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Saturday, March 1, 2014

What You Do Can With WOOD Flooring Materials

I have fallen in love with wood all over again.

I sell all sorts of ways to cover your floors....
Real hardwood flooring is gorgeous but requires a great deal of care.
Just think of how you need to protect your fine furniture from everyday 
wear and tear.
You use coasters right?
You don't through your car keys on your dining room table,
You wouldn't allow your dog to run across your dining room table either,
It would scratch it.
imagine you now have a whole house or room to care for in the same way.

This is something I could not deal with.

Laminate and vinyl flooring has come a long way.
Not to mention porcelain wood tiles for the floor.

You can run your flooring up the walls.

Vinyl wood tiles

Love this chevron patterned wood floor.
(and my & white)

More ways to have your wood floor installed.

they will also install wood flooring like this ( above).

If I had this beautiful wood floor.....
and someone came to my house and had a tiny pebble 
stuck in the sole of their shoe
and proceeded to walk all over the house with me -
there would be a deep scratch all over the wood floor.

You say...."well, just sand it and refinish it"
You would never get the finish to match exactly.
This would just flip me out.
That is all I would see when I walked in the room.

This is why I think all the other wood floor alternatives are the best options.
*Laminate, porcelain and vinyl wood floors

On the left of this picture are cobble real wood tiles.

These are also cobble real wood tiles

Wood just gives atmosphere to a space.
A warmth.
The coziness that I crave.

Cross sections of lumber and cross sections of twigs.

You can also lay your wood floor symmetrically.
It's a great look. 
*There is an example in one of the pictures at the beginning of this post.
4th down

Porcelain Wood flooring

More porcelain wood tiles

Yes. This is porcelain too.

Here the wood flooring is run right up the walls.
Love It.

Here beautiful laminate flooring can be applied to the walls.
Laminate flooring comes in all types of finishes and colors as do
real wood planks, vinyl wood flooring and porcelain tiles.

Real wood tiles.

I adore how this wood is applied to the floor.
It can go contemporary or traditional.

Cut wood planks stacked to create a wall covering.

*Here's another tip

You can use laminate or vinyl wood flooring to make a table or desk top.

There is just so much you can do with wood flooring!!

You really must go to see my favorite wood and vinyl flooring site.
They have gorgeous real wood floors and to EXACTLY match the have vinyl wood floors to use when you get to the kitchens and bathrooms.
GO HERE Du Chateau Floors

                                                      Renee XXX's

Let us know of any other great ideas you may have for using wood flooring.

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  1. R...A woman after my own heart ! It was "wood" that brought me back to blogging month ago! I have several posts in the wings concerning my love of all things wood. Great pics! Bravo! (as usual) k

  2. Good Saturday morning to you, Renee!

    The wood, laminate and tile samples you show are amazing! I've never seen so much gorgeous variety in wood patterns!

    You are right about every single thing you said about the caution/care necessary to keep wood floors from getting scratched; and refinishing with all the dust involved is a total pain in the behind.

    Cleaning tile is far easier and it doesn't scratch from dog paws, and laminates are usually less expensive than wood,
    true. So for some people they are perfect choices. Especially the beautiful ones you have shown here.

    But I have a bad lower back, and tile and laminates are just too hard for me, even standing on them for two minutes brings on the beginning of an ache.
    Nothing feels as soft as real wood floors underneath, 3/4" thick with a 3/4" subfloor.

    (I'm even asking my general contractor this time for an 'aerobic' floor, (like they have on basketball courts in terms of install) where they put a clip or spacer or something in between the layers so you have just a little bit more 'give' when you are walking or standing on them.)

    Great post!

  3. Renee

    I am crazy about the options available for wood porcelain tile. We are using some in our Tahoe project. They are so practical...look great...and a great price point as you know! Great post!!

  4. Renee,
    I'm in the flooring industry and this is one of the best posts to date. Visually artistic with fearless design. BRAVO!

  5. Renee I love the tree cut floor and the spanish tile.
    this is such a beautiful way to make a charming and warm look.

  6. This looks amazing, and completely changed the look of the corner. Congratulations.

    Garden designer Norwich & Timber Decking Norwich



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