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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Never Thought I would Go For ...

A Purple Sofa & Chairs.
I am not loving the color of the sofa ( it is lighter ) , but the dark chairs with the nail heads are killer. 

But I think this looks divine with
the paper is like a modern Chinoiserie. No ?
The Black Wall Covering Makes It.

Honestly, I would be very happy with that wall in my home. For sure !
I am loving it.

What do you think ? 
Do You likie ?

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  1. Not normally my thing either, but the combination of colors and that fantastic wallpaper makes all the difference! LOVE that wallpaper! Gracie, no?

  2. Hmm... thinking I have to give this a personal thumbs down. Me no likey. Doesn't it feel kind of dated? I've been recently drawn to purples in interiors, but I think they are more the gray purples and softer shades. Ah well, design is all about personal preference.

    The wall paper is quite spectacular though!

  3. linda merrill,
    i think of this room not as an every day room....but a place i might go to feel cozy (or even nap), or to watch tv in the dark (even if it is noon) , and just pull the drapes shut,
    i just think it is fun & cheerful in a 'dark', yet 'groovy' way.
    the wall paper is what i love too.
    thank you for commenting

  4. i like this look,the wallpaper its beautiful,i saw something similar to it @ Home Depot, i think is what makes the'll be surprise by my choice;0) so come visit later,lol.........
    have a great day, yes i know more rain eh!.....xx


  5. LOVE it! Perfect with that fabulous wallpaper as a backdrop. It's the whole grouping of things that really make it work.

  6. Seems like an update of the summer of love. Like the spirit and the verve, but I don't think the room has enough soul.

  7. It has a precious jewel-like feel about it Renee, but I can't see Mr. Serial Renovator & the 5 sons slouched all over these chairs watching the game with their Size 16 feet hanging over the arms. Perfect though for a little salon where boys are not allowed!
    Millie ^_^

  8. Renee,i love it every time you come by and leave me very helpful comments, you are gonna have to start sending me about the measurements, i have no idea!the reason why i could never be a designer is because (i can't measure)dont know how ..ok you can laugh now lol.if it looks good i just buy it,dont have the eye like you guys..i hope the rain is done for a while thanks again and have a great evening...


  9. I think it is lovely to look AT, but I am not sure I would want to live IN it! Great color combination s far as color goes!

  10. You're right about the sofa but throw that out and the room is delicious!

  11. I like it. It would not be something I would choose on my own but with a designer's help would be adventurous enough to try something new! My kids are gone! My favorite parts, the mood it evokes and the stellar chairs! It just works for me but I like a cozy feel.

  12. lulo,
    thanks for your input.

  13. i agree, i love the dark purple chairs!! i would like that wall covering too, i'm surprised you like it so much.

    i also love the mellow yellow post; it reminds me of our happy goldenrod kitchen.

  14. Anonymous05:27

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