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Friday, May 29, 2009

Kitchens Inspired By Conservatories

Look at the shades for the windows and the glass ceiling. There are companies that specialize in shades for this very purpose. 

What a difference these windows that run straight up to the ceiling make in this room. If you can not do more than this ….well, this is fabulous. And if you have a beautiful garden outside, it will make you smile every time you wash a dish.

Right ?

This is obviously a restaurant , but how great would this be added onto the kitchen part of the house ?

If you add a window , or change a window over your kitchen sink ... run in up as close to the ceiling as you can.

This could be done to add a larger eat in area in your kitchen.

You could even do this to bring the outside inside. Get creative. The possibilities are endless.

Do you think that an addition like this, or some part of this idea, would change the way you feel about your kitchen ?
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  2. attn. FRIENDS;

    i am sorry about adding word verification to my comment page, but this 'ED' thing did something weird to my email.
    there were 43 mails of which i did not open.

    so....i added the word verification.

    xx renee

  3. That "ed" is a problem comment.. I tried to delete it and blogger is blocking it and then I tried to publish it so I could delete it and blogger is blocking "ed" all together. You should try to delete it from your comments. Comments like these are the reason I now monitor my comments before I publish them.

    I LOVE this post!
    LOVE the restaurant photo... that would be a GREAT look in a kitchen!

  4. I definitely would be a better cook if I had a prettier kitchen!! How I would love to have all of that light!!

  5. fifi

    i just deleted him.
    he showed up with different characters everytime i viewed the comments.

    thanks fifi

  6. Oh sorry, it should have been Czar.....but not sure that was the horses' name!LOL! Interviewer?

    Oh and this Ed! He was on Micasa and Rate My Space! I may be putting the block on mine if he's circulating around again!

  7. I am always drawn to fresh and airy white kitchens. I'm sure it's because mine is has that dark, old world thing going on.

  8. Too bad...will chat.

    Love all the angles and all of the glass..I especially like the triangular roof lines!

    Have a good know where I will be!

  9. Wow, these are beautiful. I would love to have a conservatory/kitchen combo. Have a wonderful weekend, Renee!

  10. THATS MY SINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love my sink!!!! thanks for showing it. :)

  11. ed comes to me too - it's a chinese spammer/?????? i just ignore it.

  12. A room with a glass roof and walls, attached to a house and used as a greenhouse or a sunroom. It helps us to decorate our houses, offices and other things nicely. Thanks



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