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Sunday, May 3, 2009

I Went, Did You.....

And while I was there I ran into a an old local beach bum.
Meet ' Lenny Lizard Skin,'
Lenny just couldn't seem to pull himself out of the sun. 
It was so sunny , yet cool and breezy at the beach. 
An amazingly beautiful day. 

Lenny said; " Put on that sunscreen I tell you" , " or you'll end with skin like me!! "
( I did )
But, I did get all wrapped up in the beauty of the day.... my writing, walking & listening to my ipod loaded with my favorite brazillian jazz. 
After chatting with Lenny ( which was beginning to feel like forever) I thought he'd never move off that post and away from me. He didn't. 
That's if you don't count when that nut job jumped off the post, following me down to the surf trying to walk with me, while ruining my pace. He couldn't keep up, and he kept complaining about the sand being too hot for his little feet. If I didn't let him ride on my shoulder for the duration of my walk, I would have burned zero calories.
The walk was wonderful.....

So,  as much as I enjoyed his company, with the exception of constant negative remarks about my skin, the hot sand , fat people, too skinny people, screaming kids... you name it.
It was time to head home. 
I did , and inspite of Lenny , and in addition to Lenny, I had a great day.

Late Sunday Afternoon       xxxxx

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  1. I went on a picnic instead.
    No beach, just lots of green. And lots of wind, which Edward loved!!

  2. Wowza! We do not see Lennies this big this FAR north! Never!

    Looks like a beautiful day.



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