you always make me smile and feel good.
    love you

  16. Renee,

    Thank you for the gift in this new year of an award. I have been told many times that I have the gift of conversation. I honor it and will pass this award forward.

    Many Blessings will come to you this year. Keep your beautiful eyes wide open and smile ready in perfect pose.


  17. bette
    you have touched me deeply many times through your comments.
    you deserve it .

    Happy Weekend,
    I will get to thiso ne next week, just did a similar one. A birthday weekend for my youngest kiddo, so after the break!

    Thanks again,

  19. YEA! ( this is why i don't get things like this!!!!)Maryanne xo

  20. Maryanne / beadboard
    are you kidding me?????
    you think this stuff is fun???
    don't you EVER send me an award.

    will i be able to handle the way it looks????
    how complicated will it be to follow the 'AWARDS' instructions?
    who the hell will you pick to pass it on to??
    who the hell has the time?
    i can barely keep up with my commenting as it is.

    so...i hope you were kidding

    love you!!



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