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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mirroring With Antiqued Subway Tiles

This is a relatively inexpensive mirrored wall treatment.
The ROSETTES are a must when using mirror tiles.
I think this beveled-subway tile is the absolute bomb! Love.

This looks great, and what a fix this could be for a dull, or ugly wall you wish would disappear. The mirror tiles are antiqued. And there are tiny gold glass rosettes. Don't forget the rosettes.
Clear beveled mirror tiles.

Just a few patterns for you to think about.
If you do something like this pattern ( above) that I have provided for you, on a wall in the living room (or where ever...), just apply the paint of your choice, trim color on the molding, and insert mirror inside the molding. This is a 'guaranteed great' look. 
It solves a problem or two in a big room with a long wall. Place your sofa in the center and blah,blah,blah. You will need less art by doing this, and fine art can be costly. It has always been a great alternative for me.
Above, I mirrored the entire door , and applied the molding over the mirror.
Jockimo has a great selection of antiqued mirror tiles.
If you go to Patricia Gray's blog, you will see Back Painted Glass that was used as a back-splash. Sometimes you can do the exact same thing with the back painted glass ( or tiles) that you could do with mirror. Check It Out.

This is a great mirror and glass site;

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  1. brilliant. seriously. something to seriously consider.

  2. This is so amazing, Renee. Absolutely perfect timing.
    I was just talking to a client who wants to do glass tiles with Rosettes in a dining room.
    Thank you for the sources!


  3. wow!! Renee it really looks amazing!!its not how i pictured it,its even better..if i had the money i would hire you in a flash...seriously. your taste is impecable....thanks for this posting its got my name written all over it;o)..
    have a great day down in beautiful fla..btw,did you see my little dream home on my


  4. silvia,
    just keep it in mind....

    on the sides of your fireplace , you could put wood and molding (instead of mirror)which would cut the cost considerably.
    then paint the wood the same color as the trim in the room. or paint it the wall color.

    if YOU did the tiles yourself (and they are cheap at home depot)...
    YOU could do it yourself, and just glue a rosettes on .


  5. I really like the look of the diamond shaped mirror under the cabinet. Classy! And those antiqued subway tiles are great too!

    I had a very hard time getting on your blog this weekend...

  6. I love the look of glass tiles with rosettes. Even if you use new tiles, they can be aged to look older. And, it's a look that can be emulated at many different price points!

  7. linda,
    i know they can be antigued later.
    but, maybe it's just me , but i am not fond of 'playing with acid.'


  8. Do LIKE this a lot...hmmmm...makes me think...heehee.
    You are soooo smart!

  9. This is a fab idea...makes my little blond brain start to think!


  10. hi Renee i came back for a second look, that first pic is just beautiful...went to home depot today and found the mirror tile and your right is not expensive a pack of six was only $13, i picked up some wallpaper though,come see how you like it..thanks a lot Renee you have been great.... xx


  11. Adore those subway tiles!

  12. I really like this one....
    I have considered doing this on an accent wall once. there was a NY apartment with large squares and thick mouldings around the edges.
    I love this look!

  13. Renee this is brilliant! I have wanted to do mirror tiles and rosettes for ages but wasn't able to find the rosettes in UK. (Didnt know what they were called till now)
    You've given me even more inspiration now.

  14. I love the white doors. They ooze class.


  15. Nina23:56

    Great subway tiles collection! old stuff do amuse you very much. I like to walk on those old paths and feel the excitement

  16. It is nice to read about the facelift of a 150 years old house. interesting.
    subway tile



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