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Thursday, February 20, 2014

FERROKER - I Love This Tile!!

This is FERROKER Porcelain Tile.
It is amazing.
Tough and beautiful.
The color above is Ferroker Aluninio.

My favorite is Ferroker - Color Ferroker  above.
It has rectified edges.....
You can install it with almost NO GROUT lines.
I love that.
I have used it on counter tops up here.
You can get 26" x 26" pieces.
.... and there are bullnose trim tiles to finish the front of the counter.

Instead of using marble or granite...
it's is less than $400.00 for an average counter and back-splash.
*Install without grout lines.
*Use silicone grout.

The uses are endless because of the high quality of
Ferroker Porcelain Tile.
Read the specs below.

This is the Ferroker - Ferroker outside.
I wanted you to see it in the light....inside it is more toned down
You might see why it is my favorite.

It has the feeling of an old industrial metal.
It is fabulous.
Don't be afraid of using this Ferroker in a traditional setting.
It is the perfect counter-top in a traditional kitchen.
Where you might use soapstone, zinc or marble....
it's a great substitute at 1/3 the price

Here it is installed with a visible grout line.
I am not a fan of grout lines. 

Read up.
If you want to get a lot of bang for your buck,
this will do it.

XXX Renee

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  1. Well girl, you are the bomb. I just found your blog and read all of your posts. It is rare in this world to find honesty and integrity. You are destined for more great things and experiences in your life.

    1. beyond,
      i really thought i had lost it!!
      but such high compliments from you make my heart swell.
      thank you xx:)

      ...and also that someone still reads my blog....there really are no words for how happy that makes me.

  2. Renee, how timely for me. We're redoing 2 bathrooms and I've never heard of Ferroker. Going to find it this afternoon. Thanks for the head's up. I know it's still COLD in Maine, but here it's beginning to be Spring. Sending love to both of you. xx's

  3. Good Thursday morning Renee.

    Very dramatic! Love that it has a virtually 'no grout' look.
    Can envision using it in a trendy restaurant or office building.

  4. I do to Renee! We used it in a fixer that we flipped and I was over the moon impressed. LOVED the gray metallic...and the one that looks like Corten Steele...and the best part is it is dare I say CHEAP!!!

  5. The tile is pretty, I can't read this post. Just had my eyes checked.
    Renee I wonder if other people are having a hard tome reading it??? Mamma



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