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Friday, December 31, 2010

Without A Hitch

My 'unofficial' school reunion went as planned.
It was a small group of us, just about 35 or 40.
The Island gang.
Me - 2nd. from the left
This is only a small portion.
It was a lovely event
 held in the most appropriate place imaginable for this gifted group.
Most of the gang learned to sail right here at the above yacht club.
This is where the party was.
It was at night, and it was beautiful.
You could have actually thrown a baseball to the house I grew up in.
We could just glance across the water and see our childhood homes,
where we played as kids.
We all water skied, sailed, and spent out days on this bay.
Beautiful Biscayne Bay.
There is NOTHING like it.
It is what makes Miami & Miami Beach so amazing. 

More girls from The Islands.
starting on the left; Debbie, Missy, Janine
Debbie ....the doll.
In spite of the lovely night that went off 'without a hitch.....'
(thank you lisa and howie)
I woke this morning feeling sad 
and 'out of my stirrups'.
I was once again filled with all the old feelings
 that I would rather not feel.
You know the ones....

But they come 
and they go.
Just as my confidence and sense of security does the same.
It was extremely difficult for me to place names with faces.
I wasn't great at making friends with EVERYONE.
Mainly because I was only close with 2 or 3 girls all through 12yrs -17.
I felt 2 or 3 was plenty. I was a bit moody and private.
My 3  friends are 'mixers' and were comfortable 'mingling.'
I am still no 'mingling freak'
'One on One' is my comfort zone.
My one friend kept saying;
"how can you not remember 'so and so' ?"
"we all walked home from the bus..." or
"don't you remember when we all....?"
I started to think, 
am I senile already?
 was I just in my own world?
....which is much more likely.
 I didn't really feel comfortable in my own skin back then.
My skin today suits me just fine.
I have a whole new set of issues....

I am so proud of the individuals that I grew up with.
They are all 'SOMEBODIES'

Do you like reunions?
Do they leave you feeling off your game??

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  1. Oh dear like you I don't remember them all! I have a request on Facebook from someone I did go to school with (cause someone else told me!) and I can't place her at all and we were there together for 13 years!!!!!
    You were an amazingly gorgeous young lady and I am pleased your reunion went well.
    Have a wonderful New Year and I wish you only happy things for the entire year my sweet. xoxo Jules

  2. I have yet to go to one. Oh and if you are senile then I must be as well. I barely remember High School. I have a friend who will say the same thing "You don't remember???" Happy New Year!! ;)

  3. Memory Lane is just right for now. Happy New Year!

  4. Anonymous15:51

    It's really weird how we can forget the people we saw every day for years but I guess you're not alone!
    I love the skin you're in and thank you for being my friend! I hope the new year brings more fun and good times for us in Florida! Happy New Year!

  5. No reunions for me....not sure why...too busy when they've been going on.
    Happy New Year Renee.


  6. Not because you are my Daughter, but you really looked pretty.
    I remember Missy and Lisa and Howie, can' remember Debbie. Which house did yhe live in ,Palm Island or Hibiscus? I am glad you went they may refer a job to you. Ehat is Howie doing for a living?

    Happy New Year, sweet one. Mama

  7. Hey Renee- you went,saw all, and got great feedback that you were, and are, a good person.
    Don't forget that! Reunions are whose 'thing' anyways?
    Happy New Year

  8. Renee,

    I like reunions but then I remember a lot of things that have left others minds. But hey New Year New You!

    Happy 2011 New Year to You!


  9. Happy New Year Dear Renee
    I hope 2011 is your best yet.. and filled with happiness and fabulous adventures!!!

    You know sometimes it is a bit off walking through your past.. I can be a mingler but I also like a few close friends to spend time with.. I've only ever been to 1 reunion as was gobsmacked at how successful [and good looking] everyone was.. must have been something in the water.. hehe

    Have a fabulous 2011 and thanks for your friendship this past year!! lots of love.. xxx Julie

  10. julie
    happy new year
    and THANK YOU for being a friend.


  11. Renee...I grew up on a bay as well. We would sail our Hobie cats, and water ski all summer long. It was a small group (me being the only girl)....those were the days!......Have a great week....K

  12. Happy New Year, Renee !! I've been MIA for awhile, but now back and trying to move into my new abode in Houston (slow going). Hope to spend even more time with you this year. Love to you!!!!!

  13. Happy New Year Renee and best wishes for 2011.
    Glad that the reunion went well.
    I have yet to go to one, have been busy with life, but one day I would like to.


  14. I moved a zillion times growing up and it was hard to be sure, I was the 'chunky' kid all made fun of. All of the moving though made me the person I am today though. I can talk to anyone, (just ask my boys) and really do like people. I like my skin now too...didn't in grade school. Your Mom is are beautiful and you looked THE best! : )



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