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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Winter Fest In Camden Maine 2013

Camden Light House

On our way to 
Winter Fest In Camden Maine 2013.
It is so darn cold and I have been dying to get out of the house....
but my fingers and the tip of my nose get so cold they feel like they will
break off.

Camden Maine Harbor as seen from in front of the lovely Library.

The first ice front of the harbor entrance.

You can do ice carving yourself.
You just need to ask for a block to carve.
The teens are having so much fun.

On the right you can see the harbor and the tiny rink that the city puts up for the Village to enjoy through the coldest months.
Pretty sweet and small townie.
I love this.

My Mom and I arrived get a primo parking space.
Not too many people around yet.

We had the best fish and chips while looking out of this window.
**Haddock - My Fave
This is exactly where a river meets the ocean.
The river is dropping over the still water and running into the sea on the right side of this image.

Then we crossed the street to my favorite coffee chop/bakery/lunch spot.

This is so hip & Mainie

Look carefully....
you can see my rare illusive bird: 
Yvonne Rosenfield from
my MOM.

I swear....I didn't tell her to lick the ice.
I thought about it....
but she just did it on her on.
I thought her tongue would stick.
Not So!

This is the rink and the ice carving event.
Much more people.
It was great.
So Cute & Sweet.

In addition there was a jazz performance inside the Camden Library.
These guys were great!
I mean it.
There is so much hidden talent in these snowy hills on the ocean.
Who KNEW???

it was the best day I have had in quite a while.


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  1. Yahoooooootie! A good day for Renee. I am so happy for you. Choose happy my friend.
    Much love.

  2. Hearing its the best day you had in a while made me smile. I am so happy to hear it..and you know what I am a little jealous of your good day. It looks like soooooo much fun! From the ice sculpting to being in the beautiful outdoors, the charming coffee shop, a jazz looks like a perfect day. Glad you enjoyed and the best is yet to come!

  3. A beautiful day out looks like you are settling in. Best wishes...xx

  4. and.. the sun was shining!!! Lovely post!!!!

  5. Renee, This was a swell post
    I did one on this but not as nice as yours.
    We had a fun Day , next the USA Toboggan Races

    Mama xxxxxxxx

  6. Camden looks so beautiful in the winter! i have only spent one Christmas in maine, and it truly was magical.
    No snow here...the pudding looks divine



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