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Monday, December 20, 2010

I am way too early......

To meet up with my bloggie pals at Cafe Flores.
So, I will do what I love to do-
Walk in Paris at dawn.
The town is a bit sleepy, 
but the professionals are up 
and walking to work, grabbing their fresh baguettes, 
and smoking ....
all at the same time.
GEEEZ...I  love this place.
I needed to come
and just 'be' in Paris.

You can still see the lit trees because of the early morning light.
They are as beautiful as they are at night.
Just in a softer way.
After getting lost in the atmosphere of Paris,
and lost in my head....
I am feeling really happy.
Really Happy!!!!!
And here it is.....
Cafe Flore.
Our designated meeting place.
I wonder if the girls are here yet?
Most of the gang is here!!!
We have all decided to go inside....
it is a bit too cold outside.
My breakfast arrives.
I am loving this!!!
I have sort of mentioned to the girls that I am still on a quest to find Santa Claus.
I suggest my favorite street to walk
Rue De Grenelle.
It is long and narrow 
with the most fabulous boutiques and specialty shops.
I have had the most wonderful afternoons on this sweet street.
And so we go....

 It's Renae Moore.!!!!
I should have known that we would find her in 
Harry Winston
I am just going into C.D. for a quick peek.
I have found a lovely frock.
I will, 
have to find some stilts to wear under 
the beautiful skirt portion of this dress.
Or I could always hire a few circus midgets to carry me around.
Do you think anyone would guess?
They would just have to be very quiet.
No talking or giggling!!! 

If I can not find stilts or circus midgets.....
I could always ride a unicycle 
under the dress.
The unicycle would raise me up to the right height 
for this fabulous skirt's length.
one of our bloggers is cold and tired.
But doesn't she look fabulous???
A few posts ago I was talking about finding Santa.
I have!!!!
For me...
he is right here!!!
{inside that building}
In Paris.

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  1. I was ooohing & awwwing my way through this eye candy of a post and low & behold there I was! You are such a fun person; most fabulous sense of humor and a wit that I adore. This would of been the year for us gals to hit Paris. I do believe from my conversation with Renae today that we would of been game. First we'd have to knock-off a bank, but you'd be able to count on us; I can be tough when needed. Bye the way, you look fab in that jewel of a Dior dress. Red darling is truly your color.

    If I don't get a chance to write, I wish you and your whole family a truly happy holiday. And just maybe in this coming New Year, we will someday meet.

    All my love,

  2. Breakfast was such fun!
    My sweet I am so pleased to know you are feeling happy so just enjoy the rest of the holiday,
    The red dress is just you, absolutely but you are not allowed to wear it without me!!!
    Talk to you soon love and hugs Jules xoxo

  3. Renee, I think it's time!
    Time to live work behind, time to forget about non existing or angry clients, time to say goodby to sunny Florida, go online and get yourself on a flight to's cold, snowy, food and champagne waiting for you. i may just meet you there!

  4. What a fabulous meeting place! So glad we could all meet up...the stories we told, the laughter, all the goodies. I loved the shopping and giggling, and we blonds sure know how to do the city of lights just right!
    Great post as only you can do!

  5. Yes, that would be ideal way to celebrate the holidays. :)

  6. renae
    so what did you get at harry winston's ?????
    it was a blast!


    love you xxx

  7. Now I was kind of thinking that I was the cold & fabulous one waiting for her driver. Oh I didn't recognize me without my Derby hat!
    Gosh, between this post and the last one, I don't really want to leave but I'm pretty sure I told another blogger that I was going to bed an hour ago.
    Sweet dreams Renee & Merry Christmas my dear.
    xo Lisa

  8. lisa

    i am sure that the fabulous one IS YOU.....
    i was just trying to be discrete.
    i know how upset you get when the paparazzi
    'swarm' the way they do
    around you!!!!!

    merry merry xxx

  9. Anonymous12:34

    passez un bon fétes de fin d'année.

  10. Renee,

    This is why it's called cyber space...anything can happen here and your only limited to your form of transportation be it mental or physical. It appears your trip was a success you located Santa.

    Many all your dreams come true...Merry Christmas!


  11. bette

    this indeed was a dream come true!!!


  12. What fun Renee
    Wouldn't it be perfect!!! some of those shots really took me back to the feeling of being in Paris and enjoying the outdoor cafes!! Oh.. now I have need to travel!!! Well I always have the need to travel..

    I hope you and your family have a fabulous christmas!!! filled with love and happiness and that 2011 brings you wonderful surprises and perhaps even that trip to Paris!!! Thanks for being such a great blog friend and for always inspiring us.. or making us laugh!!! Take it easy.. and be happy!!! ciao ciao lots of love xxx Julie

  13. Lovely trip Renee....
    How many stops??? I hope your driver was able to keep up with all the going ons......
    Lovely to get away and you do that so well.....
    Perfect place to go!!!
    Wishing you and yours a perfect and plainly stress free Holiday Season!
    La Masion Fou

  14. I read these about Paris - how I wish snow in Europe sounds more glam than in New England.

    Hmmmm...You should do some more, but 'live', in the spring time.

    I'll be right there.....

  15. la maison,

    i hope next year you will come!


  16. julie

    i need to travel too.
    i need PARIS in a big way.
    i want to MOVE there.

    merry xmas to you and your loved ones.
    and speaking of friends....
    i consider you a special one.
    love you xxx

  17. ros,
    it IS MORE GLAMOROUS is europe.
    ... a cup of coffee is more glamorous in europe.
    love you xxxx
    i will be posting about your design nightmare soon!!!!

  18. Loved meeting Dimwit she loved the coffee. . I'll see you at the Moulin Rouge oooh lala



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